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Circular saws are very useful for accurate and perfect cuts for both indoor and outdoor woodworking projects. Buying a brand new circular saw is the best solution. But we can rent or buy a used one as a solution. So let’s see how much does it cost for a circular saw to rent, buy a new or old one and many more in detail?

Generally, circular saw cost depends on the tool condition, amps and blade diameter. A brand new corded circular saw will cost 50$-120$, cordless saw will be 100$-150$ and a used circular will cost about 40$-60$. You can rent it for 20$-30$ per day.

There are a few hidden costs in the circular saw. All costs include the power, maintenance and performance. So let’s see all in detail about how much does it cost for the circular saw in detail step by step.

Why Should I Buy a Circular Saw?

Circular Saw

You can use a hand saw a jigsaw for cutting thinner workpieces easily. But it is difficult to do it continuously with accuracy. Operating a hand saw need more strength. It will pain the hand, and it will reduce the accuracy easily. So it is very important to have a circular saw for the wood cutting process.

A Circular saw is a real solution for portable cutting problems. Circular saws have a spinning saw blade. It will not clog inside as a jigsaw or hand saw while cutting a workpiece. And also, it will cut 1″-2″ thicker workpiece easily with the least sharpening.

Most circular saws are 7-1/4 inches in diameter, and it is powered by the 10amp-15amp motors. This will provide sufficient power to the circular saw for the cutting process.

When considering the weight and size, it is really a solution for outdoor projects. It can carry easily and use for outdoor projects. Both cordless and corded circular saws are available in the market. Cordless saws are worth the solution for electric power although it has a limited battery capacity.

There are both pros and cons in circular saws. But it is a great portable power tool.

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How Much Should I Spend for the Circular Saw?

You can invest 50$-120$ for the brand new circular saw and its essential tools and equipment. If you wish to rent it you can spend less than 30$ per day. For the preowned one, you can spend half or less of its initial price.

It is very important to know how much you should spend money on the circular saw. It is not about the brand of the circular saw. You should consider the below factors when you buy it.

  • Power consumption
  • Saw blade size
  • Cutting capacity
  • Amps
  • Spare parts availability
  • Maintenance availability
  • User experience
  • After service
  • Trouble shooting
  • Technolgy (brushed, brushless)

If most of the factors are compatible with any brand, you can buy them. So before you invest money in the circular saw, you had better know these factors in order to buy the best circular saw for you.

And the most important thing, think to buy a used one or rent a tool. so let’s see which one is the best solution you can use.

How Much Does it Cost for Renting a Circular Saw?

If you wish to rent a circular saw in the USA it will cost 15$ for 4 hours and 22$ for a day. In UK it will be £30.30 per day from HssHire. More than that, there are plenty of local tools renting spots are available everywhere. You can rent it according to your requirements.

Renting a tool is not worth every time. As for me, I will rent a circular saw for a few hours only. If the project continues days. It is really important to buy a new one.

In-home depot renting prices will be 15$/4hours, 22$/per day, 88$/week and 264$/per week.

A brand new circular saw will cost about 50$-120$ in the market. So it is really not worth hiring or renting a circular saw for more than 1 day.

Because you can buy a brand new tool for the renting price. As for me, I rent tools only for 4 hours

If your tool has been forgotten or broken, maximum you had better rent it for a day. But remember not to rent it for more than a day. It will affect your budget badly.

Another thing is, we have to cover the damage or keep any document until we return the tool. If you do not have such that document, you will not be able to hire a tool. And also you have to cover all damages, and sometimes we have to pay the cleaning fees also. So it is better to rent a circular saw as your last option.

Is it Worth Buying a Used Circular Saw?

Used Circular Saw

It is really worth buying a used circular saw. The most used circular saws will cost half or less than their initial price. When you buy a used circular saw, you make sure whether it is in better condition.

Used circular saws can buy low prices on e-bay. There are both pros and cons. First of all, we should know why people sell the tool.

There are a few reasons such as upgrading, unable to maintain, inside problem, high power consumption, difficulty to maintenance and many more.

So it is a great opportunity to buy a circular saw at a lower cost. I could find a few well condition circular saws from yard sales. Those were in super-duper condition because it was sold due to the user need to upgrade his workshop. I was lucky that time. But let me describe to you you can be unlucky if you select a bad condition circular saw.

Normally when buying a circular saw, we must check these things. Because these things can cause lots of problems.

Blade Alignments
If the saw blade is not aligned, it will cause to wobble the saw blade. This will cause to burning and smoking workpiece.

Motor Sparking
If the motor bearings, brushes, armature are completely worn or damaged, you can see heavy motor sparking. So check for the sparking before buying it.

Saw Blade Condition
If you can have the saw blade check for the blunt, dull, dirty saw blades. It will be binding the workpiece badly. So you have to replace the saw blade.

Check for the brushes, whether they are worn.

Shoe Alignments
For the proper cutting path, shoe alignments are very important so make sure is there any alignment problem in the shoe and saw blade.

Power Switch
Check the power supply of the tool.

If you can remove parts and check for the problems, it is a great way to buy a new one.

How Much Does it Cost for Circular Saw Power Consumption?

Cordless Circular Saws can Outdoor

A 120 volts and 10amps current consumption circular saw will cost 0.1254$ per hour according to the average electricity rate in the US.

Circular saws can operate 120V and 240V. It requires 10amps – 15amps current. Voltage and current depend on the performance that we need. Regular circular saw will need 120v with 10 amps and high power circular saws will need 240V with 15amps or higher.

We can calculate the power consumption of the circular saw by multiplying the voltage and current.


We can calculate the amount of power for 120V, 10amps circular saw

Power of the 10amps circular saw = 120V x 10amps= 1200W

In the USA, 1KWh will be 10.42 cents.

If you use the above circular saw in 1 hour, you will cost;

1200W x 1 Hour = 1.2KWh = 12.54 cents.

Like this, you can calculate how much you have to spend for the power of 10 amps circular saw.

Cost for the Spare Parts

When we use a circular saw, we have to change parts if there is a problem. So we should know how much does it cost for the spare parts before buying them. The most worn or damaged parts should be replaced every time. In the circular saw, we can observe saw blades; brushes are the most worn parts.

In the market, we can see many saw blades with many qualities. A high-quality circular saw blade will cost about 20$-50$ and a lower quality saw blade can buy under 20$.

When considering the carbon brush will cost about 8$-12$ for the 10 to 20 pcs.

In some cases, we have to change the armature, bearings, power switch also. Those are rare situations.

How to Reduce Circular Saw Cost?

If you already own a circular saw, you should know how to reduce the cost of a circular saw.

You can follow these things to reduce the cost.

  • Use a proper saw blade
  • Change the brushes when their length reaches 1/4 of their initial length
  • Use a brushless circular saw
  • Keep proper alignments in order to reduce the cutting problems
  • Use proper saw blade according to workpiece cutting ways.

Extra Cost for Circular Saw

When you buy a circular saw, you have to spend money on additional tools and equipment. Those really help for the perfect cutting process and safety. You should have proper safety instruments such as goggles, gloves etc.

More than that, you should have a proper power cord to connect with the power source.

And also, important tools such as guide fences or tracks will be very useful for the accurate cutting process. Hence it is very important to have these kinds of equipment when you buy it.

Maintenance Cost for the Circular Saw

In order to have a last long circular saw, it should maintenance well. You have to apply suitable oil grease on time. And also, you should change the brushes and sharpen the circular saw blade on time. Else power and time will waste badly.

Sharpening a saw blade depends on the number of teeth and material type. Normally sharpening a saw blade will cost about 15$-30$. But it can save if you can do it DIY.

You have to spend money on the blade cleaners also. When a saw blade becomes dirty, you can use a saw blade cleaner to clean the saw blade. You can use 409 cleaners to clean the saw blade easily.

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