How Much Space Need for Miter Saw?

A miter is a wide range cutting tool. It is used for crosscuts, miter cuts, and bevel cuts mainly. When a miter saw is used, we must consider about space that we have to reserve for that. If your workshop has limited space, you must manage it all. So let’s see how much space need for the miter saw and how to manage it properly.

Generally, miter saw needs space covered by 120″ length, 40″ height, and 30″ width from your workshop. In order to optimize and save space, you can use folding wings as supports. Some miter saw tables are portable and can easily transport and use in the workshop.

When placing a miter saw in the workplace there are many things to be considered. In this guide, you can find all in detail about the miter saw spacing and things you should consider when you are designing a miter saw station. So let’s keep reading on!

Drawing of a miter saw station
Essential space of miter saw station

How Much Length Need for Miter Saw?

Normally miter saw needs 120″ of length to support the workpiece.

When a miter saw is used without a table or station, its performance can be limited. Because it has limited table length. But using a miter saw on the table will gain more performance and wider usage. In order to use the miter saw table in a wide range, a lengthy table is needed.

Miter saw space will depend on the types of miter saws. Due to some mechanism of some types need more space.

According to the workpiece, a lengthy table should be designed. Imagine you are making windows. Those will not cut more than 5 feet. So it is better to create the table saw deck with 5 feet length for one side. So total length will be more than 10 feet and it will make it easy to handle the workpiece.

Sometimes you can find folded or sliding base extensions. These extensions can support, to a certain extent the workpiece. But it is not much strength. So I recommend you create a miter saw table.

Miter saw workpieces are mostly 4×4, 2×4, 1×12, 2×12, etc. But length is not limited. Normally using a 120″ length of the table can handle the 10 feet workpiece. When we think about the miter saw deck, we must pay attention to the fence also.

The fence is vertical support to the workpiece. The fence is also essential for the same length of the table. It is better to keep the same length for the both left side and right side of the miter saw station.

A longer miter saw station will reduce the cutting problems such as chipping the wood, smoking the workpiece, and burnings due to proper workpiece placing.

How Much Width Need for Miter Saw?

Normally miter saw a need 24-30 inches width for its working space.

Miter saw has kerf space. That is the maximum width of the workpiece to be cut. If you use a sliding miter saw, you can see the slider is a railing, and it takes much space behind the miter saw. So if you wish to keep the miter saw near the wall, think about this matter twice. You will not be able to slide it if you keep it closer to the wall.

Sometimes, you may think to build a box to keep the miter saw on the table. When you create such a box, take the R1 (check above image) distance for the center to maximum kerf space and take the maximum sliding capacity. Select the longer distance among them and take it twice as the width of the miter saw table. Normally it will be 30″-36″. It will not raise problems when you use the tool.

How Much Height Need for Miter Saw?

Miter saw deck height depends on the user’s height and its parts and functions. Every time we must work with comfort. Normally miter saw deck height should be 30″-36″. The deck should not be taller or shorter. If the deck is taller, you will not clearly visible the cutting path and operate the miter saw properly.

If it is shorter, you will have to over bend and work. Both are affected negatively to your health.

When we consider the miter saw height we have to think about two things.

H1 – Floor to lower deck height
H2 – Plate to kerf surface height.

When considering the miter saw height, we must consider both. H1 and H2.

Miter Saw Station with Suitable Length – Image Source

What is the Lowest Space Miter Saw?

As you are well aware, the lowest miter saw space would require the miter saw box. Miter saw box is the basic type of miter, and it is made with plastic with limited angles. Normally it will take lower space. But saw blade will need additional space. Because we should pull and push the saw blade in order to saw the workpiece.

Is it Worth to Use Miter Saw – Table Saw Convertion?

You may have seen this. some miter saws can use as a table saw. Investing in these are not worth it. because there is no sufficient table space for the table saw and miter saw.

Some manufacturing brands are not quality. So you can see some problems such as blade wobble, and sparkings inside. Due to the less strong, you cant use this in a wide range. Sometimes blade height is not enough. So do not invest that kinds of tools. It will neither work as a table saw or a miter saw.

Miter Saw Space Optimizing

This is very important. If we can optimize the space as much as possible we can save and reuse that space for another purpose. Normally miter saw station needs support and deck. When the support is made with wood. You can see some space under the table. We can use that space easily as a storage compartment. You can create a nice rack or set of drawers under the miter saw station. This can store your tools and other equipment.

But you must worry about the sawdust. Sawdust can spread everywhere. If you can’t close and seal the area you can see dust has spread everywhere. This can be done for both left and right sides. Using a miter saw is always a vibrating task. So do not store any liquid in these racks.

And you can see free space on the table also. It is covered by the fence, box and wall. The upper support can be also used as a rack or drawer. You must keep the minimum height as H3. It is the height when the miter saw has maximum height without pulling down.

Miter Saw Space Optimizing – Image Source

Is Folding Miter Saw Worth It?

Normally, you can design wings as they can be folded. But this is not worth it. Because there is bending on the wings. So you will need additional support for this. If you wish to use a miter saw in any place, this is a great solution. This kind of design will require less space, and it is easy to transport. But leveling and wings bending are the disadvantages.

Which Miter Saw Need More Space?

Typically, dual compound sliding miter saws need more space than other miter saws.

Because it can bend both the left and right sides, it can cut both left and right sides bevel without pivoting the workpiece. Hence it will need more length for the miter saw deck.

And also, there is a sliding part. Due to the sliding part, it will need a wider deck. After considering all factors, we can realize the least space for the miter saw the box, medium space for the single compound miter saw, and more space will need for the dual compound miter saws.

According to this, we must pay attention to the space according to our miter saw.

How to Design Miter Saw Station?

Designing a miter saw station is challenging to explain step by step. But you can find more valuable videos. Those have a well-planned miter saw station. When we design a miter saw station first, we need a 2D drawing. Using a 2D drawing, we can make a 3D model.

We can easily create the 3D model using Sketch-up. It is 100% software, and you can easily design it as you need. By using this kind of software, you can estimate the materials, cutting detail, time estimating, and many more.

Using this software, you can create an exact model of the miter saw station as you do in the real world. When you do it, you can also identify the problems and apply a suitable solution for them. Only 2D drawings will not provide the exact idea. 3D will show how it would be after the many fracturing processes.

Is Slider Miter Saw Save The Space?

Normally, a slider miter saw will not save space. It will require space for the rails. But articulating hinge miter saws will save space. There is a hinge mechanism, Because of this, articulating hinge miter saw will not require more space behind the miter saw. So it is a great solution for using the articulating hinge miter saw to save space.

Can a Miter Saw Stand Save the Space?

Normally miter saw stand has designed as a piece of portable equipment. It can carry anywhere and use.

Normally miter saw stand can save space due to its portability and folding wings. Miter saw stands had been designed strongly as they can be used in any surface. So it is a wise idea to invest in the miter saw stand if you are an outdoor worker.

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