About Us

Tom Mackency

Hi, I am Tom. A professional woodworker and metalworker. I have worked with using dozens of power tools. Among them, drills and saws were really interested. So I thought to share my knowledge with you about drills, drivers, saws, and many power tools.

Drilling is widely used in domestic as well as in construction sites. There are so many drills. Those can be used for a drilling purpose and also it has developed as a driver also.

Currently, you can find many drills, and drivers such as hammer drills, impact drivers, SDS drills, Rotary hammer drills, saws,, grinders, and many more power tools. Those are not developed with technology but with sufficient accuracy.

You can find many conventional tools also. Drill Advice mainly focuses on electric power drilling and driving equipment and batteries.

Saws are another most used power tool in these industries. Types of saws such as the table saw jigsaw, miter saw, and many more are used for the various sawing purpose. In my workshop, I have many power tools. So I hope to share my knowledge with you regarding all kinds of power tools, woodworking, metalworking, construction, home repairing, DIY projects, tool usage, problems, solutions, etc.