How to Increase the Power of Drill? – High Efficiency Drilling

Drilling power is the most important thing. Suppose the drilling power is more, we can do the task quickly. There are more powerful drills. But we had better check how we can make the existing drill to improve the efficiency. This is not about the drill. It depends on the drive bit also. Overall I could found some ways to increase the power of the drill. If you have well knowledge about this, you can test some methods here.

The increasing power of the drill can be categorized into 2. Those are electrically and mechanically improvements. After making these improvements, you can see the efficiency has increased due to that. So let’s check them one by one.

Use Suitable Drill Bit

Drill bits are an essential tool for drilling. There are types of drills. Drilling can be done with many types of drill bits. Each drill bit is manufactured with special metals. Some are applied as a coat, and some are added as a part of the drill bit. Check more about drill bits

According to the drilling material, you should select the drill bit. For the high-speed cutting, you can use the HSS bit (high-speed steel), and for the concrete or any hard material, you can use the carbide tip bit.

Some drill bits are made with double tips or quad tips. Quad tips are very good for concrete with rebar drilling.

Masonry drill bits and wood drill bits are also different with their tip ends. Masonry drill bits are designed to apply more hammering force to the material, and wood drill bits should have clear sharpness for cutting materials.

When you use the correct drill bit for the material, you can work efficiently and rapidly.

Use Proper Angled Drill bit

Not with using the correct drill bit; you should keep the correct drill bit angles. This is very important for woodworking. If there is no proper angle, drilling will not happen, and wood will be heated and then burn with smoke. hence maintain the correct angle for the drill bits.

when you drill metal, the correct angle is essential. Else drill bit will be melt.

When the angle of the drill bit is increased, you can work more efficiently. Withing few times you can do much work

Workpiece materialPoint angleHelix angleLip relief angle
Aluminum90 to 13532 to 4812 to 26
Brass90 to 1180 to 2012 to 26
Cast iron90 to 11824 to 327 to 20
Mild steel118 to 13524 to 327 to 24
Stainless steel118 to 13524 to 327 to 24
Plastics60 to 900 to 2012 to 26
Recommended Geometries for Drilled materials. Data Source:

Reduce the Friction

Friction is the most disadvantageous effect for the impact mechanism of the drilling machine. When the surfaces are touching each other, the heating is up, and abrasion has occurred. Therefore tool can be overheated as well as it can be burn. This overheating will affect the battery, and there will be a problem.

There is a gearbox front end of the tool. Due to the friction, heat is generated. But if you can apply grease or any other lubricants, it will save power, and that will increase the power of the tool.

When you are working continuously, keep the drill for cooling a few times. So inner parts will not be overheated, and produced heat can be removed easily.

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Increase the magnet Power

This is one way of increasing motor power. The motor is with magnet and coils. When the magnetic flux has increased, the power of the motor will be increased. There are two types of motors. Not only you increase the power of the magnet, but you will also need to increase coils due to reverse EMF.

Increase the Windings

As I described above, motor power depends on the no of coils windings. If you are a good technological guy, you can increase the power you need by adding more coils to its armature or stator. There are ways to adding more coils without affecting EMF. It is a good idea you had better try that.

Use Brushless Motor

Brushless motors and brushed motors are used in the drills. Both are more useful. But Brushless motors are really efficient than brushed motors. Its efficiency is 25% more than the brushed one and 10X lifetime, and 50% motor run time. So using the brushless tool will increase the power of the drill as well as the efficiency of the drill.

Normally brushed drills are with carbon brushes, and it is really waste the power. So using the brushless, you can work more from the brushless motor.

Use The High Capacity Battery

When the battery amp-hours are less, it can heat quickly where it has to provide the more required energy. But if you use the more amp hour battery, you can use it more time.

Control the Drilling Speed

Drilling speed is very important. If you drill metal, you must not use high speeds, and if you use wood, you must use high speed for the sharp cuttings. So, according to the material, you should select the material. Else power will be waste and not be able to use maximum. If you are using a drill, you can use high speed, and the driver will need low speed.

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