How I Cut PVC Using a Table Saw?

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PVC is widely used in home improvement projects. Both PVC tubes and sheets are used for the construction process. PVC can be successfully replaced with wood because of some additional properties. When we use PVC, we have to cut it. In my projects, I use a table saw for cutting the PVC. So let me explain to you the complete process and its results in detail.

Normally, PVC can be cut using a table saw with a dull blade. Using a sharp blade will cut the PVC aggressively rather than a dull blade. PVC has no fibers. Hence there is no tearing or splinterings on the cutting edge. You should use a dust remover to remove the dust.

PVC is stand for Polyvinal Cholride. Commonly we use this for the pipes. But we can buy PVC sheets from the market for any DIY project. When we use that for the construction process. we have to drill and cut. So let’s see all the details about cutting the PVC using the table saw.

PVC and Wood
PVC and Wood

1. Select the PVC Workpiece

When you cut the PVC, make sure there is sufficient support. Sometimes it can be bent due to more length. So it can damage the workpiece. Because PVC is not much harder than wood. You must select the most useful workpiece format in the market. Because we can have any size workpiece from the market.

Normally, PVC will cost about $35-$45 per sheet, and wood will cost about $15-$20 per size sheet. So, using PVC is more expensive than wood. But there are many advantages. Mostly from water and insects.

Available PVC thicknesses – 1.5mm, 2mm, 6mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 35mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm

Available PVC Sizess – 2440mm X 1220mm, 3000mm X 1500mm, 2000mm X 1000mm, 2400mm X 1220mm

2. Select the Suitable Saw Blade

The most important thing is selecting the saw blade. Many types of saw blades are available in the market. Among them, we must select the best saw blade.

As for me, I use a lower teeth blade. Because it is really better than a chop saw blade. When I use a higher tooth blade, it tends to dig too much, and as a result of it large chips out. But the low teeth blade really works well.

If you have a dull blade, you can use it.

3. Set up a Dust Removing Method

This is the most important thing. I hope you don’t have any experience with PVC cutting. So please arrange the dust removal method. Do not let them flow on the floor. Those will spread everywhere and will paste on the saw, floor, table and everywhere. Those will not be removed quickly. Remember to wear a face mask to prevent inhaling.

4. Use a Lower Cutting Speed

Normally PVC is soft material. When we use the table saw it will cut the material aggressively. Hence you should maintain the RPM of the table saw between 700-1500 RPM. You should feed the PVC into the table saw gradually.

What are the Optional Ways to Cut the PVC Instead of a Table Saw

Using the table saw to cut PVC is not the only solution. There are some optional ways instead of the table saw cutting method. Using a table saw for cutting the PVC is really abrasive. PVC is not a hard material. So table saw will cut the PVC aggressively. But it is a suitable solution for DIY or any construction project.

This is really practical when there is a higher-diameter PVC with more thickness.

You can use the below tools for cutting PVC.

  • Rotating pipe cutter
  • Ratcheting pipe cutter
  • Hand Saw/Hack saw
  • Electric miter saw

Is PVC Cutting Fume Toxic?

PVC cutting fume and dust will not kill you when you breathe it. But dust can be inhaled from the mouth or nose. So remember to wear the face mask before you use it. But a high amount of PVC fume can be hurt you. So add the dust removal method before you start the work.

Can I Cut Tile Using a Table Saw?

Yes, you can cut tiles using a table saw. When you cut Tiles using a table saw you should use a diamond-tipped cutting blade. This is specifically designed for cutting through hard materials like tile. While cutting tiles, you need to go slowly and be safe. You should always wear an eye protection and dust mask to protect your self from the tile dust.

Can I Cut PVC Pipe Using a Table Saw?

When we use the hacksaw blade, we cannot cut an exact perpendicular cut. So we can use the table saw for cutting the PVC pipes.

You should use the below steps to cut the PVC pipes effciently.

  1. Use a smooth and level surface to roll the pipe.
  2. Make a barrier to stop the slide pipe.
  3. Secure the pipe with your hand to prevent movements as the blade is positioned to the proper depth
  4. Rolling towards the roll stop, apply the slight pressure downwards and towards the backstop.
  5. Always make sure the pipe touches the edge. If it is missed it will be inclined cutting way.

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