How Much Impact Driver Noise is High?: Safe Drilling Guide

Impact drivers are used for screw and bolts driving. Impact driver machine consists of motor, hammer, and anvil. Due to the action of these, noise is produced. Impact driver noise is a combination of mechanical, magnetic, and electrical processes. The noise level should be in the range that the user can hear without any pain. Let’s see what the best noise level for the impact drivers is.

The noise level for the impact driver varied from 95 dB to 105 dB. This is more than the recommended exposure limit of 85 dB. Impact driver noise level depends on the tool brand, mechanism, used period, using position, and place.

This is research that I conducted for seeking the least noise impact drill for use. I could find many brands and many tools. Among that, I could summarize a few that are consistent with relevant data. I have lined up all in detail below. So let’s read on!

How Noise is Produced in the Impact Driver?

Impact driver noise is produced mechanically and electrically. Mechanical noise can be identified as brush, shaft, clearance, resonance, thrust sound, and wind of the mortar. Electrical noise can be named conductive and radiation noise. Additional noise produces due to the hammer hits the anvil.

These are the most relevant ways to produce noise in the impact drivers. Mechanical, magnetic, and windage are the main causes for the noise products. Let’s find out how the noise occurs one by one with the motor and its mechanism.

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Mechanical Noise
Impact Sound – When the hammer hits on the anvil every 180 degrees, there is a punching sound
Brush Noise
– Frictional sound caused by brushes and commutator
Shaft Sound – Frictional sound caused by shaft and bearings
Clearance Sound – Specifically grating sound out of 2
Resonance – Resonance that occurs at the specific speed range only
Thrust Sound – Tapping noise caused by the thrust move of the rotor
Wind – Wind that occurs in a motor, especially with a built-in cooling fan

Electrical Noise
Conductive Noise – Noise that travels through power cables and connection cables
Radiation Noise – Noise that is radiated from the source to the air and causes interference in TV and radio

Abrasion parts can produce abnormal noises. Hence we can identify the parts broken, bearing problems, etc.

We are unable to identify each noise separately, and the whole it can hear a loud sound. Sometimes the noise is too much disturbance. To reduce this, there are safety regulations. We should know the maximum noise that the machine can be produced.

How to Measure the Impact Driver Noise?

Impact drivers are used to screwing the screw and bolts inside the wood and metal plates. When the driver machine is used, noise is produced. The noise level affects the badly to the user as well as around people. By wearing ear protectors, users can be safe. But people around cant be safe with the noise. So there should be an affectable noise level in the usage area.

There are so many standards in the USA to measure the noise level of a point related to many sections. You can use a noise meter, and also, using your mobile phone application, you can measure the noise level in decibels. If the noise level is high, it can be deaf a man. So when you work, always pay attention to the noise level of the workplace.

Considering Europe, there are 2 main regulations
01. Noise at work “Directive 2003/10/EC.”
02. Noise in the environment “Directive 2005/88/EC amended by Directive 2000/14/EC

Impact Driver Noise Vs Standard Noise Level

Impact driver produces the noise so let’s see how its strength is compared with the standard noise levels. Then we can observe how much noise is produced by the machines and their noise levels; when the noise level is more than the standard noise level, we have to change the impact driver or check its problems.

When we consider the same power hammer drill and impact driver more noise level is with the impact driver.

Standard Noise Level


Top Brands Noise Level

There are so many impact drivers in the market. Each one is with a different noise level. Most used brands such as DeWalt, Makita, Black and Decker, Ryobi, Milwaukee, and Craftsman are highly paid their attention to produce the drivers under the safe level of the noise.

Hammer Drill Noise level – 114 dB
Chain saw – 110 dB
Spray Painter – 105 dB
Hand drill – 98 dB

Impact Driver Sound Level Table.

Brand NameModel NoSound Level dB(a)
MakitaDHP459SFE 93
MakitaDTD 15396
MakitaDTD 154Z107
MakitaLXT DTD 170Z109
DeWalt DCF815D288
Ryobi 1+Quiet Strike92
Black and deckerBDC 120C100
Bosch GDS2498
Impact drivers and noise levels

How to Prevent from Noise Damages?

You can prevent noise damages by using too loud, too close, or experience in too long can become irreversible and permanent damage of hearing—the safe threshold level of about 85 dB

By wearing the proper hearing protection, you can avoid noise damage. And also, check the ears regularly per month can understand your hearing health. When considering ear protection, you should wear the proper ear protection guards. And make sure it is worn properly when you are working. Some employees wear it to the neck because they have forgotten to wear that. If the sound level reaches 120 dB can be damage the ears.

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