12 Miter Saw Troubleshooting: (Problem – Cause – Action)

Miter saws can have so much troubleshooting. Because it is electrical equipment and rise many problems due to electric motor, saw blade, alignments, and many more. This guide will explain to you all in detail about troubleshooting that you have to face anywhere.

Most of the problems and actions are based on the user experience.

Why Does a Miter Saw not Start?


  1. Saw not plugged in
  2. Fuse blown or circuit breaker tripped
  3. Brushes worn.
  4. Cord damaged


  1. Plug unit in. Use different outlet
  2. Replace fuse or reset circuit breaker
  3. Motor brush should replace, maintenance and lubrication.
  4. Have cord replaced by authorized service center

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Why Does Miter Saw Blade not Come Up to Speed?


  1. Extension cord too light or too long
  2. Low house current


  1. Replace with adequate size cord
  2. Contact your electric company for house current

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Why Does Miter Saw not Stop in 5 Seconds?


  1. Brushes not seated or lightly sticking or worn.
  2. Motor overheated from use of dull blade/too heavy of a blade, not recommendedaccessory or rapid on/off cycling
  3. Blade bolt loose.


  1. Inspect/clean or replace brushes (see Maintenance and Lubrication section.
  2. Use sharp blade.
  3. Use a recommended blade
  4. Let saw cool down
  5. Tighten blade bolt
  6. Authorized service

Why Miter Saw Head Assembly Does not Bevel to the Desired Position?


  1. The bevel detent pin is engaged and locks bevel angle at 33.9°.
  2. Bevel range selector knob setting limits movement.


  1. Pull out 33.9° bevel detent pin, then rotate pin 1/4 turn to keep out.
  2. Change bevel range selector knob position.

Why Does Miter Saw Blade Hit Table?


  1. Misalignment.


  1. Authorized service

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Miter Saw Cannot Rotate Table to Change Miter Angle


  1. Miter lock knob is tightened
  2. Miter detent lever is engaged with a detent (slot) in detent plate
  3. Sawdust accumulation.


  1. Turn the miter lock knob counterclockwise to loosen
  2. Pull up on miter detent lever to disengage from detent slot.
  3. Vacuum or blow out dust around turntable; wear eye protection.

Why Does Miter Saw Head not Assembly Fully Raise or Blade Guard Does not Fully Close?


  1. Head assembly lock pin isengaged.
  2. Cover plate not tightened afterreplacing blade.
  3. Sawdust accumulation.


  1. Pull out lock pin, allowing head assembly to go up
  2. See Removing and Installing Blades
  3. Clean head assembly.
  4. Authorized service.

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Why Does Miter Saw Blade Bind, Jam, Burn Wood, and Rough Cuts?


  1. Improper operation.
  2. Dull blade.
  3. Improper blade.
  4. Bent blade


  1. Replace or sharpen blade.
  2. Replace with 10” diameter bladedesigned for material being cut.
  3. Replace blade.

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Why Does Miter Saw Head Assembly Slides Forward and Back When Making a Chop Cut?


  1. The mechanism lock lever is disengaged.
  2. Chop/Crown Lock is disengaged


  1. Pull up on mechanism lock lever tab to engage
  2. Engage the Chop/Crown Lock by lifting into desired position position

Miter Saw Bevel Angle is not Securely Held When Bevel Lock Lever is Pushed.


  1. The bevel lock lever needs tension adjustment


  1. Increase bevel lock lever force by adjusting tension nut

Why Does Miter Saw Vibrate or Shake?


  1. Saw blade not round.
  2. Saw blade damaged.
  3. Saw blade loose.
  4. Miter pointer not adjusted correctly
  5. Workpiece moving
  6. Miter scale not adjusted correctly


  1. Replace blade.
  2. Check that blade is properly seated on the inner washer.
  3. Authorized service.

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Why Miter Saw Blade Does not Completely Go Through Workpiece?


  1. Depth stop plate is pulled out for non-through cuts.
  2. Replacement blade is less than 10” diameter


  1. Push depth stop plate inward to set for full-depth cuts.
  2. Change to a blade that is fully 10” diameter

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