2 Stroke vs. 4 Stroke Chainsaws: Which One You Need?

When I go to buy a chainsaw, I could see so many types related to size, engine capacity, and technology. When choosing a powerful chain saw I had to consider its engine type. So this is a complete guide about 2-stroke vs. 4-stroke chainsaws. These details helped me to buy the best chainsaw that I was looking for.

Characteristics2-Stroke Chain Saw4-Stroke Chain Saw
Fuel efficiencyLess High
NoiseLouder than 4-stroke chain sawQuite
WeightLightweightSlightly heavier
User ExperienceCan be used in any positionUse in a fixed position.
EmissionHigh emissionLower emission
Environmental EffectHigh effectLower environmental effect
Differences Between 2-stroke vs. 4-stroke Chainsaws

These are the few characteristics that I have considered. There are so many things you should know about these. I have prepared a complete guide below including all in detail. So those will help you to buy and further usage of a chainsaw. .

2 Stroke Chain Saw

What is a 2 Stroke Chain Saw?

A 2-stroke chainsaw consists of 2 cycle engine which has no valves or cams. When you use it, you should mix gas and oil together with recommended proportion.

The 2-stroke engine is used for equipment with low energy requirements.

The first true 2-stroke engines (also known as 2-stroke engines) were used to power motorcycles, introduced over a century ago. You’ll find 2-stroke engines in chainsaws, string trimmers, hedge trimmers, and leaf blowers. Stroke engines have fewer moving parts. Less heat is generated.

Technically, there is not much difference between 2-troke and 4-stroke. The difference between these 2 engines is that a 2-stroke engine only needs lubrication in the combustion chamber, whereas a 4-stroke engine has a valve train, timing gear, cam or pushers, so the oil must circulate everywhere for the engine to run.

2 stroke engines do not have these parts.

Unlike a car engine or unlike a 4 stroke engine, a 2 stroke engine does not have an internal oil reservoir. It is a special feature. Instead, a 2-stroke engine must ensure that the engine receives adequate lubrication during operation. For that, it is necessary to mix oil with fuel at a predetermined ratio. Let’s take a look at those ratios.

Fuel Consumption of 2-Stroke Chainsaw

The fuel consumption depends on the brand name. In general, 2 stroke chain saws produced under different brands in the market are produced with unique and suitable oil types. Using those types of oil is one of the most favorable factors for the long-term survival of the chain saw.

Fuel Mix Ratio of 2-Stroke Chainsaw

The 2-stroke chainsaw fuel mix ratio is 50:1 (Gas: Oil) for most chainsaws. But it can be 32:1, 40:1, etc. Because it depends on the cylinder capacity and adding lubricants properties.

Before operating any interior, the manufacturer provides a series of instructions for the convenience and safety of the user. Accordingly, the correct information about the oil requirement of the engine of a 2-stroke chain saw must be mentioned.

However, this topic provides you with information about the fuel consumption of a 2-stroke chain saw. Especially since a mixture of oils is used here, proper proportions must be used. Otherwise, a harmful and dangerous accident may occur during the use of the device.

If you do not use the proper gas: oil mix ratio, you can see some bearings, plastic units, and metal parts have melted due to high heat generation.

Generally, 2 stroke chain saws manufactured under different brands in the market are produced with unique and suitable oil types. Using those types of oil is the most favorable factor for the long-term survival of the chain saw.

So, let’s talk about an example; brand name of “Husqvarna”.

A fuel-to-oil ratio of 50:1 is coming out to 2.5 fluid ounces(20 ml ) of oil per 1 gallon of gas. Although in certain heavy-use applications, chain saw models above 75 cc may be run on a mix of 33:1.

Some heavy-duty applications can run a 2-stroke chain saw model over 75cc with a 33:1 mixture of fluid ounces of oil and gas.

Performance of 2-Stroke Chainsaws

Without lubrication, a 2 stroke chain saw will continue to grind on the internal parts of the engine if operated. This causes them to become scarred. The device also creates friction which generates heat. This heat can be great enough to melt the piston. Then the device will stop moving forever.

If you apply too much oil, the machine will run under low performance and it will emit more smoke. It will eventually stop working.

Also, too much oil can cause the spark plugs to become dirty. It will have to be cleaned or replaced.

Try to remove as much fuel from your chainsaw tank as possible. Fill it with fuel that has the correct oil-to-gas ratio. If the spark plug is completely black, it should be cleaned.

4 Stroke Chainsaw

What is a 4-stroke Chain Saw?

A 4-stroke engine is more efficient than 2 stroke chain saw engine because it completes 4 cycles. Those are;

  1. Intake
  2. Compression
  3. Power
  4. Exhaust
  • This chain saw design means less wear and tear on the engine.
  • You will get better fuel economy.
  • 4-stroke is also typically quieter than 2 strokes.
  • 4-stroke engine is more complicated than 2 stroke chain saw because it is consisting lots of moving parts.

Fuel Consumption of 4-stroke Chainsaw

4 stroke chain saw engine needs straight gasoline. There is a separate fill port for gas and engine oil.

Pay extra attention and use only gasoline with a minimum octane rating of 89 and a maximum ethanol content of 10%. It’s easier if you can run low-ethanol or ethanol-free fuel through the chain. It is good for the engine.

Gasoline with high ethanol content can contribute to engine damage. Expected efficiency cannot be achieved. Ethanol shortens the life of the very sensitive rubber components in the engine

If the wrong type or insufficient amount of oil is used, there is a risk of friction in the engine, which can then overheat and cause the chain to fail to start and destroy the engine

Performance of 4-stroke Chainsaw

The amount of fuel required for the operation of the engine of a 4-stroke chain saw is less. Therefore, four-stroke engines are more efficient. The engine consumes fuel once every four strokes.

2 Stroke vs. 4 Stroke Chainsaw Differences

You may already have clear ideas about the differences between the 2 different types of chain saws mentioned above. However, let us now clearly examine the differences between these 2 types.

Tale 1: The differences between the 2-stoke chain saw and 4-stroke chain saw.

Characteristics2 Stroke chain saw4 stroke chain saw
Fuel efficiencyLess than 4 stroke chain sawHas more fuel efficiency
SoundGenerally, louder than 4 stroke chain sawQuite
WeightLighter weightSlightly heavier tool
Ease of useIt can be used it in any positioncan be used in a fixed position.
Environmental friendlinessEmissions are high. Air pollution will happen.Better for the environment due to reduced emissions.

2 Stroke vs 4 Stroke: What Should I Buy?

If you want to do your work outdoors easily and lightly in everyday life, the most suitable chain saw is the 2-stroke chain saw because it is lighter and can be easily moved in the directions you want.

As mentioned earlier, 2-stroke chain saws are mostly available in the market.

Therefore, if you are using a 2-stroke chain saw, use ear protection to protect your ears from excessive noise. But if you don’t like the loud noise, a 4-stroke chain saw is suitable for you.

But the most important thing is that the engine of a 2-stroke chain saw is more powerful. So, a 2-stroke chain saw can be used to carry out large tasks with ease of handling compared to a 4-stroke chain saw. So, when you buy a new chain saw, it might be a good idea to buy a 2-stroke chain saw.

Related Questions

Is a 4-stroke Chainsaw more powerful than a 2-stroke?

4-stroke chainsaws are more powerful than 2-stroke chainsaws. It is not only more power but also less noise and vibration which improves the user experience. But is more weight and difficult to operate easily.

Are 4-stroke Chainsaws Better than 2-stroke?

4-stroke chain saws are not better than 2-stroke chainsaws. Although 4 stroke chainsaw is more powerful than 2 stroke chainsaw, those are heavier and difficult to operate any position. 4-stroke chainsaws are slower than 2-stroke chainsaws. Hence using a 4-stroke chainsaw for a wood cutting job is not a wise decision.

Are all Chainsaws 2 Stroke?

All chainsaws are not 2-stroke. There are types of chainsaws according to their power production. Those are 2-stroke, 4-stroke, electric corded and electric cordless chain saws. The most used chainsaw is 2 stroke chainsaw and the lighter chainsaw is an electric cordless chainsaw.

All 2 Stroke Chainsaws Need Mixed Gas?

All 2 stroke chainsaws need mixed gases. Because 2 cylinder engine does not design for a separate oil flow hence oil should be mixed with gas in order to reduce the inside friction of the engine. Gas: Oil mix ratio depends on the engine capacity and technology.

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