11 Reasons: Why is My Table Saw Not Cutting Smoothly?

Cutting wood using a table saw is really efficient and accurate task. But due to some reasons, cuts will not be smooth and accurate. So you have to use proper tools and methods for that. In this guide, you can find 10 reasons why does a table saw cutting is not smooth? and what are the reasons for that?

A table saw cutting surface will not smooth due to these reasons such as using a dull blade, fewer teeth, low RPM, feeding speed, dirty blade, table saw vibration, using a bent blade, wrong blade height, blade alignment problems, the fence is not straight and insufficient power of the table saw.

These are the reason why is a table saw not cutting smoothly?. All reasons can be categorized into 03 main categories.

We must check mainly three things if there is any cutting smooth problem.

01. Saw blade operation and quality
02. Table saw performance
03. User experience

So let’s see all in detail about all 11 reasons and how to avoid them for a smooth table saw cutting surface.

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Reason 01- Using Lower Number of Teeth

Lower number teeth for rapid cutting and higher number of teeth for speed cutting

This is a really important thing that we should know. The smooth cutting surface depends on the number of teeth of the saw blade. When the saw blade has a fewer number of teeth can remove material quickly. But the higher number of teeth will make the smooth cutting surface.

First of all, you should know what is the type of saw blade you are using. If it is with a lower number of teeth, we can expect a rough surface. When the number of teeth increases, its chip removing rate is decreased. But it can use for the smooth cutting surface.

Reason 02 – Using a Dull Blade

Dull saw blade

When a saw blade is used for a long time, its edges can be worn due to friction. Then those edges will scratch the material rather than cut. Sometimes accidentally, we may cut steel such as nails using the saw blade. At that time blade can be damaged, and it will affect the smooth surface cutting condition.

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Reason 03 – Low RPM

RPM stands for Revolutions Per Minute. In the table saw, it is about the table saw blade rotation times per minute. When the saw blade is rotating slowly, its cutting path can be observed.

When it rotates high RPM, we can see the cutting path. And also, a saw blade with lower RPM and a lower number of teeth will show clear drainage on the surface. It can feel to our hand easily.

Reason 04 – Feeding Speed

The workpiece should be fed into the table saw as a constant speed. Sometimes you may feed and stop and again feed the workpiece due to any mistake. You can observe the stop signs clearly on the workpiece cutting surface.

So make sure to feed the workpiece to the table saw continuously. If your hand are not enough to feed the workpiece, use a pusher stick for that task with extra safety.

Reason 05 – Dirty Blade

Dirty blade

When a blade is not used for a long time, it can rust, and also, when the sawdust is attached to the saw blade heavily, it will not make a smooth cutting path.

When the blade is dirty, it can make additional friction with the cutting surface. As a result of this surface can be burned and smoke. So always use a clean cutting blade for the smooth cutting surface.

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Reason 06 – Table Saw Vibration

When the table saw is not supported with well-fixed legs, it can vibrate while it is rotating. So workpiece, the blade can move a bit. As a result of this surface will not surface. So you had better fix the table saw lets(supports) in a proper way. And keep the table saw as it is with sufficient space.

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Reason 07 – Using a Bent Blade

A blade or teeth can be bent due to hitting extremely hard material such as steel. So it will damage the teeth, and sometimes it can bend the blade.

Due to the bending surface will have tears and splinterings. So you had better use the correct blade every time. It will give you an amazingly smooth surface when using the table saw.

Reason 08 – Wrong Blade Height

blade height
Wrong blade height

Blade height is essential for the proper cutting path. When the blade height is lower, we can observe the splinterings on the top of the cutting edge. You will have to spend additional time cleaning the edge. When the blade height is high, shorter distance, and there are fewer than engaged in the cut at a time.

When the blade height is lower, it will force to the operator side, and high blade height will force the table saw top. It is better to keep the saw blade 5mm-10mm above the workpiece.

Reason 09 – Blade Alignment Problems

The saw blade and cutting path should be right along the same line. If the blade is aligned and you try to correct it using the workpiece, you can see some splintering on the surface.

So always keep the blade and cutting path in the same line. Do not correct with moving here and there using a workpiece.

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Reason 10 – The Fence is not Straight

The fence is really important for the straight-cutting path. We can use the fence as a guide for the cutting way. When we cut the workpiece with a nonstraight fence, its cutting path will be inclined.

When the fence is inclined, we have to force the workpiece for cutting on the right path. It will tear, and sometimes burning marks can be seen.

Reason 11 – Table Saw with Insufficient Power

Table saw must have sufficient power every time. But sometimes we can see, when we feed the workpiece, table saw tries to stop, or speed tends to reduce. At that time, we pull the workpiece and push again. When we do such kinds of things, we will not be able to feed the workpiece correctly. So it is highly recommended to have sufficient power.

When the workpiece is the hard and higher thickness we can observe this.

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