Can You use Circular Saw Indoor? – [Dust | Noise | Power]

A Circular saw is a widely used cutting tool in woodworking. It is powered by electricity. According to the user requirements it has to use both indoors and outdoor. So let’s see, what are the things you must know before using a circular saw indoors?

Normally a circular saw can be used indoors with a proper power supply (120V, 15 Amps), a proper dust management system, and a noise limit of 85-90 dB. It requires 14.2 x 9.8 x 8.5 inches of space to store the tool and working space will depend on the size of the workpiece.

When a circular saw is used indoor we should know about its power requirements, dust management, noise, and space. So let’s see how we can manage these things in order to use a circular saw indoors.

Circular Saw Power Requirements for Indoor Usage

We should know how much power is required by the circular saw when it uses indoor. Because we get 120V with 20amp bakers to the domestic power sources. If we have additional power requirements we have to apply the 3 phase power supply for the workspace.

Normally, circular saws need 120V voltage for the corded circular saws. If you are using the cordless circular saw its voltage can be 20V, 36V, or 56V with various battery capacities. When we use a circular saw indoors means we tend to use it with 120V and 20 Amp current.

So most circular saws have been designed as they can perform maximum with 120V and 15 Amp current. If the circular saw is not able to produce sufficient power it can bind with the workpiece due to high resistance. This will give burning marks to the workpiece.

If the circular saw requires more voltage and current you can see, you are not able to use the indoor equipment while you are using the circular saw. Because circular saw requires more watt while it’s running.

We can see 10amp and 15amp current tools in the market. 5 Amp tools are higher performance than 10amp current. So normally 15 amp tools have higher blade sizes such as 7-1/4″

When using an indoor circular saw we should aware of the safety. So you must follow the below safety steps.

  1. Power tool plugs must match the outlet. Never modify the plug in any way. Do not use any adapter plugs with earthed (grounded) power tools
  2. Avoid body contact with earthed or grounded surfaces, such as pipes, radiators, ranges and refrigerators
  3. Do not expose power tools to rain or wet conditions.
  4. Do not abuse the cord. Never use the cord for carrying, pulling or unplugging the power tool
  5. When operating a power tool outdoors, use an extension cord suitable for outdoor use

Power Cord Requirement

When using a power tool we must use a proper standard power cord. So use these recommended sizes of extension cords 120 Volt alternating current tools.

Recommended sizes of extension cords

Circular Saw Dust Management

A circular saw produces dust and chips during the cutting process. So we should know to remove the excess dust and chips properly. Else it will spread all over the space and remain on the surfaces.

This will be a problem for users as well we have to clean the area as soon as possible after finishing the work. When dust is inhaled we get lungs problems. Long time we may have lung cancers also.

When the dust enters the circular saw inside it can be heated due to the inside temperature and lignin can be melted inside. As soon as possible we stop the circular saw it will turn solid and adhere with the sawdust.

Those will clog the brush’s movements. So we may not able to start the circular saw after it stops. So we have to face so many problems in the circular saw.

Sometimes these can enter the inside and spark inside it due to the friction So it is very important to manage the circular sawdust while you are working.

Most circular saws do not have proper dust removing method. There is the only upper blade guard. But some tools have proper dust removing methods. It can remove the dust from one end of the upper blade guard.

Regular dust removing and proper dust removing of a circular saw

The important thing is we are not able to connect a dust bag or any vacuum system for every circular saw. Some have specially designed for that (20 XP BRUSHLESS 7-1/4 IN. REAR HANDLE CIRCULAR SAW (CR5429B-20)).

Because have to use the circular saw in any position in many cuts. Sometimes we have to use it outdoor. So always we are not able to solve this problem permanently. we can use a face mask to protect our lungs.

Circular Saw Noise Level for Indoor Usage

One of the most important things is noise level. When we need to use a circular saw inside we must know its noise level because it can disturb humans’ hearing. When we use the indoor workshop and the next door can hear that noise and it can disturb to them.

So we should know how much noise a circular saw can produce and how does it affect users.

Normally, the circular saw can produce 90-95 dB of noise level while it has not loaded. But it can produce 100-110 dB when it is working with the load. Both values are more than 85 dB which is recommended exposure limit for humans. So it is important to wear ear protection when it is used.

If your next-door people can bear the noise you can work with this when they are in. Hence you can follow these steps to reduce the noise level.

  1. Make soundproof cabin inside workshop
  2. Sound proof the walls
  3. Use Rubber supports when you are cutting the workpiece
  4. Use high quality saw balde
  5. Use brushless motor

How Much Space Need for a Circular Saw to Use Indoor?

Normally, a circular saw needs ‎14.2 x 9.8 x 8.5 inches of space for tool storage (tool size can depend on the tool to tool). But it needs more space while it is working. Because we have to keep suitable supports as it not binding with the saw blade.

Due to workpiece binding, we can see smoking from the saw blade. So you should have proper space to keep the workpiece in a suitable way.


When using a circular saw indoors, we should have a proper power supply. It can be corded or cordless. If it is a corded power supply, it should be 120V with 15-20 amps. But if it is cordless, the battery should be compatible with the device. Capacity can be changed but voltage should not change. Voltage should be the required voltage for the tool.

The circular saw noise level is high. So you should follow ways and methods to reduce it. You can follow the above steps to reduce it if you use a circular saw indoor. A proper dust management system will reduce the user and tool problem. Because a circular saw cannot remove the completed dust that it produces. So wear the face mask.

Keep the proper working space for the circular saw, because additional force will bind the workpiece and saw blade. It will gain bad cutting experience.

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