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When I needed to drill a wood piece, I could not find a suitable drill machine. I had only a hammer drill in my toolbox. Then I needed to know whether I could use that for my task. After checking and testing all tools and parts, I could prepare this guide Can a hammer drill use as a regular drill? So this will save your time and money.

Can a Hammer Drill Use as a Regular Drill? You can use a hammer drill as a regular drill by turn off the hammering action and using a normal drill bit. Turn off the hammer action will reduce the cracking damages of the timber, and using a normal drill bit, you can have a sharp cutting edge.

Hammer drills and regular drills are used for the specified activities. Let’s find out what are these activities and how they have used the above drills with the best efficiency. Let’s read on!

How to Use a Hammer Drill as a Regular Drill?

Cordless Hammer Drill and Regular Drill
Cordless Hammer Drill and Regular Drill

When you are going to use your hammer drill as a regular drill you should know these things and follow the below steps properly.

Normally, hammer drills have a hammering action which helps to drill the hard material such as concrete and stones. You can switch on-off this hammering action everytime. And you can see a drill bit in the hammer drill.

When you use a hammer drill as a regular drill, follow these 03 steps properly

Step 01 – Disconnect the hammer drill power source

Step 02 – Then Remove the hammer drill bit

Step 03 – Use a regular drill bit on the hammer drill

Step 04 – Switch off the hammering action

Step 05 – Reconnect the hammer drill power source

Step 06 – Start drilling

** Some hammer drills cant switch off the hammering action. When it pushes toward the drill bit, its hammering action is activated. So you should know this before use as a regular drill

Why Hammer Drill Bits and Regular Drill Bits Are Different?

Hammer and Regular Drill Bit

Normally, hammer drill bits and regular drill bits are different by its size, sharpness, material, and structure.

Regular drill bits are used to drill soft materials such as wood. In order to cut and remove the material fastly, these drill bits are sharper and made with HSS.

Hammer drill bits are used to drill harder materials such as stones and concrete. During the drilling process, these bits are hammered forward and backward in order to chip the material into small pieces. Hence drill bit tip has made with harder material such as tungsten carbide. Hammer drill bits are not sharp like wood drill bits.

When you select drill bit for any task, you should know these things.

The hammering action is very rapid—those are measured with thousands of “BPM” (blows per minute) or “IPM” (impacts per minute). Both drill bits are made with High-Speed Steel (HSS)

Hammer drill bitsCobolt
Regular drill bitsHard Carbon Steel

According to the material that we use, we should change the drill bit.

Regular Drill vs. Hammer Drill Differences

What is a Regular Drill?

Regular drill
Corded Regular Drill

This is the basic and the most used drilling machine. All drills are based on this, and the machine is spinning; the chuck is powered by the electric motor and transfers force to the drill bit.

According to the shape and the design of the drill bit, it can cut and remove the parts on the surface and remove from the material. The trigger can control the speed of the drill, and both wireless and wired drills are available in the market.

Considering the regular drill, it is the most used drilling machine. The machine is very much suitable for wood and timber drilling. Therefore it is not able to use for hard drillings such as concrete and stones.

The regular drill is for cutting wood and removing the holes in carpentry works. So it needs high-speed spinning. When the speed is high, the torque will be less. This is an essential task, and according to the drilling hole and the type of wood, its efficiency can be varied.

In brief, a regular drill is a drilling machine that can use for light drillings such as woods.

Hammer DrillRegular Drill
Materials to useConcrete, Bricks, stonesWood, Timber
Drill bit taskHammering, Cut and RemoveCut and Remove
Hammer drill and regular drill used material and its main tasks

What is a Hammer Drill?

Hammer drill
Corded Hammer Ddrill

The concept of the hammer drill is used for hard surfaces such as stones, concrete, and bricks. Beyond the regular drilling technique, there is a huge difference. Hammer function is added to this drill. Two sets of tooth gears mechanically interact with each other to hammer while rotating the drill bit. When the constantly rotating and drilling can melt the drill bit. Hence there is a hammer mechanism in the drill.

When you observe the hammer drill bit, you can see the spring-based mechanism before the chuck. The final mechanism act like a hammer and spinner.

Because of this hammer and spinning mechanism, the standard drill bit can’t be used. If we used it can be melt quickly and damage soon due to the hammer function.

Performance of Hammer Drill and Regular Drill

Considering the power of the drills the more power is needed for the hammer drills due to hammer function. Regular drills are not required much power for the drilling purpose. Normally drilling power is varied from 450W to 1500W according to the drill type and the material.

Usage of Hammer Drill and Regular Drill

Both machines are used for drilling purposes. According to the hardness of the material, the user must change the drilling machine and the drill bit. Selecting the wrong drilling machine can have a bad effect on the drilling machine.

For the wood, timber you can use the regular drill and regular drill bit. But when you move to the hard material such as concrete, bricks, and stones, you should select hammer drill and hammer drill bits for maximum efficiency.

Consider the handling, the hammer drills are easier to handle with an external handle. But regular drill does not include that. Therefore a hammer drill is easier to use when drilling hard material.

What is the most cost?

Considering the cost of the drills are the most important factor. Suppose you can use a hammer drill as a regular drill you no need to spend money for the regular drill. When buying a drill, you should think about torque, battery power, drill bits length, RPMs and many more. The cost depends on all of these.

Normally regular drills are cheaper than hammer drills considering the same power and requirements.

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