Can I Cut Tiles Using Table Saw?

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Tiles are really important for the construction process. There are types of tiles that can be used for many purposes. Normally tiles are extremely hard material. So working with tile need harder tools. When we tile the floor, we have to cut the tile according to the ground shape. So we can use many tools. But using a table saw will give you an amazing experience. So let’s see how to use the table saw for cutting the tiles.

Generally, you will need a carbide or diamond saw blade for cutting the tile when you use the regular table saw. For higher efficiency and accuracy you can use a wet table saw or dry table saws with recommended saw blades. Using a table saw will increase the accuracy and it will make easy to manage the dust.

We can cut tiles using a table saw and using a tile saw. A tile saw is really expensive, and it is mostly designed for tile, stones, and glasses. But the important thing is you can use the general table saw for cutting the tiles. So let’s see how to use the table saw to cut the tiles in detail.

Why Should I Use Table Saw for Cutting Tiles?

You should use a table saw for cutting tiles due to the below 03 advantages.

  1. Table Saw Can Setup a Proper Dust Collecting Method While Cutting TIles – When you cut the tile you can see there is huge dust. If you use any optional tool you will not collect the dust in a proper way. But table saw can place the proper dust collection system permanently.
  2. Table Saws are Safe for Tile Cutting – When we use the table saw, there is support to keep the materials. If you use a hand grinder to cut the tile will be a safety-less task. It can kick back at any time. So be careful when you work with that kind of tool.
  3. Table Saws Have a Higher Cutting Accuracy – Tile is extremely hard to maintain in most cutting tools. We need high accuracy when we work with tiles. Because those are highly brittle. So it can break at any time. Due to these reasons, we have to cut the tile edges sharp and accurately. We are not able to cut the angle cutting using the hand grinder. If you use a table saw, you can cut the tile by angling the table saw bed.

What Table Saws Can I Use for Tile Cutting?

In this topic, we can discuss what the available table saws for cutting tiles are. According to my research, I could find wet tables saw, dry table saws, and regular table saws for cutting tiles. Let’s move one by one.

1. Wet Table saw

wet table saw
Wet table saw

This is a common table saw for cutting tiles. There is a water-flowing mechanism to reduce the dust and prevent the blade from overheating. This can stop the dust by more than 90%. You will need an additional waterway when you use this. The tool is highly designed for working with water. So there are no safety problems from electricity.

2. Dry Table Saw

dry table saw
Dry table saw

Using the special vacuum system to remove the dust in this table saw. But it can hold the dust removing to a certain extent. If you cut the high thickness tile, you can see dust is leaking to the outside. So Do not use this kind of table saw for cutting high thickness stones, tiles, or marbles.

3. Regular Table saw

I got to know that we can use our regular table saw for cutting tiles using the diamond or carbide blade. But do not drop the water here. You can prepare any vacuum system to remove the dust. Because regular table saws are not specially designed for the water.

What Table Saw Blade Can I Use for Tile Cutting?

It is important to select the saw blade for tile cutting process. Normally, we use a general saw blade for cutting wood. We should not use the regular saw blade for cutting tile when we use the regular table saw.

Due to the extreme hardness, we have to find an extra hard cutting blade for cutting the tiles. We can use a diamond saw blade for cutting the tiles.

Using the diamond or carbide saw blades (continuous rim) does the grinding process rather than cutting using the saw blade’s teeth. As I mentioned above, there are two types of blades that we can use. Those are wet cutting blades and dry cutting blades. So let’s see all in detail about those.

wet dry tile cut blade
Wet cut blade and wet and dry cut blade

1. Wet Cutting Blade for Tile Cutting in Table Saw

This blade is really designed for working with the water. Due to water, it will not heat up much, and there is no expansion due to wet conditions. The most valuable advantage is the dust-removing process. Dust can be removed with soluble in the water. So we can see to must dust from the tool.

When you use a wet tile blade, you can have a smooth cutting surface. Most of these blades are with continuous rims. So it will be late to cut the tile skin (surface) as quickly as other tile blades. And you should have water in order to use this type of blade anywhere.

Advantages of Wet Cutting Blades

  • Smooth cutting surface
  • Minimum dust production
  • Speed cutting process
  • No overheating, expansions

Disadvantages of Wet Cutting Blades

  • Water is essential
  • Surface friction is less due to water
  • Need additional clearance to remove wet dust.

2. Dry Cutting Blade for Tile Cutting in Table Saw

Dry cutting blades are used without any water. The blade has been designed especially for high temperature and expansion. Dust is the main problem of this cutting process. But there is a rich dust management process in this process. low thickness tiles produce a low amount of dust. But high thickness stones, tiles produce a higher amount of dust. When a higher amount of dust is not able to manage, there will be problems.

Advantages of Dry Cutting Blades

  • No need water
  • High dust management system
  • Speed cutting process
  • Suitable for any low-space usage

Disadvantages of Dry Cutting Blades

  • Overheating expansions can be expected
  • Limited feeding speed
  • Edges are not smooth cutting.

What are the Optional Tools for Table Saw Cutting Tiles?

If you are not able to use the table saw for cutting tiles, you can use optional tools for cutting tiles instead of a table saw. Although these tools are not 100% accurate, you can manage them for the final task

Snap cutterSnap Cutter Glass Cutter Snap Cutter
Glass CutterAngled Grinder Tile Nipper Tile Nipper
Angled Grinder Tile Nipper Wet saw Angled Grinder
Tile Nipper Wet saw Wet saw
Wet saw
Tools for ceramic, Porcelain, Glass and Marble Cutting

Can I Use a Wet Blade for Dry Cut?

You can’t use the wet blade for dry cuts. Wet blades are designed to work with water. Hence its expansion and heating are controlled by the water. When you use the wet blade for dry cutting it will overexpense and damage soon. So do not use the wet blades on dry cuts. But dry blades can be used for wet cuts.

Can I Cut PVC Using a Table Saw?

Yes, you can cut PVC using a table saw. You can use a dull saw blade for the thinner PVCs. For the thicker PVCs you can use a fine-toothed blade for cleaner cuts and to avoid chipping or cracking the PVC. You should use lower RPM and slower feeding rate. You should always wear essential safety geras wen you cut PVC using a table saw.

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