Corded Vs. Cordless Impact Wrench – Mechanic Advice to Buy!

Impact wrenches are used for the lug nuts operations. Corded and cordless impact wrenches are two types of impact wrenches that have been classified according to the power supply method to the tool. Corded Vs cordless impact wrenches have distinguished differences. So I can guide you to select a suitable tool for your purpose with the help of a mechanic.

When we compare the corded vs. cordless impact wrench, corded impact wrenches are high performance, durable, AC/DC consume, and faster than cordless impact wrenches. But cordless impact wrenches are portable, have high comfort, low power consumption, and low cost considering the corded impact wrenches.

Considering all the above facts, let’s see how do they really affect selecting a proper tool for your task. So let’s keep read on!

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Purpose of Corded and Cordless Impact Wrench

Corded Vs Cordless impact wrench

Corded Vs cordless impact wrenches are with the same impact mechanism. But according to its usage, there is different power supplies. The name is directly based on the power supply method. Corded impact wrenches are powered by the cable, and cordless impact wrenches are powered by the rechargeable battery.

According to this, you can realize corded tools can use continuously for a long time than a cordless impact wrench. Because cordless impact wrench has limited power supply. Corded tools can use with domestic AC current as well as DC current if you need. But cordless can be used with the battery (DC) only. Some generators produce AC/DC both; hence if you use this kind of corded power tool, you can use on both AC and DC.

More than that are is another advantage is portability. Normally corded need power supply wire. These are not able to use anywhere if there is no power source. So it is less portable. But cordless impact wrenches can be used anywhere until the battery is powered up.

If you are a mechanic, it is better to use a corded impact wrench. Because that can be permanently fixed in one place, and you can use it. But if you work on a roof or anywhere that is difficult to supply a power cord, you can use the cordless impact wrench.

So in detail, you can have an idea about the purpose of the corded and cordless impact wrench.

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Difference of Corded and Cordless Impact Wrenches

You can see there is a small description about few differences in the Corded Vs. Cordless Impact Wrench above. So let’s see in-detail the differences.

Cordless Impact Wrenches Have Continous Power Supply

Electric impact wrenches are powered by electricity. So there are two ways on this: cord and battery. The cord is used on corded impact wrenches, and batteries are used on cordless impact wrenches. According to the tool using its power method is designed. Normally corded tools can be used for a long time due to power cord. But there is a limitation in the cordless impact wrench due to limited battery power. Batteries are available 12V, 18V, 20V, 24V etc., with different Ampere Hours.

Cordless Impact Wrenches are More Poratability

It is clear that a cordless impact wrench can carry anywhere due to its small battery. But cords are not. If you need to change the spare wheel on the way, an impact wrench is a real solution. It can be powered with a battery a really portable. As well as if you work on the structure, you will need a portable tool. So you can use cordless impact wrenches. Normally you can keep two or more batteries if you wish to use them for a long time as portable.

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Corded Impact wrenches Have more Performance

This is more important. Both tools are powered by brush or brushless motors. Those are powered with DC current. Hence performance depends on the motor. Normally brushless is really powerful than brushed motors. We can expect there is maximum performance in the corded tools because its power is constant due to the power cord. But cordless impact wrench performance will reduce with the battery power.

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Cordless Impact Wrenches are More Comfort

At this point, we should pay attention to the weight, handling with usage. Normally cordless impact wrenches are less weight, and it is really designed for light handling. But corded is a bit weight and difficult to handle due to the power cord. You will need an additional power cord for this, and it will reduce the comfort of the usage. You can hang the cordless impact wrench anywhere due to its lightweight.

And also, you can see there is an extremely comfortable handle set in the cordless impact wrench, and it can widely use in any position.

Corded Impact wrenches Have more Durability

Durability is really important for a power tool. When a tool is used continuously, there can be problems. Some parts can break due to mechanical impacts. Consider the corded vs cordless impact wrench. We can expect more durability on the corded impact wrench. Because the corded tool can use a long time as it receives power. But cordless impact drills are not. If there is a power problem with the battery, it can’t use a long time.

Corded Impact wrenches Have more Services and Repaires

This really depends on the using time of the tool. It is really reasonable to imagine corded impact wrenches have to use more times than cordless impact wrench. Let’s discuss this.

Due to the long time usage, corded impact wrenches have more service or repairs. Normally impact wrenches are with brushed motors. When the tool is used, brushes are wearing due to friction. So it needs to change every time when it reaches the brush length to become 1/4 of its original length. This cant is seen in cordless impact wrenches due to less usage.

Corded impact wrenches Use for Permanent Solutions

Corded impact wrenches are used as a permanent solution. It can use in the workshop with a fixed place and point with a cord. But cordless impact wrenches are used for mostly temporary solutions.

Pros and Cons of Corded Vs Cordless Impact Wrench

Considering all facts, we can summarize all in detail about the pros and cons of Corded Vs Cordless impact wrench.

Corded Impact Wrenches


  • More durabilty
  • More powerfull
  • Use as permanent solution
  • Long time usage
  • Suitable for workshops


  • Less comfort
  • Difficult to handle
  • No portability
  • More repairs

Cordless Impact Wrenches


  • Less weight
  • Easy to handle
  • More portability
  • Good for DIYs
  • less repairs


  • limited power
  • Low performance considering corded
  • A temepry solution

Corded Vs Cordless Impact Wrench What Will You Need?

Finally, we are on the point. So take a decision now. What is your purpose for the task, and how much money do you have. If your job purpose is temporary and has low torque requirements, you can select the cordless impact wrench. But if you are looking for a permanent solution like starting a workshop, a corded impact wrench is the real solution.

After you consider all facts, I hope you have a piece of real knowledge about corded and cordless impact wrenches.

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