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In the drilling process, you should choose the right drill for your task. When you choose the right drilling machine, you can do the work with maximum efficiency. There are conventional and modern types of drills are available in the market. Among them, you should select the best drill machine according to the best match for your task.

You can choose the regular drill for the wood, glass, and metal, hammer drill for the concrete, stones, and bricks, and combined, concrete and metal use the SDS max drill as the right drill machine. You can use these drills as cordless or corded according to your comfort.

When you choose the drill machine, you should know how much hard the drilling material is?. According to that, select the drill bit and drilling machine. So let’s see how to choose the suitable drill machine for your task.

Drilling MaterialDrill MachineRecommended RPM
Wood, plastic, fiber (Not brittle materials)Regular drill2000-3000
Steel (metals)Regular drill450-1000
Concrete, bricks, stones, cementHammer drill, SDS drill450-700
Glasses, tiles (brittle materials)Regular drill200-400
Material types and suitable RPM for drilling

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Right Drill For Wood

Wood Drilling Machine

Suitable Wood Drilling Requirements

When you drill wood, you should maintain the high speed of drilling (RPM). You can use High RPM for the drilling wood. Drilling is the cutting and removing method. When you use the high-speed cutting and removing method, you can have a smooth drilled hole with no splinterings. When you use low speed, you can see there is a rough finish, and even the hole is not cleared properly. So you can use 2000 – 3000 RPM for the wood drilling.

Suitable Wood Drill Bits

When you drill wood, you should have sharp drill bits. Sharp drill bits allow the material cut and removed easily. When you use a blunt drill bit, you can see there is slippering on the material. And you should maintain the proper drill bit cutting angle for the drill bit. Proper drill bit cutting angle is really important for the feeding speed. When you have the proper cutting angle, you can continue the speed drilling process.

Not only the cutting angle but also you should pay attention to the drill bit material also. There are HSS drill bits that can drill at high speed.

Suitable Wood Drill Machine

There are types of drills in the market with many mechanisms. So for the wood drilling, you just need the rotational mechanism only. If you activate any impact or hammering action, you can have the rough and non-finished drilled hole. So use only regular drills.

If you use cordless drills, you can handle them quickly. It is essential for DIYs. For heavy-duty, permanent projects, you can use a bench drill.

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Right Drill For Steel

Use Regular Drill for Steel Drilling

Steel is a tough material. When you drill into the steel, you will need equal or more hard drill bits than the relevant steel type. Most drill bits are made with the highest materials by combining different materials or applying outer coatings. So when you drill steel, you need an extremely hard and sharp drill bit with a proper drill bit angle.

The regular drill can be used for steel drilling. You can use a cordless drill, corded drill or any bench drill for the drilling process. Cordless is user-friendly, and other types are more powerful than cordless. You should not activate any kind of mechanism when drilling steel. If you activate hammer mode or impact mechanism mode, the drill bit can be broken due to sudden forces.

When you drill steel you should maintain the low speed and high torque in order to prevent the resistance of the process. So better to choose high torque and low-speed drilling settings for the steel drilling.

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Right Drill for Glass

Drill on Glass
Drill Glass with Regular Drill Machine

Regular drills are important for the glass drilling process. Glass is a highly brittle material. So it would help if you had specific drill bits and drilling machine settings. Mostly used drill bits are carbide bits and diamond drill bits.

Choosing a drilling machine is essential. You must use a light drilling machine with only spinning mechanisms. Do not use hammering or impact mechanisms. Due to these mechanisms, the material can be brittle easily.

If you can use a bench drill for the glass, drilling is important. When you drill, you must apply the constant force to the drill bit. Using the bench drill, this can be done easily. But if you use a cordless drill, thrust can be varied. So glass can be broken due to unexpected force.

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Right Drill for Concrete, Brick and Stone

Hammer Drill and Combi Drill

Concrete brick and stones are really strong materials. So when you drill into this, you should select a more powerful and efficient drilling machine for the drilling process. These materials are really used in day-to-day life. So many drills are designed with specific options to drill into these materials.

When you drill into these materials, you can use regular drills and hammer drills. If you use just a standard drill, you have to wait much time to drill one hole. And if you use the hammer drill, you can do it quickly. Hammer drills can move the drill bit forward and backward many times per minute. This rate is called BPM (blows per minute).

When the drill bit moves forward and backward, inside material is crushed into small pieces and using rotational flutes those can be removed easily. You will need specially designed drill bits for these tools as it resist to thrust and heat.

These drill bits end is designed with special material such as carbide. Carbide tips are strong, and they can resist high friction force and temperature. Normally domestic stones, concrete, and bricks can be drill with the hammer drill, and combi drill easily. But if you need to drill into deep concrete, you have to use an SDS drill. SDS drills are same as the hammer drill, and it is more powerful than regular hammer drills.

As we discussed above, hammer drills move the drill with chuck in the hammering action, and SDS drills move the drill bit with the hammering actions. So there is no effect with the hammer action on the SDS drill. Because of this SDS plus, SDS max drills are really used for the heavy-duty drilling process, such as combined drilling like concrete with steel.

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Should you Buy Hand Drill or Bench Drill?

Hand drills are two types, corded and cordless are them. Cordless drills are really lightweight and suitable for domestic usage and DIY projects. Corded drills are more powerful and can be used for a permanent project long time. Cordless drills are powered by the 12V, 18V, 20V, 24V drill batteries. According to the task, a battery can be used. If you use high strength and more power, you can use drill short time period. If your task is lightweight, you can use it more.

Normally it will take to change a drill battery 15min to 5 hours. It depends on the battery technology. Cordless drills are powered by DC motors. DC motors are brushless and brushed. Brushless motors are more efficient, and it is with fewer problems and less maintenance. So cordless drills are really user-friendly and easy to use than corded drills.

Bench drills are not user-friendly as cordless drills. Bench drills are set up in one place, and we have to use it there. So it is used for long-term projects. Its speed can be changed by changing the inner belts and pullies. Bench drills are really more powerful than hand drills, and it can be used for a long time without any overheating. So if you have a workspace, you should have the bench drill. Mostly woods and steel can be drilled with the bench drill. There is no hammer actions and not able to use for drilling concrete, stone, and bricks.

If you need to do use a user-friendly drill that is really essential for domestic DIYs, you must choose the hand drills. If you need to drill long period with more power you should select the bench drill.

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