Black Oxide Drill Bits – All You Should Know!

The black oxide drill bit is one of the drill bits available in the market. We can buy different types of drill bits with a price range. Price is varied with the hardness of the material. Black oxide is one of the most used drill bits for many purposes. So let’s see, what is a black oxide drill bit and its usage in detail.

Black oxide drill bits are black in color and it is made with HSS by coating a magnetite (Fe3O4) layer. Due to its hardness and heat resistance, it can use to drill a wide range of materials such as steel, copper, wood, aluminum, etc. Black oxide drill bits are 50% longer than regular HSS drill bits.

When we are going to select a drill bit we should know, workpiece hardness, drilling depth, drill bit hardness, RPM, thrust, and many more. In this guide, you can learn everything about black oxide drill bits in detail. So let’s keep reading on.

Black Oxide Drill Bits and Its Material Properties

Black Oxide Drill Bits

First of all we should study the manufactured material of the black oxide drill bits. Because all of the characteristics depend on the material properties.


The manufacturer heats the HSS drill bits to a high temperature of about 950-celsius degrees, and releases these bits are resisted corrosion and decomposition. Black oxide bits are up to 50% longer than normal HSS bits.

Black oxide bits can be described as the best general-purpose drill bits you can buy because they have much durability and can work at very good speeds. Black oxide drill bits can usually be used for many years

Coating Process

The HSS drill bit has faced the black oxide coating process. This coating method can be applied to steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, brass, zinc, bronze, and other non-corrosive materials. Under this process this type of coating directly on the material with a chemical conversion rather than applying it like an electroplating process.

Due to this coating, we can identify drill bits with others.

A black oxide solution includes salts that act as an oxidizer. That solution reacts with the iron in the steel by using the salts of the solution and creates a coating over the surface. This coating is important to reduce friction and corrosion between the faces of the bit and material and thermal resistance. This advancement with technology makes it easier to use, without overheating the drill bit.

Where Can We Use Black Oxide Drill Bits?

Black oxide drill bits are usually capable of drilling or piercing many materials. That is a multifunctional bit type compared to other bits. These drill bits can be used for wood, metal as well as plastic.

Therefore those drill bits are suitable for work on;

  • Steel,
  • Copper,
  • Aluminum,
  • Brass,
  • Oak,
  • Maple,
  • Pine
  • MDF,
  • PVC,
  • Polycarbonate,
  • Acrylic,
  • ABS,
  • Nylon, and composite materials.

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Are Black Oxide Drill Bits Better than Titanium Drill Bits?

Simply, black oxide drill bits work better than titanium drill bits. Because black oxide drill bits have higher durability, easy resharpening, no corrosion, and the most important thing is black oxide drill bits are cheaper than titanium drill bits.

When you choose the most suitable bit for a task, you can compare the difference between the bits and select the most suitable bit so that the task can be done more accurately, efficiently, cost-effectively, and safely.

These bits are more commonly marketed because black oxide bits can be used for more materials than titanium bits. Although titanium bits are also best for drilling purposes. Titanium bits can be up to six times longer than standard drill bits.  If you need a drill bit that can handle repeated applications on wood, plastic, steel alloys and high-speed steels, titanium drill bits are a better option.

Black Oxide Drill bits Vs, Cobalt Drill bits Vs, Titanium Drill Bits Vs Gold Oxide Drill Bit

Black Oxide Drill Bits Vs Titanium Drill Bits

CharacteristicsTitanium drill bitsBlack oxide drill bits
HardnessHarder than black oxide drill bits Hardness enough to drill more materials
 DurabilityDurable than 3 to 6 times than HSS50% more durable than HSS
Rust resistanceYesYes
Drilling speedFastFast
PriceFairley expensiveCheapest
Suitable forProfessionals only can use  Woodworkers, amateurs,
Material can be drilledWood, metalsWood, metals, and plastic
The Differences and Similarities Between the Black Oxide Drill Bits and Titanium Drill Bits.

Titanium carbide drill bits are more suitable for drilling metals when comparing these two bits. But with the ability to sharpen again and use on many materials at low cost without fear, even for beginners, black oxide drill bits are practically more effective for everyday tasks.

Black Oxide Drill Bits Vs Cobalt Drill Bits

CharacteristicsCobalt Drill BitsBlack Oxide Drill Bits
HardnessHardest Hardness enough to drill more materials
DurabilityHighest durability50% more durable than HSS
Rust resistanceHasHas
Drilling speedFastFast
PriceHighly expensiveCheapest
Suitable forProfessionals only can use  Woodworkers, amateurs,
Material can be drilledHard metalsWood, metals and plastic
The Differences and Similarities Between the Black Oxide Drill Bits and Cobalt Drill Bits.

When considering black oxide vs cobalt drill bits, cobalt drill bits are more suitable for drilling metals when comparing these two bits but it is cheaper to use black oxide drill bits that work for cobalt bits to drill a lighter material.

Black Oxide vs Gold Oxide Drill Bits

Gold (III) Oxide with the formula Au2O3, is an inorganic compound. Since it is the least reactive metal in the environment gold is not found in nature as oxide. It is artificially created by man. Gold oxide is a chemical compound that, water-insoluble and heat-decomposable.

Both of these features may have contributed to the creation of a better bit of HSS bits. Gold oxide powder is brownish-black colored powder. Therefore the black oxide drill bits have also the same color.

Both black oxide and gold oxide coatings reduce friction between the bit and the material. Makes more accurate drilling. Controls the temperature rise of the bits during the drilling process. The gold oxide drill bits also provide extra speed and durability to typical work drill applications in wood, metal and plastic.

Is Black Oxide Drill Bits More Durable?

Black oxide drill bits are also more durable than HSS drill bits. It is approximately 50% (as mentioned in tables no one and two above). We also find cases where black oxide drill bits are used for several years. Manufactures from black oxide rust resistance, non-corrosive material, it increases the durability of drill bits and improves the practical performance of the bits.

These drill bits can be re-sharpened, especially during long-term drilling operations, as these bits can be re-sharpened.

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Cobalt bits are stronger, so black oxide drill bits cannot be used for as long as cobalt bits. Black oxide bits lose their edge when used on hard materials. Therefore not suitable for more rigid materials.  

Can I Resharpen a Black Oxide Drill Bit?

By examining the reasons why titanium drill bits cannot be re-sharpened, you will be able to understand why you can re-sharpen black oxide drill bits. Due to the outer coating of the titanium bits, it cannot be re-sharpened.

If re-sharpened, the outer coating will scratch and the bit will become unusable because this outer coater is made by the chemical process. If it has not been used externally coat, a person may think that it can be used by sharpening again. But external coating has increased the efficiency of these drill bits. Under that,

  • Reduces friction between bits and materials.
  • Performs more accurate drillings.
  • Controls the temperature rise of the bits during the drilling process.

Once you’ve noticed that the drill bit is blunt, or broken you need to choose which tool to use according to the size to be sharpened. These will be the Top 09 reasons for drill bit breaking. Here the equipment is expensive but an experienced person can sharpen these bits at a low cost.

The dull drill bit must keep at a 60o angle to the sharpening tool. Then has to cut the landing and the chisel and has to shape the landing of the drill bit. The full re-sharpening process can be successful by rotating the drill bit and doing a repeated process as mentioned above (Steps 3 to 6). The re-sharpening process has a few more steps.

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How to Resharpen a Black Oxide Drill Bit?

Resharpening Steps

  1. Examine the dull bit
  2. Pick your tool of choice
  3. Hold the bit correctly
  4. Cut the landing
  5. Cut the chisel
  6. Shape the landing
  7. Rotate the bit
  8. Repeat

Is It Worth Using a Black Oxide Drill Bit?

If you have to do a long period of drilling work or hard material drilling process, unconditionally you have to use the cobalt drill bits or carbide drill bits for that because black drill bits tend to lose their edges very easily than cobalt drill bits and carbide drill bits.

Black oxide drill bits can be re-sharpened by using a drill bit sharpener but a skilled person can use a grinding disc and re-sharper by hand. It is the cheapest drill bit like a HSS drill bit.


The final conclusion is black oxide drill bits are most suitable and worth for usage because;

  1. Reasonably priced,
  2. Durable ( non-corrosive and can be re-sharpened),
  3. 50% more durable than regular HSS drill bits,
  4. Can be used for various purposes,
  5. Making them the best all-purpose bits.

At first, you have to determine the metal or material type required to drill. Among both of those, cobalt drill bits are the most effective and best drill bit. Although black oxide drill bits are worth using for constructions that are done with very low financial conditions.

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