Auger Drill Bit – All You Should Know!

An auger drill bit is a wood drill bit. It is a very useful drill bit in woodworking. Auger drill bits have sharp point screws, cutting edges, and sharp spurs as main parts. All these parts of the auger drill bit help to drill into wood successfully. Auger drill bits are very old drill bit which was invented in the 19th century. According to the cutting principles, auger drill bits are two types, such as the Jennings pattern and solid center.

Auger drill bits can be used on braced drills as well as electric drills and drivers easily. We can buy various diameter sizes and length auger drill bits available in the market.

What is Auger Drill Bit?

An auger drill bit is a wood drilling bit that is used to drill deeper holes in both softwood and hardwood. The auger drill bit has a sharp screw tip, and it helps to drive the drill bit inside the drilling material. And also, there are sharp spurs that help to separate the cutting material from the workpiece before drilling. As a result of this, auger drill bits can drill faster and remove the chips easier.

Cutting edge and screw threads can control the cutting speed of the auger drill bits. If the screw pitch is high, it can penetrate aggressively into the wood workpiece. In order to face this type of situation, cutting edge should be stronger. These kinds of auger drill bits are really good for softwood.

When the screw pitch is narrow, it will penetrate inside the wood piece slowly. These kinds of auger drill bits are good for hardwood.

Auger Drill Bit Color and Manufactured Materials

Normally, auger drill bits are silver in color and made using high-carbon steel. A few of the auger drill bits can be used through metal, and these bits’ cutting path has coated with carbide.

What Are the Types of Auger Drill Bits?

Generally, auger drill bits are two types according to drill bit structure.

Jennings types

Developed by Russell Jennings in the mid-19th century

Jening type or Jennings pattern auger drill bits are the same in name, and it has a self-feeding screw tip with sharpened spurs with two radial cutting edges. Jenning type has a double flute design from the starting cutting edges. It was a good solution for waste removal.

Jennings-type auger drill bit
Jennings-type auger drill bit

Irwin or Solid Center

Invented By Charles Irwin in 1884

Irwin or Solid center auger drill bit has a single flute and double cutting edges. One of the cutting edges supports the flute, and the other one is extended up to the shank. Due to the single flute, it can remove waste better than the Jenning type.

More than that, according to the screw types, Auger drill bits can be categorized into two main types.

Coarse thread auger drill bit – Point screw has a wide pitch; hence these auger drill bits are good for softwood drillings.

Fine thread Auger drill bits – Point screw thread pitch are short in these drill bits. As a result of this, it tends to penetrate the wood slowly. So these bits are good for drilling hardwood.

 Irwin type Auger drill bit
Irwin Auger drill bit

Where to Use Auger Drill Bit?

Auger drill bits can be used on various drilling tools and wood materials.


Auger drill bits are used for drilling wood workpieces. The braced shank auger drill bits can be used on hand tools. As well as hex shank auger drill bits can be used on impact drivers and also cylindrical shank drill bits can be used on electric drills, press drills etc.


Auger drill bits can be used on both softwood, hardwood, plastic, drywall and composite materials, MDF, plywood, lumber, railroad ties, landscape timber, invisible floating shelf bracket,tree stump, and aluminum alloy material.

When an auger drill bit is used on softwood, its screw pitch should be wide. Due to the softness of the material, it can cut rapidly inside the workpiece. These auger bits are called Coarse thread auger bits.

When you use an auger drill bit on the hardwood, you should use narrow-pitch auger bits. Due to the short pitch, these drill bits will penetrate the hardwood slowly. Which is really essential for the hardwood drilling process. These drill bits are called Fine thread auger drill bits

  • TIP

If wood fires pull loose while you are using an auger drill bit, you need to go for coarse thread drill bits.

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What is the Drilling Speed of the Auger Drill Bits?

The drilling speed of the auger drill bit depends on the material of the workpiece and point screw pitch distance.

In hardwood, the speed should generally be slower than in softwood. For bits less than 10 mm, you can run more than 1000 rpm; up to 20 mm, reduce to 800 rpm, and bits more than 20 mm should not be run at more than 400 rpm.

How Deep Can A Auger Drill Bit Drill?

The drilling depth of the auger drill bit depends on the length of the drill bit. Normally, it can drill 6″-12″ depth into the workpiece. But according to the user requirements, you can use more than 12″ auger bits for your project.

Can Auger Drill Bit Drill Metal?

Many auger drill bits are made with carbide cutting edge. Hence these auger drill bits can be used for drilling metals like nails and screws, which remain inside the wood workpieces.

Before use, the auger drills bits into the metal parts to check whether they are compatible with the metals.

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