How Much Height Need for Miter Saw?

Miter saw height is a very important factor for the user. It should be with sufficient height as a user can work without any problem. Miter saw is always used on the platform or table. When we consider the height of the miter saw we must pay attention to so many things. So let’s see, what should be the miter saw the height and how it affects the user all in detail.

Normally, miter saw table height depends on the user’s height. Hence miter saw table height can be varied between 36″ – 44″. Because many people belong to the 5′ 8″ – 6′ 4″ height range in the USA. Using proper height will increase the security and accuracy of the work.

So let’s see all in detail about the miter saw height step by step. So keep reading on how much height you need for the miter saw and how the height affects the work performance in detail.

User Height and Miter Saw Height

According to the user height, the miter saw station height should be selected as below.

User Height (ft/in)Miter Saw Table Height (in)
5 ft27 inches
5 ft 2 inches29 inches
5 ft 4 inches31 inches
5 ft 6 inches33 inches
5 ft 8 inches36 inches
5 ft 10 inches37 inches
6 ft 38 inches
6 ft 2 inches40 inches
6 ft 4 inches42 inches
6 ft 6 inches44 inches
6 ft 8 inches46 inches
6 ft 10 inches48 inches
User Height and Miter Saw Height Table

** If your height is with odd inches, take the lower table height for your design.

Ex –
User height – 6 ft 3 inches
Bench height – 40 inches

The most miter saw height can be varied from 36″-40″. Height depends on the user. If you are a taller one, you need a higher miter saw table. If you are a short user, you will need a lower height. If you can make the adjustable height table, it is a great solution. We can categorize miter saw tables into 2 main categories

Fixed Station


  • Height can’t be adjusted
  • Fixed to a permanent place


  • More space requires
  • Wide range of usage

Portable Stations


  • Height can be adjusted
  • Use for the permanent solutions (on work site)


  • Limited usage due to less length

If you are an outdoor woodworker, it is better to invest in the portable miter saw station. But if you are an indoor user with a huge workshop you have to reserve the space for the miter saw and you can make your own miter saw the station as a DIY project.

Miter saw fence height should not be more than blade height. Normally we take blade height as 10″ or 12″ but the fence should not be that much. Normally fence height should be half of the blade diameter. That is the successful cutting depth of any blade. You can cut the workpiece by pivoting. It is not the exact way. Normally 4″-5″ height fence is more than enough. The fence should be exactly vertical. It should have a 90-degree angle with the miter saw deck.

Miter saw height is common for all types of miter saws except basic type of miter saw. Because basic type of miter saw box is portable and it can use anywhere.

Miter Saw Height and Safety

We must consider miter saw safety first. When we cut, we must see the workpiece, saw blade, and our hands. So the cutting area should be clearly visible. Sometimes we may touch the workpiece through the cutting path. hence these kinds of bad behaviors should be clary visible when we are working there.

If the miter saw table is too much height and cutting place is not visible cleary it will damage our fingers also. So make sure the miter saw has a proper height table.

Above height has been designed to clearly visible the workpiece, blade, and kerf path.

When you use a shorter miter saw table, you have to over bending and work every time. So it will pain your back. So do not make your miter saw table too much shorter.

Miter Saw Height and Accuracy

The most important thing is accuracy. As I explained above we must always visible the cutting path, kerf line, laser beam, and saw blade path clearly. In order to have a more accurate miter saw cutting, we should see it from a better upper angle.

If the angle turns lower some cutting paths will not visible clearly. So you should keep the proper height for the miter saw table.

Miter Saw Height and Space Optimization

The most important thing is space optimization. Normally miter saw tables have space under the table and above the table. Miter saw capacity is normally 4″ x 12″ x Any length.

Here the most important thing is height. Miter saw can cut maximum 4″-5″ workpiece So we have to keep that space free. Other spaces can be used for other storage compartments. If you have limited space, you can manage it really usefully. Take inspiration from these ideas. How people have mange the miter saw station space-optimized


Deck Height and Plate Height

When you design a miter saw station, you will need a lower height place to keep the miter saw. It is 2″-3″ below the top of the miter saw table level. When you design this make sure to create the dust collection system is also mounted to this area. Else dust will spread everywhere due to improper dust collection. Dust collectors can be stored underneath the miter saw station.

When you create this do not crate it as the exact dimensions. Because some miter saws can be adjusted and leveled by some screws or nuts. If your tool has this kind of machine you will not increase the upper table. So it is a very important thing when you design plate height and table height.

Should a Miter Saw Level?

A miter saw should be always leveled. Because the workpiece can be bent or self-force can be generated inside the wood. If there is a level difference one surface can be over touching with the miter saw blade. It will cause the work piece to burn and sometimes smoke risen from the blade. You can observe more about miss level workpiece can be chipping easily due to improper cutting method and self forcing of the workpiece.

So make sure the miter saw table should be exactly level every time. It will prevent many problems during the working time.

Work Piece Height and Blade Height

Normally we must know about workpiece height and blade height very well. Every time workpiece height should be less than the blade height. else you have to pivot the workpiece. The maximum workpiece can be about 4″-5″ for the 12″ blade.

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