Metabo: Company, Innovations, Warranty, Sustainability, Patents 


Metabowerke GmbH is a power tool manufacturer in Nürtingen, Germany. Metabo company was founded in the 1924s by Albrecht Schnitzler. In 2016 Metabo was acquired by Hitachi Koki. But Hitachi Koki was sold to the HK holding in 2017. Currently, the mother company of Metabo is KKR.

Horst W. Garbrecht is the CEO of the Metabo.  Metabo has a wide range of well-known products, such as a LiHD battery pack, a Compact angle grinder from 900 – 1700W, a Flat head angle grinder with 5.2 Ah, and a cordless magnetic core drilling unit. Metabo has 1800 employees, and it has $47.1M in revenue per year.

What is the Mission Statement of the Metabo?

The mission statement of Metabo is “We are For Those Who Make The World, and we deliver on that purpose by being bold to break the mold, by cutting through challenges, by joining forces for sustainability, and being reliable to the core”.

What is the Vision Statement of the Metabo?

The vision statement of Metabo is “ To become known as one of the world’s leading innovators, continue to deliver top quartile performance and elevate our commitment to corporate social responsibility, where we can be a force for good.”

Who is the CEO of Metabo?

Horst W. Garbrecht is the CEO of Metabo since the 7th of January 2009.

What is the Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.?

Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. is the parent company of Metabo. It is an American global investment company. Hitachi Koki bought Metabo in march 1, 2016 as a part of Hitachi Group. In March 2017  Hitachi Group sold to HK Holding Co.Ltd that on of the entity of the Ohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.

What is the Address and Telephone Number of Metabo?

The address of the headquarters of Metabo is

  • Metabowerke GmbH,
    Metabo-Allee 1,
    D-72622 Nürtingen,
  • Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.,
    9 West 57th Street, 
    Suite 4200,  
    New York 10019,

How Many Employees Are in the Metabo?

Metabo has 2,000 employees all over the world for better support and satisfactory customer service.  

How Many Countries Is Metabo Available?

Metabo products are available in more than 25 countries. It provides services across all continents, including North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and Oceania.

What is the Serial Number of the Metabo Company?

The serial number of the Metabo is 78911405.

What is the Company Registration Number of the Metabo?

The registration number of the Metabo is 3279821.

What are the Website and YouTube Channel of the Metabo?

  • The official website of Metabo is
  • The official youtube channel is

What are the Awards Metabo has Won?

Metabo has won several awards due to its high-quality products. Below are the Awards and detail of the Metabo achieved.


Awarded for Metabo 8.0Ah and 4.0Ah Lithium High Density (LiHD) batteries.


Awarded for Metabo Cordless Angle Grinder WPB 36 LTX

What are the Innovations of the Metabo?

Metabo has many innovations. That help to improve the performance of power tools and battery technology. Those are below mentioned are a few of them.


Metabo has created this technology to improve the performance of battery cells and it delivers up to 67 percent more power.

What are the Metabo Products?

Metabo woodworking products

Metabo manufactured a wide range of products. Those products can be categorized mainly as below.

  • Cutting/Grinding: Cutting and grinding discs, Diamond discs (both channeling and cutting),Flap discs.
  • Drilling/Chiselling: SDS-plus and SDS-max drill/chisel bits, Drill bits for concrete, stone, wood, and metal.
  • Sawing: Blades for jigsaws, saber saws, circular saws, and band saws.
  • Multi-tool Accessories: Special accessory sets, including bit sets, drill bit sets, and chisel bit sets.
  • Chucks: Keyless, geared, “Quick” chucks, and chuck keys, Further accessories for chucks.
  • Compressed Air: Accessories for compressors, air preparation, distribution, and air tools.
  • Sanding/Grinding and Polishing: Grinding media for various sanders like orbital, multi, and belt sanders.
  • Screwdriving/Fixing: Screwdriving bits and sets, bit holders, angle attachments, and drywall screwdriver accessories.
  • Accessories for Cordless Machines: Battery packs, chargers, basic sets, quick systems, and case systems.
  • Occupational Safety: Accessories for vacuum cleaners, stirrers, and renovation milling machines.

What are the Warranties and Periods of the Metabo?

  • 30-Day Performance Guarantee:

If the tool fails to perform to Metabo’s manufacturing specifications, you can replace it free of charge.

  • 3-Year Limited Warranty: 

In this warranty category, Metabo will replace or repair a tool if found to be defective in either workmanship or materials for three (3) years.

  • 3-Year Warranty 

This warranty period is applied on Ultra-M Batteries and Chargers.  In first three years from date of purchase, Metabo will replace any Li-Ion 18V or 36V battery (2.6Ah or higher, regardless of a number of charge cycles) or charging system that fails to charge due to a defect in workmanship or materials.

What are the Safety Features of Metabo Tools?

Metabo has improved its innovation and research to improve user safety. They have added 3 special safety features to the tools to increase the user’s safety.

  • Reduce the Dust Spreading while working – Metabo OSHA COMPLIANT SILICA SOLUTION Technology can reduce dust spreading while working, and it can reduce the maintenance cost in the job site vacuums.
  • Anti-rotation and Prevent kickback – Metabo S- AUTOMATIC MECHANICAL SAFETY, CLUTCH ELECTRONIC SAFETY CLUTCH and 2SEC FAST BRAKE, Those have an anti-rotation system and automatic electronic controller to prevent kickback to protect the user.
  • Reduce vibrations of the tool – The METABO VIBRATECH(MVT) System reduces vibration felt for the user.

What are the Metabo Sustainable Products?

In order to improve the sustainability of the Metabo, tools are made as durability. All of the Metabo tools are repairable and reused. After usage, Metabo tools can be recyclable easily. Metabo tools are made with recycled materials, and they fulfill the requirements of (EU) and the Dodd-Frank Act. These are the Metabo sustainable tools and most used sustainable technologies.

  1. Metabo Lithium-ion Cordless Technology has high voltage, high energy density and low self-discharge from the battery.
  2. METABO VIBRATECH(MVT) System provides low-vibration power tools.
  3. Metabo accepts Recycling.
  4. Metabo accepts Reusing the products.
  5. Metabo OSHA COMPLIANT SILICA SOLUTION Technology is expanding its range of dust collection accessories.

What are the Sponsorships and Partnerships of the Metabo?

  • Metabo was an Official Power Tool Sponsor of MDM Motorsports for NASCAR Camping World Truck Series.

What are the Metabo Patents?

Metabo is investing for Researches and Developments to improve the condition and efficiency fo the tools. Below are the recent patents for the Metabo.

ProductPatent Number
Configurable rechargeable battery pack11646593
Power tool and method for operating a power tool11491596
Apparatus for connecting a power cable11387599
Angle grinder with air intake filter9597624
Electric hand power-tool appliance having means of securing a tool against loss9399278
Motor-driven angle grinder9095950
Device for locking a rechargeable battery pack10847766
Arrangement for measuring a single cell in a rechargeable battery pack and rechargeable battery pack comprising such an arrangement9910098
Electrical power tool for operating with alternating current8692525
Electric motor having a braking element8618704