08 Simple Tips to Protect Your Table Saw !

The table saw is a really important cutting tool in the workplace. Table saw consists of a suitable saw blade and it is made with mostly steel. So using a table saw gives more problems due to protecting that from many factors. Both environment and human factors affect the table saw performance, its tolerance, safety, and many more. So using these Tips you can protect the table saw from the environment and human activities.

These tips are valid for all table saws and they will extend the durability of the machine. So let’s see all in detail about protecting the table saw.

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01. Control Humidity

Humidity is a major factor in the rusting process. Normally, rusting need water and air. The regular environment consists of both together. So for some reasons humidity can be increased and then it can react with metal surfaces badly and make rust.

So to protect the table saw from rusting you had better use the low humidity area. In order to reduce the humidity of the area, you can use a dehumidifier. This will help to reduce the rusting and really suitable for use in your workshop.

02. Keep Tool Dry

Although humidity is reduced, you may let the tools wet due to some reasons such as keeping drinks, water on the saw table. So if you do not clean it properly you can see there is some rusting on the surface.

Accidently you may keep the tools as it is open to rain, keeping coffee, ice on the tool surface will increase the rusting of the tool. So the tool should be in dry condition every time.

03. Use Protective Coatings

The humidity, and getting wet will rust asap and if you apply any coating on the tool surface will reduce the rusting of the tool. Normally you can use any wax on the surface and some oils and sprays to cut off the air, surface connectivity.

You can use some oils, wax, and any coating that can stop the connectivity of the air and steel surface.

04. Use a Metal Detector


When you are working with used woods you should use metal detectors. Because used wood may contain steel inside the wood such as nails, pins, etc. When the steel is in contact with the saw blade it will dull easily. So using a metal detector you can protect the saw blade and prevent injuries. As well as it is really important for the workpiece finishing tasks.

You can easily remove the outer nails if you see them but the inside will not see properly.

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05. Use a Blade Cover

When we are using a saw blade it may be rusting due to water or get hit by something or sometimes can fall to the floor and one or two teeth can be blunt. So it is better to use any saw blade cover around the blade. Sawblade cover can protect the saw blade by hitting something and corrosion.

And you can use a saw blade guard when you are using the table saw. It will stop the sawdust spreading and chip spreading everywhere.

06. Use Proper Safety Instruments

Blade guard and reviving knife

Proper safety instruments are essential for the both sawing machine and the user. Mostly it is useful to the user. if you are not using safety instruments you can observe unexpected damages for both users and the saw machine.

Blade Guard

  • This will protect the cutting enjuries to the user and proper saw dust removing from the sawing machine.

Reviving Knife

  • This will prevent user by kickback of the workpiece

07. Clean the Dust

Dust is the debris of the cutting wood. When the dust is spreading everywhere, it can arise many problems. Sawdust can cause to below problems.

So you had better clean the table saw from dust. Else it will gain many problems. By making proper dust removing system you can keep the saw machine from the dust.

08. Use a Table Saw Cover

If you are not using the table saw, you had better close it with a cloth. it should be waterproof. When we store the table saw it can get wet. So it can be rusting. When you cover the saw table using a cloth make sure to cover the saw blade and other sharp places. Because it can damage to the cloth badly.

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