Electric Screwdriver Vs Impact Driver – 09 Cool Facts!

Electric screwdriver and impact driver are both used to tight or loose screws. Mostly impact drivers are used to drive or remove screws from the hard material. But an Electric screwdriver is used to light tighten works. A manual screwdriver can be used for both. But it is really inefficient hence we can use one of these according to our requirements.

When we consider electric screwdrivers vs impact drivers, both have pros and cons. If you are going to buy one of these, you had better read this first.

1. Electric Screw Driver is Cheaper Than Impact Driver

Screw Driver

An electric screwdriver is a versatile tool developed to drive small screws. Depending on the type of tool, the cost of these tools might vary from $10 to 150$. An electric screwdriver helps its users to screw and unscrew easily as expected. But electric screwdrivers are not suitable for tightening into tough or heavy materials and are not the best for daily or extensive use.

When considering the cost of the battery, impact drivers use Li-Ion batteries and screwdrivers use small size Li-Ion batteries. Hence battery cost is also higher for impact drivers than for electric screwdrivers.

Mostly, impact drivers are not sold with batteries and you have to spend money for that. But small size screwdrivers are sold with batteries. Hence you do not need to spend additional money on screwdriver batteries.

Electric screwdrivers are perfect for DIY projects, Particularly in tasks such as installing a lot of screws, creating flat-mounted furnishings, as well as light tasks, such as hanging hooks and fastening appliances and fittings.

Typically, electric screwdrivers are known to be a flimsy option, best for DIY tasks. Electric screwdrivers play clever when setting up flat-pack furniture and fastening it into soft materials.

Moreover,  a screwdriver’s size is advantageous when compared to that of an impact driver, as you can use them in unreachable spaces.  Certainly, electric screwdrivers are an inexpensive choice rather than impact drivers.

2. Impact Drivers Use on Hard Material

Impact Driver

Impact drills fuse higher torque with a forward and back movement like a hammer drill, enhancing the impulsion on the screw. Impact drivers can screw well into heavy materials for expanded or constant use.

Impact driver has a higher impact force. As a result of this, it can use to drive screw inside the hard material. But electric screwdriver is not used to drive screws into the hard material. Those are mostly used to tight or remove screws of the object such as tools, toys etc.

An impact driver is portable and handy by structure. Cordless impact drivers are up for grabs varying from 12 volts up to 56 volts.

More eminently, impact drivers do not have a chuck.  They have a changeable clamp that carries drill bits and driver bits with a hexagonal shank.

This structure is essential to adjust the power production of impact drivers. Impact drivers are exceptional at guiding their force downward, preparing them more easily to use over an extended time.

Commonly, impact drivers are incredibly productive and more costly than an electric screwdriver.

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3. Impact Driver Has Higher Torque

An impact driver is everything about hi-torque, bonded with elevated impact. A regular impact driver produces raised levels of torque than even the high-grade combi drill.

Even though like ordinary drills, they utilize rotating force they have these additional benefits inclusive of this. Because of the torque, users will be able to drive long, broad, large screws into the heavy materials fast.

Focusing on the torque numbers, the impact driver is distinctive with the torque numbers of 200 ft-lbs or more. Subsequently, screwdrivers with higher torque will be more productive at drilling screws into tougher textures.

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5. Impact Wrench is Smaller Than Impact Driver

Both impact drivers and impact wrenches are relatively alike in shape and the size of these tools is also relatively the same. However, impact wrenches are slightly heavier compared to the impact drivers. But it is smaller than an impact driver by its size.

An impact wrench is short and more powerful than an impact driver. Impact wrench size has been compressed due to its inside mechanism. Impact wrenches have a rotating gear system that can produce higher torque than an impact drivers.

But the impact driver has an impact mechanism of that hammer part hits the side of the anvil. Hence it needs more length than an impact wrench.

The weight of cordless impact drivers with the same battery pack is slightly less than the impact wrench.

Impact drivers require a 1/4-inch hex collet that goes with 1/4-inch hex shank bits. Impact wrenches generally use a square drive to which a socket can be attached. Moreover,  7/16-inch hex impact wrenches are highly used by utility workers.

The smallest impact wrenches consisted of a 1/4-inch square drive and 3/8-inch drives are popular on portable models. 1/2-inch impact wrenches are possibly the most ordinary size. 

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6. Electric Screw Driver Is Suitable for DIY Projects

People who engage with DIY projects might find it confusing to find a suitable tool, from electric screwdrivers to impact drivers. In contrast with impact drivers, when doing DIY projects the size of the electric screwdrivers is advantageous as it makes it easy to make it to hard-to-reach spaces.

Further, the lower torque settings make the electric screwdriver ideal to use on delicate materials that could otherwise get damaged by a more powerful tool, like particleboard, plastic covers, or the small screws used in electronics. 

In the main, electric screwdrivers are a great option when it comes to DIY tasks, especially small tasks such as manufacturing furniture, restoring a light switch cover, or clenching a loose hinge. Subsequently, Electric screwdrivers are an effective choice, for both beginners and professional DIY-ers who require backup equipment that can be kept in the pocket.

7. Impact Drivers Can Be Used For Heavy Task

Impacts drivers are the first choice of most professionals and ideal for tools that are constantly being used. Impact drivers add a percussive force that assists to drive screws quickly and into thicker materials.

Also, it is not recommended to use an impact driver for precision drillings and they are ideal for tasks where the size/ placement of the hole is not fundamental but require more torque (drilling metal and dense or knotty wood). 

Those who work on tasks which demand a lot of screws, or long screws into tough material, should go with the impact drivers. There are heavy-duty impact drivers specifically created for massive, denser substances and better-extended use.

Impact drivers are used for hard tasks such as construction, carpentry or decking projects, and oil and gas enterprises, which oblige additional tensile force to fasten two connections. 

8. Both Impact Driver And Screw Driver Are Cordless

Both impact drivers and screwdrivers are cordless and can be easily positioned in the palm enabling them to be used for numerous unique undertakings even in households.

Remarkably, a cordless screwdriver is an energy tool formulated to inject and discard screws and drill tiny pilot holes.

Cordless screwdrivers are naturally smaller, fainter and cheap than cordless impact drivers. Even though the impact drivers are a type of cordless drill driver, it has a 1/4” hex bit holder that grasps small screwdriver bits.

Still, cordless screwdrivers are not relatively substantial and they perform well when driving smaller screws into delicate surfaces. When you need to drive small and large screws into both smooth and harsh substances it is wise to use a cordless impact driver.

9. Impact Drivers Have Higher Battery Capacity

Like any other battery-operated power equipment, cordless impact drivers, depending on the voltage of the batteries. 

The impact drivers are more powerful when they have a high voltage of the battery. If your work requires a great amount of power and speed, it is smart to use a battery with a higher voltage.

Normally screwdrivers have 4V Li-Ion batteries and impact drivers have 12V, 18V, 20V, 24V, 36V, and 56V voltage batteries with different capacities.

You can simply purchase an impact driver with a high voltage, but be wise enough to get the accurate size of the tool that suits your task. The right size and weight will make the tasks more productive, so it is crucial as the power an impact driver provides.

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10. Screw Driver Bits Are Smaller Than Impact Driver Bits

There is a hugely diverse range of screwdriver bits available and they are often developed to provide a multitude of various screw shapes and sizes. The most suitable bit choice for different tasks will mainly depend on the certain screw type and size being used, and the type of the material that is driving it into.

Most modern screwdriver bit sets are created with dozens of different bit shapes and sizes, extensions and appliances produced specifically for the goal of driving and removing screws.

However, screwdriver bits are small compared to the impact drivers. This is one of the reasons why screwdrivers are very popular among DIYers when engaging in tasks like assembling paper-covered furnishings.

Due to these small bits, this tool can reach fewer space areas, unlike impact drills. On the other hand, this is disadvantageous when it comes to heavy working projects with small bits.

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Feature ScrewdriversImpact Drivers
Purpose developed to drive screws.developed drilling long screws.
Used byDIY, renovations, Industries, Metalwork
Power SourceElectric – corded & cordlessElectric – corded & cordless
CostStarting from $6 to $100More expensive than an electric screwdriver
Size and Weightlightweight, easy to carry and operate with one hand. Slightly heavy
  • If you are looking for a power tool particularly to deal with DIY tasks where you have to screw smooth materials, a screwdriver is the best for you.  On the other hand, electric screwdrivers are affordable compared to impact drivers.
  • If you are a professional who undertakes heavy tasks, Impact Drivers are the best choice for you as they can deal with hard textures.

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