Can Impact Wrench Use As a Drill? – Try This!

An impact wrench is really used for the high torque task such as tightening or losing the lug nuts. We need a separate drill machine for the drilling task. But if you have only an impact wrench, you can use it for the drilling task by using these tools and equipment easily.

You can use an impact wrench as a drill, using a female mount adaptor and drill chuck adaptor together. Both tools will cost about 22$. You can use a circular shank when you use a regular chuck adaptor, and for the hex shank drill bits, you can use a hex shank adaptor.

These tools and adaptors are available online, and you can order them quickly. But let’s see its impact and how much extent we can use them.

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How to Use Impact Wrench as a Drill?

When an impact wrench is used as a drill, we will need few adaptors. Impact wrenches have two main types of collets.

Friction ring – Directly mount to the socket. These types are not much safe.
Pin detent – These types of collets are used to mount the shank secure way.

  • When you buy adaptors you should know what is the type of your collet. You have to buy two adaptors in this process.
  1. Square female socket – This will connect impact wrench and chuck
  2. Chuck adaptor – This will connect tool and socket together.
Square female socket
  • When you connect the female socket to impact wrench make sure its square hole is really compatible with the impact wrench collet. If you can have the pin detent socket really important for safety.
  • Then connect the chuck adaptor by tighten and then tight the provided screw. The screw will not allow the disconnect the chuck and socket.
  • When you select the chuck adaptor maksure to select it as your drill bit cross section. There are circular and hexagonal cross section drill bits. What you available select the chuck adaptor.
  • After the chuck is connected mount the drill bit
  • Make sure all are connected well.
After connecting drill bit, chuck adaptor and female socket

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Recommended Usage for Impact Wrench Use As a Drill

  • When the drill bit is mount to the chuck adaptor as a regular chuck, you can use the drill bit for drilling soft materials such as woods. Impact wrenches are with higher torque and less RPM; hence you should use the drill bit carefully. Normally if you drill wood, keep the drill bit angle 118 degrees and softwood 2000-300 RPM, and for the hardwood, use less than 500 RPM.
  • For the best cutting experience, use the well sharp steel drill bit. This is a combination of the few tools, and if one fails, all will fail. So do not thrust much.
  • When you thrust much, impact mechanism will be activated due to the high amount of cutting loads. When the impact mechanism is activated, it will affect the whole surface sharpness.
  • You can try this only for the woods or soft metals. Never try for the hard material such as concrete, brick or stone, which requires hammering action and carbide drill bits. Although you have much torque, it will not help for drilling hard material such as concrete.
  • If you use the concrete drill bit, you will not gain maximum efficiency due to a lack of hammering action. It will take more time to drill the concrete if you use the drill bit.
  • But you can use the tile or glass drill bit if you wish to use it.
  • The screw size is a #10-32 x 3/4″, LEFT HAND THREAD

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Drawbacks of Impact Wrench Use As a Drill

  • When you use an impact wrench as a drill, it should be a temporary solution. Because this is a combination of few tools. So drill bit will be wandering and as a result of this drilled hole and its accuracy can be varied.
  • On the other hand, due to the impact mechanism activating, it will affect the drilled hole surface sharpness. Sometimes it will not be sharp and clear due to the impact mechanism activating.
  • It is not recommended for drilling hard material such as concrete, stone etc.
  • Some times drill bit can tight in the chuck and not able to remove due to counterclockwise thread holdings and too much loadings. So apply the limited thrust.
  • The adaptor fita with 1/2″ square collets.
  • This is really good for light duty jobs.

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