Can You Use Impact Driver as a Drill?

Impact drivers are used for the screw, bolts drivings. Drilling machines are used for speed drilling purposes. But if you need to use the impact driver as a drill, can it be used? This is the guide and steps to use that correctly.

An impact driver can be used as a drill using conversion chuck adaptor for impact driver or hex shape shank drill bits. Due to the low RPM and high torque, there is a low-quality finishing of the drilling holes. This is a less efficient and tad bit cost for the drilling option.

I have researched the numerous ways and methods to use impact drivers as a drill. Here I have finalized all with essential details. So you had better read on. Please share your idea with me!

Impact Driver: How it Works?

Use impact Driver as a drill.

Impact drivers are used as screwdrivers. Those are used for driving the screw, bolts etc. The impact driver is powered up with a power cord or Li-Ion, Ni-Cd batteries. The spinning is produced with a powerful motor. There are two types of motors. Brushed and brushless are them. There is a difference between them.

In fact, impact drivers are with a special mechanism inside the driver. Because of this mechanism, it can produce high torque with low spins. When we drive a screw into the material, we can do it by doing two things.
01. Drill and drive the screw
02. Directly drive with the screw

The impact driver needs more torque to spin the drive bit. To act opposite the resistance of the material, more torque is needed. So Impact drivers have more torque and low rotations than drivers. If you slide the impact driver, you can observe the impact mechanism.

In short impacts, drivers are with a horizontal hammering action. This horizontal hammering action adds more torque to the driver bit to turn the driver more efficiently.

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Impact Driver Mechanism

Impact Driver Torque and Speed
When considering the torque of the impact driver, it is 2X – 3X of the same power drill. Rotate a screw or bolt into the wood will need more torque because of the resistance. Hence impact drivers are with more torque and low speed considering the drills.

Torque is increased with the rotational hammering mechanism (hammer hits every 180 degrees to the anvil). So you will no need an additional push to drive a screw into the wood.

How a Drill Works?

The drill is used to cutting and remove the materials and make a hole. For the drilling purpose, we need a high speed of spinning and less torque. When the speed is high, the clearness of the hole is high. There are so many types of drill bits. There is a specified drill bit angle for the drilling purpose.

The drilling mechanism is with less torque and high RPMs. In the drilling process, we need to apply constant pressure to the drill. It will cut the materials inside and remove them. There are special mechanism drills such as hammer drills.

The Use of Drill Bit and Impact Driver Bit

Drill Bits
Drill bits are made with High-Speed Steel (HSS) or low carbon Steel. If you are used a drill bit for the wood, probably it will be a low carbon compound. When you drill, the drill bit is with high spins and low torque. Due to this, the drill bit can be high temperature. So it will be melt or break. To prevent this, we use carbon powered drill bits.

Drill bits should be with the correct angle for each material for efficiently drilling.

Impact Driver Bits (Impact Bits)
Impact driver bits are designed to hold more torque. Because of this shank is designed as a hex shape. Most drivers are short, and they can resist the torsion of the drill bits. There is a magnetic behaviour to hold the screws or bolts until it places the correct place and screws.

The Best Way to Use Impact Driver as a Drill

Using an impact driver as a drill is a common problem. Let’s find out really can we do this? If we can, what are the things we should do and follow for this? We know drill and driver are different with their mechanism as well as bits and purpose. If you think using an impact driver as a drill is not a problem. You can use it. But you will need to make a few adjustments and tools. So let’s see what they are?.

When considering a drilling process, we need a continuous speed (RPM) and not much torque. But Impact drill has low speed (enough for drilling) and high torque with a horizontal hammering mechanism. This will not be a problem. We can use the impact driver as a drill using a drill bit.

If you clearly observe the drill bit and driver bit, you can see the driver bits have a hex shape, and drill bits are mostly round. So if you use an impact driver as a drill, you will need a Hex shape drill bit. Normal drill bits are not able to use for the impact drivers. So this amazing converter can do it easily.

Impact Driver chuck adaptor

Using this tool you can mount the drill bit into the impact driver. The upper side can be mount to the impact driver through the hex shape. Using chuck you can mount the drill bit into the impact driver.

Because of this, you can use the standard drill bits for the impact drivers.

Pros and Cons of Using impact Driver as a Drill

Considering the above methods, you can understand the impact driver and drill mechanism and how it can be used for driving and drilling. Now let’s see, if we use an impact driver as a drill, what will be the problems and solutions.


More diameter holes can be drilled – drilling the more diameter holes need more torque. So impact drivers are with high torque, and it will be a help to drill more diameter holes.

Option for the drilling – If you cannot use drilling, the impact driver is the option. So you can use this as an option for the drill.


No sharp edge cutting – A drilling machine rotate fast and cut the material. The speed cutting gains a perfect finish for the drilling hole. But impact drivers do not have much fast, so the hole can be a tad bit uneven. As well as if the impact mechanism is activated, there is an uneven surface. Sometimes it can crack the wood.

Less efficiently – Impact driver is with low speed and high torque. Hence using this is a less efficiently task.

Need additional tool – To connect the drill bit to impact drill is impossible due to the hex shank. So you will need a hex shank of the drill bit. These are rare, and you have to spend extra money on the tool. Hence this is a more costly process.


When you check all of these factors above, you can have the best idea. There is both Pros and cons to this process. We can slightly conclude the drilling machine for drilling and impact driver for driving purpose to gain maximum efficiency and advantage. But accidentally if we have to use interchangely we will need a tool (chuck adaptor) for that.

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