09 Tips For Drill Battery – Extra Durability | Performance

Drill batteries are very useful as a power source for drills. Most drill batteries are made with Li-Ion, and it is rechargeable. To increase durability and performance, we should use it properly. When you follow these 09 tips, you can use the drill battery with more durable and high performance.

The chemical reaction occurs inside the battery when it discharges with the load. Usage of the battery is essential for battery life. I can note down with my experience; these top 09 tips will increase drill battery durability and performance. So let’s keep reading on how do they affect the drill batteries?

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Tip 01 – Do not Use in High Heat Area

Drill machine is used in a high heated area

High temperature is a bottleneck for the performance of the drill batteries. Because the drill battery inside is an entirely chemical process. According to the capacity, it can store the current, and when the circuit is short, it can emit the electrons. When the temperature is high, the inner reaction rate is also high.

When the inner reaction rate is high, it will self-discharge rapidly. Heating is not a friendly factor for the drill batteries. It is a major factor even it is stored. Small amounts of heating are generated due to charging and use. These amounts can be increased when it is in a high-temperature area.

The high-temperature area is not good for the battery and also the drill machine. When the temperature is increased, its inner resistance can be reduced, and the system can fail easily. If there is unstoppable heat, you can use the drill and battery while cooling it.

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Tip 02 – Use 10%-90% Charge Capacity

A Li-Ion battery can be charged after its discharged. There is a limited voltage and capacity for a drill battery. When we use it, it tends to discharge, and we have to recharge it before we use it again. Charging and discharging are called the “charging cycle” of the battery. This is common for every rechargeable battery. When the no of cycles is reduced, its lifetime and performance are also reduced.

We can use the drill battery until its charge capacity reaches 0%, and we can charge it to 100%, which means a full cycle. Normally a drill battery has 1000 cycles, and it can be used for about 3 years; at least we use it daily. But considering the environmental factors, it can be less than that.

When a cycle is spent, it will not generate again. So what I do is use the battery 10% discharge and 90% recharge, which I can use the drill battery in the safe zone. When I charged 90% I could not see much heat generation during the charging period. So it is a valuable tip for drill battery usage.

Tip 03 – Use in Proper Tool

Proper tool is described as tool voltage, and battery voltage is compatible with sufficient capacity. When we do not have a proper battery, we must use the battery that we have with any drill machine using the adaptor. So you should know which tool is really compatible with the battery.

Let’s see how to affect the battery in the drilling process. Normally, the drill is specially designed for a specific voltage. Capacity is not the main factor for drill performance. It is about the running time of the drilling tool. Voltage is a sign of performance. When there is a high voltage between terminals, it can accelerate the electrons heavily. Hence it will generate more power. That is why 18V is more powerful than 12V.

If you use an 18V 2Amh battery in a 12V drill, it can be burned due to high voltage or overheating. But you can use a more capacity battery there. If you wish to use a 12V battery in an 18V drill, you can see there is less performance. So do not use the wrong drill battery in the wrong tool. It will affect the durability, performance of the drill. So follow the below tips for drill battery better performance and durability.

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Tip 04 – Use Proper Mechanisms and Equipments

Right tool for right work

There are types of drills. Those are specially designed for a specific task with specific mechanisms. According to the usage, the drill mechanisms and equipment have been designed. If you wish to drill into concrete, stone, bricks, you can use a hammer mechanism. If you wish to drive the screws or nuts and bolts, you can use an impact mechanism. Those all mechanisms have combined in one tool it is called combi drill.

When considering the equipment, we should use them for specific materials. We have to use specific bits according to the drill mechanism. As an example, you should use a carbide drill bit for the hammer drills. That will resist hammering action, thermal, and abrasion of the drill bit.

Let’s see how drill batteries affect this mechanism and equipments. Imagine when we use the standard drill bit to the concrete drilling we have to remain much time when it drills the concrete. Sometimes it will break the tool. Hence it will require more current from the battery. When more current is provided from the battery, it can easily overheat due to a lack of mechanism and drill bit. So never use the improper mechanisms and equipment for the recommended drill battery.

Tip 05 – Store Properly

It is really great tip for the drill battery is storing the battery properly. I hope you know, drill batteries are self-discharge while it is not used due to internal reactions. When the inner capacity is less, it can be dead. So you should follow proper steps before you store the drill batteries.

Proper Steps for Drill Battery Storing

  • Store at room temperature
  • Store with 50% less voltage of it maximum voltage
  • Do not store with nails, pins, paper-clips, metal powders that can connect terminals
  • Do not store with the tool connected
  • Store in dry environment
  • Humidity should be 50%
  • Recharge every 6 months upto 50% of its maxmimum voltage.

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Tip 06 – Use With Proper Charger

Use proper charger for proper drill battery

A proper charger is an excellent tip for drill battery usage. The drill battery has a specific voltage and capacity. When it charges, we should use a bit high voltage to store the electrons in the cell. When the cell is discharged, its inner reaction occurs opposite side.

You may think to use a high voltage battery with a high ampere current to charge the battery. Of course, you can use them to a certain extent and up to some level of voltage. If you exceed them, it will break the inner impedance. So it will discharge rapidly.

Usually, when a battery is charged, it can be heated up. Heat is generated due to the chemical process. If you use the high voltage charger it will generate a high amount of heat due to rapid reaction. Finally, it will decay the inside resistance and discharge in a short time period while you use this method for a long time. So don’t use a high voltage charger. If you use a less voltage charger, you have to wait more time to charge the battery.

Tip 07 – Do not Interchange

Interchage drill battereis.

Using the drill battery by interchanging is a great solution for using a single battery in multi-tools. There are things you should know before using the drill battery with tools. Mainly voltage should be compatible for both. It should not be the exact values. it can be varied 1-2 voltage difference.

It means you can use an 18V drill battery in a 20V brill battery by interchanging. Because the 20V drill battery has 10% less voltage from its maximum. So both drill battery voltage is the same.

You can use the drill batteries by interchanging with using the adaptors. But it is not recommended. Mainly it can affect the inner impedance, and it will affect the long time problems. So you should use recommended drill battery and brand. It is no problem if you use them in the brand.

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Tip 08 – Avoid Overheating

Overheating can reduce the lifetime and performance of the drill battery. So it is a more important tip for the drill battery. The drill battery and drill machine can both be overheated while it is used. When the tool is overheating, its performance falls down. This can be highly seen in the drill battery. So let’s see how a drill is overheating.

  • Apply too much pressure
  • cover the ventilations
  • Heavy loaded works
  • Short the electricl paths
  • Old brushes
  • Continous working
  • Improper tools using

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Tip 09 – Use Proper Drill Battery

Using a good drill battery is always a better tip for high performance and durability. The drill battery should be compatible with the drilling machine, as I described above. When you select a drill battery, you had better choose compatible voltage and high capacity batteries. Lower high voltage drill batteries will gain many problems for the drill machine and battery.

Do not compel to use the drill batteries by interchanging. It will reduce the performance and durability of the tool as well as the battery.

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