10 Reasons – Why is My Miter Saw Burning the Wood?

When a miter saw is used to cut the wood, we can observe some burning marks on the cutting surface. This will gain double work because we have to remove that marks when they remain on the surface. So we have to sand it again. So what is the reason for a miter saw burning the wood?

Miter saw burning the wood due to high friction with saw blade and workpiece. High friction can generate due to these reasons such as insufficient blade RPM, dull blade, dirty saw blade, lower sliding speed, bent saw blade, wet workpiece, fewer number of saw teeth, and use deeper cutting depth.

Some reasons are from the miter saw, and some are due to user. Mainly miter saw burning marks occur due to friction. When the saw blade is hardly touched by the wood surface, it can burn the wood due to friction. So we must avoid that kind of friction. So let’s see how to prevent that.

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01. Insufficient Blade Speed

When a workpiece is cut using a miter, saw it needs a sufficient RPM. Usually, a miter saw has 4000 -5000 rpm speed. Due to some reasons, this rpm can be reduced. When the RPM is low, blade teeth and its surface can touch the wood surface much time.

As a result, we can see burning marks on the wood surface. If the RPM is too high it can cut aggressively. If it is low you can see splinters on the workpiece. Hence you should use suitable RPM to avoid all of these problems.

02. Dull Blade

A dull blade can be a damaged blade or an improper teeth blade. The miter saw blade is rotated at high RPM. Saw blade teeth can remove the material along its cutting path. When the teeth are dull or blunt, it will hardly touch the surface. There is a scratching rather than sharp cutting.

Sometimes saw blade teeth surface can be damaged due to unexpected metal cutting etc. At that time, teeth can be damaged easily. When it turns to cut it will scratch on the surface. As a result of this, you can see burning marks on the surface.

So always use a proper sharpen saw blade for the recommended cutting teeth.

03. Dirty Saw Blade

Dirty saw blade

When a miter saw is used a long time without any cleaning, you can see some sawdust strongly adheres to the saw blade surfaces. As well as sawdust can strongly adhere to the backspace of the saw teeth. Due to this, its thickness can be high a little bit. When the blade is rotating, those dust layers, generate additional friction to the saw blade.

As a result of the additional friction, it can generate extra heat. So it can burn when the blade is running.

To avoid this, you should clean the saw bald with suitable chemicals.

04. Sliding Speed

When we saw using a table, saw we have to feed the workpiece to the blade. But in the miter saw, we have to feed the saw head to the workpiece. The sliding speed is the same as the feeding speed. So we should have a suitable sliding speed in order to prevent burning marks.

If you cut with a lower sliding speed, you can see some burning marks. Because the miter saw blade is rotated much time on the wood surface. As a result, surfaces can be overheated, and we can see some burning marks.

Saw blade burning marks – Image credit lumberjocks.com

05. Bent Saw Balde

Miter saw blade should be high precisely. Because we use a miter, saw for the high accuracy cross cuts, bevel cuts, miter cuts, etc. Hence saw blade should be without any problem. By accident, if the saw blade has bent at any point, that can touch much time with the surface.

Hence additional friction occurs. Finally, we can see some burning marks on the workpiece. Before using a miter saw blade make sure that is perfect and there is no bending.

06. Wet Workpiece

A miter saw can cut both wet and dry woods. But if the wood is wetter, it can generate more friction with the saw blade. As a result of this, we can see some burning marks on the surface.

When you use a wet workpiece, make sure it’s wet. Do not use a wetter workpiece that can damage saw blade performance.

07. Number of Sawteeth

Number of saw teeth and cutting paths Image credit: makezine.com

When we consider the miter saws blade, we should know about the suitable number of teeth of the blade. The number of saw teeth is affected the chip removing process. Normally we can cut cross-cut, miter cut, rip cut using the miter saw. Mostly, the rip cuts do not have much strength. When you cut rip cut, you will need a high amount of chip removing rate sawblade.

So you will need fewer teeth number of saw blade in order to remove the chips quickly.

But is you do rip cut, you will need a higher number of teeth blades. Because cross cut is done across the grains of the wood. So it will need more cutting power, and it can remove less chipping rate.

If the chips clog inside the teeth while the cutting process, it can generate more friction. As a result of this, we can see some burning marks on the workpiece.

08. More Blade Depth

Miter saw head can lower to the workpiece with the rotational saw blade when you cut it. If the saw blade is in lower positions, you can see some burning marks on the wood surface.

How this is happening?

When the miter saw blade is lower to the workpiece deeper, it can remain on the wood surface. So saw blade surface contact with the wood surface much time. As a result of this, high heat can be generated, and it can show some burning marks on the surface.

09. Miter Fence is not Aligned

When the miter saw fence is not aligned properly, if the workpiece is much longer or if there is a problem due to the workpiece supports, additional forces can force on the workpiece. As a result of this, we can see some burning marks on the cutting surface.

When there is additional force, it can force towards the miter saw head. When the blade is rotating, it can generate additional friction. After that, additional heating. So finally, we can see some burning marks on the surface.

10. Misalignment of the Blade

When the miter saw blade is not aligned properly we can see wobble on the blade. Due to the misalignment of the saw blade, we can see a wider cutting path than we expect with surface burnings. So make sure to align the saw blade properly.

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