Are Electric Chainsaws Any Good? – Truth Facts!

Chainsaws are available in two major types: Petrol chainsaws and electric chainsaws. Even though the main use of chainsaws is tree felling, depending on the type of the chainsaw, there is a range of applications, pros and cons. Electric chainsaws are one of the best options for cutting trees with better power consumption. So is there any good in electric chainsaws?

Normally. Electric chainsaws are really good because it produce less noise and no harmful gas emitting during the cutting process. More than that, electric chainsaws are cheap, small in size, lightweight, less power consumption, less maintenance and easy to use.

So it is a great idea to buy an electric chainsaw. You should know the above factors in depth when you compare with the gas chainsaw. So keep reading on!

Electric Chainsaws Good for Small Tasks

Electric chainsaws good for small tasks
Electric chainsaws good for small tasks

Electric chainsaws bestow various benefits that make them an effective selection for both professionals and unskilled users with sawing wood and many more wood-related tasks.  Using an electric chainsaw, you can remove small branches that could be dangerous in bad weather, for gardening tasks such as pruning trees and DIY projects.

To accomplish such tasks, it would be difficult to use gas chainsaws as they are heftier in size and not suitable for domestic cutting jobs. Compared to gas chainsaws, it is incredibly hassle-free to use electric chainsaws. Users often find it troublesome to work when the sawdust blends with the oil on the chain.

Also, many find the noise and the smell emitting from electric chainsaws troublesome. So, for the users who require a chainsaw only for domestic tasks, an electric chainsaw would be the best choice for you. An electric chainsaw will not pollute your surroundings with gas and oily smells and no one will be disturbed by the unnecessary noise.

When your chainsaw chain is dull, you can see these 08 signs. Then you should sharp it before use.

Electric Chainsaws are Cheap

The price of a chainsaw relies on its size and type. The price of gas chainsaws with long cutting bars and large structures always comes at a cost more than smaller electric chainsaws.

Plus, users will have to spend extra budget for the gas and oil and other maintenance too. So, you can purchase electric chainsaws at a comparably low cost as you do not have to worry about spending on gas and oils.

However, just because an electric chainsaw is expensive and smaller than the bigger expensive gas chainsaws, that does not mean it is the most suitable chainsaw for you. Contradictory, you should not buy gas chainsaws, assuming they would be great just because they are expensive and larger. 

Avhrit Mini Chainsaw, 7Inch Chainsaw Cordless $79.99
irbike Mini Chainsaw Cordless Small Chainsaw Electric Chainsaw Battery Chainsaw,$89.99
Oregon CS1500 18-inch 15 Amp Self-Sharpening Corded Electric Chainsaw$114.00
CRAFTSMAN Electric Chainsaw, 16-Inch (CMECS600)$79.99
SEYVUM Mini Cordless Chainsaw Kit, Upgraded 6 Inch$99.99
 Cordless Mini Chainsaw  6 Inch$69.99
Electric chainsaws and price

Electric Chainsaws are Small in Size

Electric chainsaws are small in size
Electric chainsaws are small in size

When compared with gas chainsaws, electric chainsaws come small in size. Usually, the length of the bar comes proportionally to the power of the engine. So, when the guide bar of a chainsaw gets longer, the engine power increases.  Electric chainsaws do not have large engines like gas chainsaws, which makes chainsaws larger.

Electric chainsaws that usually come smaller in size are often less powerful than gas chainsaws larger in size. They are ideal for yard work. Unlike gas chainsaws, you can control electric chainsaws easier and they will not drain out your energy while working. Further, electric chainsaws are safer as they do not create fatigue when working compared to gas chainsaws. 

Electric Chainsaws are Lighter than Gas Chainsaws

Electric chainsaws are lightweight as they do not contain a heavy engine but are powered by electricity. Gas chainsaws are larger and heavier than electric chainsaws. They belong to the heavyweight class and at the same time the most powerful ones.

While working it is important and safer to keep your hands steady and not fatigued. This can be identified as a safety concern, too. Due to the lightweight design, many users tend to go for electric chainsaws and users can work for a longer period without tiring themselves.

Remington RM1425Electric6.25 lbs
Makita UC3551AElectric12.1 lbs
Stihl MSE 141 C-QElectric6.38 lbs powerhead weight
Dewalt DCCS670X1Lithium-ion12.2 lbs
Makita XCU03PT1Lithium-ion11.5 lbs with the batteries
Black+Decker LCS1020Lithium-ion7.2 lbs
Husqvarna 372 XPGas-powered14.6 lbs powerhead weight
Stihl MS 180Gas-powered9.0 lbs powerhead weight
Stihl MS 880Gas-powered22.3 lbs powerhead weight
Electric chainsaw weight

Electric Chainsaws Consume Less Power

Electric chainsaws consume less power
Electric chainsaws consume less power

Gas chainsaws require a gas and oil mix for power. This could be an unnecessary expense if you do not use chainsaws for massive tasks. Corded electric chainsaws do not require fuel, but the attached extension cord limits the mobility of the chainsaw. 

Cordless electric chainsaws are powered by rechargeable batteries. They do not require gasoline, oil, or extension cords. Many of the recently created cordless gas chain saws can reach the power offered by small gas chainsaws. But users will have to recharge these saws amid tasks when working for so long. 

It is a fact that electric chainsaws are less powerful and can not cut through thick wood compared to gas chainsaws.

However, some modern electric chainsaws have power heads that work at speeds of 6600 RPM and produce equal power to a 40cc gas engine.

When you select a gas chainsaw, you should know How many CC chainsaw do you need?

Electric Chainsaws Have Less Maintenance

You need to put a little effort into maintaining electric chainsaws. It is easy to maintain them as users do not have to mix fuel, clean filters or oil engine parts. Unlike electric ones, gas-powered chainsaws require a lot more maintenance than electric chainsaws. 

Users have to remove the sprocket cover and clean it out when the sawdust mixes up with the lubricating oil on the cutting chains. Besides, when the air filters get choked, due to wood particles and dust. With an electric chainsaw, users don’t have to worry about such maintenance and also don’t have to spend a lot of time, money and labor.

Electric Chainsaws Can Use Easily

Electric chainsaws can use easily

Due to their lightweight design, electric chainsaws are incredibly easy to carry. It is more convenient to use an electric model because users only have to connect them to the power and begin the work. However, focusing on gas chainsaws, you can not begin your tasks by simply switching on the machine as far as mixing oils and heat is concerned. 

Electric chainsaws are not built for a heavy workload. They can flawlessly handle small tree-cutting jobs. Users can get your tasks, particularly the yard works such as trimming your garden bushes and cutting through branches down efficiently. 

Corded vs Cordless Electric Chainsaws

Both corded electric chainsaws, and cordless electric chainsaws each have their drawbacks and benefits. You can choose between a corded and a cordless model, based on your requirements.

Corded ChainsawsCordless Chainsaws
Lightweight.It is lighter and easier to handle. Provides greater mobility. 
Don’t need fuel but require an extension cord that limits mobility. No gas, oil or extension cords are needed.
Simply need to connect to a power socket.  Powered by a rechargeable battery. 
Can not reach various levels of power. Can reach various levels of power. 
Less expensiveSomewhat expensive than the corded ones
Less powerful than a gas chainsaw.Some models have a similar power offered by smaller gas chainsaws.
Produce less noise than gas chainsaws.Produce less noise than corded chainsaws.
Can work continuously when electricity is available.Need to be recharged between long projects.
Corded vs Cordless Electric Chainsaws

Should You Buy an Electric Chain Saw?

Gas chainsaw and Electric chainsaw

Whether you should buy an electric chainsaw over a gas chainsaw depends on the tasks you will be regularly doing with it. Electric chainsaws are the most effective and perfectly suited for small tasks, and they do not require gas and oil to fuel up.

More importantly, electric chainsaws are not as loud and heavy as gas chainsaws. This is the best chainsaw for cutting down small trees, branches, and bushes if that is a job you have to do mostly.

If you regularly engage in heavy-duty work and massive projects that mandate cutting huge trees thicker than 13″ for an extended duration, do not choose an electric chainsaw. When using a corded chainsaw you have to have an outside power outlet. The attached cord may limit your working area since you have to work near the power source. However, corded electric chainsaws are extremely beneficial for lighter yard work near home.

It is not wise to use a gas chainsaw for domestic use because everyone will find the noise and the gas smell irritating.  Above all, it is useless to carry a heavy machine to do smaller yard jobs. As of today, with numerous developments, the cutting power of an electric chainsaw has enhanced a lot.

Yet there are specific professional tasks: the power and cutting speed of an electric chainsaw will not be sufficient. Consequently, for smaller, back garden projects, an electric chainsaw will work out well just fine. 

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