Cobalt Drill Bits – All You Should Know Before Buy!

In order to drill different materials, we need different kinds of drill bits. So many types of drill bits are available in the market with different performances and prices. Cobalt drill bits are one of them that we can buy from the market. So let’s see, all in detail about cobalt drill bits.

Cobalt drill bits are made with a combination of steel or another alloy mixed with a small percentage of cobalt. Cobalt has mixed between 5-8% and according to the cobalt percentage 5% cobalt is M35 and 8% is M42. These bits are used to drill the hardest materials such as cast iron.

More than that we should know how to use cobalt drill bits, sharpening, durability, identification include material, and many more. In this guide, you can find all in detail about cobalt drill bits. So let’s keep reading on!

12 Types Drill Bit for Wood
12 Types Drill Bit for Wood

How to Identify the Cobalt Drill Bits

Drill bits can be identified by its color and shape. The new cobalt drill bit takes on a dark golden hue. It is called an amber surface finish. The same color occurs when the drill bits are burned during the manufacturing process. It is harder than the regular HSS (high-speed steel) drill bits and can be sharpened relatively easily with cutting fluid while retaining its strength and durability. The tip has 1350 angle.

You can choose the right drill bit by observing its geometry, coating and material easily.

Usage Of Cobalt Drill Bits

Cobalt drill bits can be used to cut through harder metals, including bronze, cast iron, stainless steel, and titanium. Cobalt bits are also used to cut welding seams also..

Due to the strength of the cobalt bits and their ability to be used even under high-temperature conditions, these bits can be used for harder metals. 

Cobalt bits are not suitable for general applications. Because HSS bits are ideal for completing those tasks at a low cost. So do not use cobalt bits for low-intensity operations such as drilling through wood, plastic or light metal.

When concerned about the drilling of the concrete carbide drill bit is most suitable than the cobalt drill bit because the carbide drill bit is harder than others.

What are the Cobalt Drill Bits and How It is Made?

Cobalt Drill Bit

Cobalt drill bits are not made from pure cobalt. Cobalt drill bits are a combination of steel or another alloy mixed with a small percentage of cobalt. Cobalt was mixed typically between 5 – 8%. This composition helps to give high resistance from rusting.

Based on the percentage of cobalt in the drill bit, can be identified the different cobalt drill bits. Among those types of drills, M35 and M42 are the most common Cobalt drill bits.

M35 Cobalt drill bits contain approximately 5% cobalt alloy and M42 cobalt drill bits contain approximately 8% cobalt alloy. M35 drill bits can be mounted to handheld devices without fear but M42 drill bits cannot be used as such.

This is because they have a tendency to break higher than M35 drill bits. The melting point of Cobalt is 1495°C and its boiling point is 2927°C. Suitable for use in high-temperature conditions due to high boiling and melting points.

If something is going to take a long time to drill, these drill bits can be used to get it done in a short amount of time without a lubricant in between. Of course, cobalt drill bits have more attractive features. That ability is due to the mixing of cobalt. These 09 reasons cause to break the drill bits. When you drill avoid these things in order to increase the durability.

Titanium Drill Bits Vs Cobalt Drill Bits

Identify Cobalt, Titanium and Black Oxide Drill Bits

Cobalt bits are very easy to sharpen because they have no outer coating. You can use this drill bit sharpening guide to prepare a sharp drill bit.

There is no surface tearing when sharpening them. They have the ability to punch continuously for a long time and ease of sharpening; therefore the lifespan of these bits is long. As mentioned earlier, cobalt bits can be used to make even the most rigid metal drilling process successfully, even at high temperatures.

Titanium bits have an external titanium coating. Over time, during drilling, this coating may peel off. Unlike cobalt bits, titanium has a lower thermal resistance, when this coating is removed; the efficiency of the bits will be reduced. Titanium drill bits are harder than cobalt drill bits, but they will have a shorter lifespan

Is Titanium Drill Bits Better Than Cobalt Drill bits?

CharacteristicCobalt BitTitanium Bit
Atomic number2722
Melting point2723oC3034oC
Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness Rating7-86
Differences between cobalt and titanium drill bit

The most striking difference between cobalt and titanium is their color and appearance. The cobalt drill bits are a dull gold color and titanium bits can identify as HSS bits with brass or orange coloring.

Mohs Hardness Scale is an easy way to identify an element. The hardness of an element or mineral has been identified as a measure of the relative resistance to scratching, and in this concept, the known hardness is derived from scratching against another material. As mentioned in the table above, cobalt has a higher hardness than titanium.

The Durability of Cobalt Drill Bits

Another factor that we all consider when buying a product from the market is its durability. The durability of cobalt and titanium bits was discussed earlier in this article, but we will discuss them further here. The durability of any drill bit depends on

  • The hardness of the metal
  • State of an outer surface of drill bit
  • On the ability and inability to sharpen
  • The melting point

Cobalt is an element between “Mohs scale” numbers 7-8 and its means it is a harder metal. And during the production process of cobalt drill bits from HSS drill bits, there has no outer surface painting process. Therefore, it can be sharpened when it becomes blunt. A high level of melting point helps to do the long period drilling process. In addition, the lifespan of a bit depends on the type of bit used and the drilling technique used.

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Cobalt Drill Bits Sharpening

The answer is definitely yes. It is a fact that you know that even a knife that is used in everyday life can be sharpened and used over time. Because cobalt drills have a high degree of rigidity, they are also used to drill high-intensity materials.

So if you use cobalt drill bits for such a purpose, you can use the bits by sharpening them again. By sharpening the drill bits in this way, the task of drilling more efficiently and neatly can be done with less work of buying a new bit. If you use blunt bits, the broken part can damage your fingers, eyes and face. Therefore, it is best to sharpen these bits at the appropriate time.

Simply, the re-sharpening process a has few more steps. Those are;

  1. Examine the dull bit
  2. Pick your tool of choice
  3. Hold the bit correctly
  4. Cut the landing
  5. Cut the chisel
  6. Shape the landing
  7. Rotate the bit
  8. Repeat

Once you’ve noticed that the bit you are using is blunt, you need to choose which tool to use according to the size to be sharpened. Here the equipment is expensive but an experienced person can sharpen these bits at a low cost. The dull drill bit must keep at 60o angle to the sharpening tool.

Then has to cut the landing and the chisel and has to shape the landing of the drill bit. The full re-sharpening process can be successful by rotating the drill bit and doing a repeated process as mentioned above (Steps 3 to 6).

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