How Does a Drill Bit Last Long? – 05 Tips!

The drill bit is used for drilling many materials. Its durability depends on many factors. All steps that we follow in drilling is really affecting the durability of the drill bit. Actually, how does a drill bit last long? So let’s see all in detail about this matter.

A drill bit lasts long when it does not use at high temperatures (red hot), using cutting oils, using the proper cutting angle, using the right drill bit for the material, and using the right drilling machine for the drill bit and material. These facts directly affect the durability of the drill bit.

For the durability drill bit, you had better follow the below factors. There are no specialized factors for durability. If any harmful method is used for a long time, it will reduce the lifetime of the drill bit. There is no exact reason for this. It is a combination of all factors. So let’s see all about drill bit last long.

1. Do not Use in High Temperature

When a drill bit is used until it gets red hot, its material properties can be changed due to high heat. This will overheat the drill bit. Normally this happens to the metal drill bits because metal drill bits generate more heat while it is drilling.

A drill bit can be heated up due to many reasons. You can increase the durability of the drill bit by following the below facts.

When the RPM is high, it can rotate fast. Due to wearing tool and surface, its heat up. Normally Use low RPM for the metal and hard material and use high RPM for the wood.

Low Thrust
When you apply high thrust to the drill bit, it tries to remove more material. Because of this, it penetrates more deeply than its regular level. This will require more power and more torque. Due to this, more heat is generated.

Remove Inside Clogging
Cutting chips can be removed while drilling. If those are clogged inside, it will increase inside temperature due to friction. When the chips are clogged inside, they can always touch the cutting surface. Because of this, heat will increase, and the drill bit will be red hot.

These are my favorite 07 tips to cool the drill bit when it is hot.

2. Use Cutting Oil

When using a drill bit for drilling, it can be heated up. Because of this, it should cool down. If you drill wood, this can be really observed. Normally wood drill bits are not designed for high heat. So I can recommend you to keep the water cup beside you when you are drilling. Immerse the water after you drill every hole. It will be a successful way to remove the produced heat.

Make sure to wipe out the water after immersing. If there is water in the drill bit, it will be stuck inside the hole. So keep the towel beside you for the water wipes. The control of the heating is really important for the drill bit to last long.

Cutting oil is really helps to last long the drill bit. It is general that metal drilling needs cutting oil. Cutting oil does two things such as lubricants and heat transport. Cutting oil is made with lubricants and thermally stable materials. Although you use the cutting oil, you can see a few amounts of heat up. It is due to the RPM and thrust. This heat production is not harmful to the drill bit.

You can sharpen the drill bit to produce the minimum heat.

3. Use Proper Cutting angle

118 and 135 are the most used drill bit angles

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Another important factor for the brill bit to last long is maintained the proper cutting angle. The cutting angle is varied to the material. Normally, soft material requires a 118-degree angle, and for hard material, it will be 135 degrees. So if you are able to maintain the drill bit angle according to this, you can see there is a huge advantage.

The cutting angle is a measurement of the material removal rate. A lower cutting angle tries to cut more material and penetrate inside, and a higher cutting angle will not compel this. That angle tries to remove the material at a slower rate.

Metal and wood drill bits have sharp cutting angles, and concrete, stone, and bricks do not have sharp cutting angles. These tips are made with extremely hard material. The cutting angle is the most important factor in the drilling process. Efficiency really depends on the cutting angle.

When you choose the right drill bit, you must check whether it has a proper cutting angle, coating, geometry and material.

4. Use Proper Drill Bit

Drill bits are varied with the material, coating, structure, usage and cutting angle etc. Normally we all know about twist drill bits. But there are many drill bits for wood and metals. Using a proper drill bit for proper material will be a reason for the drill bit to last long.

These 06 Tips will help you to select the right drill bit in depth.

Normally wood drill bit is made with steel and high-speed steel, and concrete drill bits are made with carbide. Each and every drill bit is made with specific material and structure. In order to increase durability, some drill bits are coated with titanium coatings.

These titanium coatings can increase heat resistance and reduce friction and prevent wear during the drilling process.

So I can highly recommend you to use a titanium-coated drill bit for the long run drill bit. Sometimes you may try to use a wood drill bit for the steel. Don’t try this. So make sure you have got the correct drill bit.

When we consider the drill bit structure, it is also really important for the drill bit durability. There should be enough flute length, chip removal and other recommended angles. Some drill bits are specially designed for specific tasks such as spade drill bits. Those cannot drill through much deep, and it is really important for the wider short drilling process.

So when you select the drill bit, select the most suitable drill bit that can 100% compatible with your tasks.

5. Use a Suitable Drilling Machine

Although you have everything with the wrong drilling machine will reduce the drill bit durability. There are drills with hammer function and impact function combined in the same tool. So you must know which function should be activated when you use it.

If you activate the hammering function in the steel drilling step, the tool can be broken easily due to vibration. For the wood and steel, you had better use the right drill for the right material. For the concrete, stone, bricks, you can use the hammer drills. For the metal, wood, tile, glass, use the regular drilling machine.

If you select the correct drilled machine, you can save your drill bit easily.

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