Corded Vs Cordless Impact Drivers – What Should I Need?

Impact drivers may have either cables or batteries as their power sources that are named corded and cordless. So, What is the best, corded or cordless tools? This can be confusing to many as both types have their own drawbacks and benefits when choosing Corded Vs Cordless impact drivers. How do you choose the best one for you? We will guide you through some majorly asked questions about corded and cordless impact drivers. So let’s keep reading on!

Impact Driver Types

First of all, it is essential to understand why impact drivers are so important. It is a tool that is used for fastening tasks. To be specific, impact drivers are primarily used to loosen and tighten lug nuts, bolts, fasteners, and so forth.

Impact drivers are everything about hi-torque, created with outstanding degrees of impact which makes them handle hard materials and tougher fasteners. Their efficiency is based on the torque to drive fasteners. A regular impact driver will release higher levels of torque using rotational force providing numerous advantages. 

There are main 3 types of impact drivers available in the market. Those are;

  1. Corded impact drivers
  2. Cordless impact drivers
  3. Pneumatic impact drivers

Focusing on the corded impact drivers, to provide the power to the tool, you should connect corded impact drivers to a wall socket or power outlet. This can be a major limitation when it comes to its usage. On the other hand, cordless impact drivers come with a battery making it easy to carry anywhere without worrying about the distances.  

So, which one is the best for you? Let’s dive into details about all you need to know when dealing with both categories.

Cordless Impact Drivers

Cordless impact drivers are the most widely used impact driver up to date. Cordless tools are typically smaller and lighter compared to the corded ones making them able to be used anywhere, without bothering about connecting to electrical outlets or power supplies.

This becomes extremely beneficial when you have to work on ladders, or when working overhead.  They take up less space and are easy to replace. Cordless impact drivers are created with detachable power sources making it more convenient to use cable-free. 

Those who work in busy working areas and remote project sites widely take the maximum advantage of cordless impact devices as they will give more freedom to use comfortably. For this specific reason, many users think that codeless tools are better than coded tools.

More eminently, cordless impact drivers come with Lithium-ion batteries. These batteries do not diminish over time which provides utmost value as it saves your electricity bills over months. Some cordless impact drivers have an auto-shutdown feature that helps to save power and boost the runtime. However, it is crucial to concentrate on the battery health and charge the batteries in good time as some batteries are more expensive than the bare tool itself.  

Corded Impact Drivers

Corded impact drivers showcase the opposite characteristics of cordless impact drivers. Since this type of impact driver is corded, they need to plug into an electrical outlet to operate the driver.

This can be a major drawback of corded impact drivers because the working area will depend on the length of the cable. Corded impact devices bestow incredible reliability and efficiency to the user. Overall this type has some major benefits and some lesser limitations.

When the work requires a continuous power supply to keep the work efficiency steady, corded impact tools are the wisest choice. Corded impact drivers do not run out of power in the middle of working unless it is an unexpected power loss.

Further, corded machines provide elevated energy and speed due to the incredible torque speed. The motors and other parts are durable enough to resist the impact on an intense and thick surface. Corded impact drivers are powerful enough to deal even with metal plates. 

The tools are easy to use because they have no battery attached to the shoulder as boredom. Still many users find the twisting cables disturbing as most tools do not contain a cable deck. When using corded impact devices, it is important to use extension cables that could create sparks or short circuits to avoid high voltage shocks or any minor accidents.

Despite these drawbacks,  these kinds of impact drivers come with unlimited power, and users do not have to worry about replacing and recharging the battery.

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Corded and Cordless Impact Driver Main Differences

Power Consumption

When we consider the power consumption of the corded and cordless impact drivers, we can see more power is consumed by the corded impact drivers. Because cordless impact drivers are optimised for power saving because it is powered by the Li-Ion batteries. So it is very important to save power when it is used outdoor.

Power Supply

When we use corded impact drivers, we should supply electric power using a recommended cable. It should not long much and with sufficient diameter. Else it can melt/heat when the tool consumes its maximum power.

Cordless impact drivers are powered by Li-Ion batteries. Those are rechargeable and available with 12V, 18V, 20V, 24V, and 36V with different capacities. Normally any cordless impact driver can use the same voltage with a different capacity battery. Due to the fewer voltage difference, you can use 18V battery in 20V tool.

Power Generation

Power is generated according to its power consumption. So we can expect constant, higher power from the corded impact driver and limited power from the cordless impact driver.

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Cordless impact drivers are portable and corded impact drivers are not portable due to their cable power supply. So you need a power cable and a suitable power supply if you work outdoor. But cordless drivers are really worth it for working outdoor. Those do not need a power cable. You can work from the battery for about 30mins.


When we consider the maintenance, we should know the inside parts and mechanism. As an example, we should know the motor types whether it is brushed or brushless. Because brushless motors are more efficient with the least maintenance. But brush motors need to change the brushes when they are worn. Most corded tools are brushed, hence we can imagine more maintenance from the corded tools.


Safety is really important. Cordless impact drivers are safer than corded. Because electricity can be leak any time from the cable and it will get shocked any time. But cordless drivers’ electricity does not leak at any time. Hence it is safer than a corded tool.


Normally cordless impact drivers have a lower lifespan. Because cordless impact drivers need to replace the battery when it is dead or when the problems rise. But cordless drivers do not need a battery. Hence it will remain a long time. But need to do small maintenance such as change brushes etc.

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Corded impact drivers need a small area than cordless drivers. Because cordless drivers need another area to store the battery pack. It is not recommended to keep the battery pack on the tool while it is stored. Hence it needs another storage. But corded impact driver can wrap the wire around the tool and store it anyplace.

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Normally, corded impact driver price depends on the collet size, the power consumption etc. Cordless impact driver price depends on the tool voltage and collet size. When considering both these, cordless tools are more expensive than corded impact drivers.

Cordless Vs Corded Impact Drivers – What is the Best Solution

Corded Vs Cordless Impact Driver
 Corded Impact DriversCordless Impact Drivers
Power consumptionHigherLower
Power supplyPower supply mainly through cables.Have detachable power sources. Mostly lithium-ion batteries.
Power generationThe constant power it receives gives them greater torque and power compared to the cordless drivers. Many cordless impact drivers provide a whopping 150 Nm Max Fastening Torque is 170 Nm
PortabilityNot portable due to the power cables not as heavy as cordless ones.
Gives you portability. Comes with a battery pack, which can make it a little heavier.Easy to carry particularly to perform on-site work. 
MaintenanceLess maintenance than cordless ones.Should keep the cord safe without letting them be damaged.  Do not leave your cordless impact driver outside. Store it in a clean, dry area, free from moisture and dust. Should be extremely cautious about the battery health
SafetyUsers have to be super attentive all the time to avoid high voltage socks or any unwanted accidents.The strain on the user’s arm and wrist can happen due to a slight kickback.  
Tool lifespanWill never run out of power in the middle of your work unless it is a sudden power failure.Most batteries come with mostly lithium-ion batteries; the tool will not diminish over time.
StorageThe cord demands a lot more space than the cordless type due to its lengthy cords. Smaller and take up less space. Easy to store  
Price Less expensive than cordless drivers.More costly than the corded impact drivers. It is relatively expensive to buy a new battery if the original got damaged.

The type of the impact drive will depend on the usual applications for your impact driver.

Corded impact drivers will be a smart choice for the ones who use the driver once or twice a year and if the driver will be used in the household. 

The corded impact drivers are one of the most productive tools available when it comes to driving screws. Corded impact drivers are ideal for home renovation and other small tasks around the house.  Even Though a corded impact driver is an effective tool for efficient labour, its increased pressure can make improperly drilled holes, damaged bits, and user injuries. 

Most of the time, the extent of the cord is not satisfactory, this is when you need an extension cord and it will heighten the overall cost and hurdle. Still, when used properly, corded impact drivers will aid in completing tasks in a short period. 

Cordless impact wrenches are perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage, and the users can easily carry them for their jobs. In working places with less space and where you can not get electricity, cordless impact drivers will be your saviour.

However cordless impact drivers provide the same power output as the corded ones.  If you can not wait for one battery to recharge when it runs out of power while working, it is wise to keep an additional battery ready to use while the first one is recharging.  Moreover, make sure to choose cordless impact drivers with interchangeable batteries to make it easy to replace the battery.


Out of the various power tools that come in handy around the house, impact drivers are a fundamental tool to have on hand.  These drivers assist you to simply deal with your work without getting any labour support.

Corded impact drivers are cheaper than cordless drivers and handle larger fasteners in splashes. The cables can be an annoyance in the middle of the work. Even though corded impact drivers are not the outstanding type compared to cordless ones there are many things you can take advantage of. Particularly when there are a lot of fasteners to drive. With the driver, battery and charger, cordless impact drivers can be quite more expensive yet a lot more convenient and much lighter to use.

When people buy impact drivers, they tend to go for the cordless, battery-powered impact drivers as they are handily portable making it possible for you to carry them all over the place. Consequently, corded impact drivers make it hard to handle with the cables.

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