Impact Driver Vs. Combi Drill: Do You Need Both?

Impact drivers Vs. Combi drills are different in performance as well as purpose. There are types of drills that we can use for many reasons. But are specified for special tasks, and some drills work with combination mechanisms. So impact driver and combi drill are included in one of the above categories. Let’s find out what is that?

The impact driver is with an impact mechanism and is used to drive the screws. A Combi drill is a combination of spinning, hammering, and impact mechanisms. It uses for driving screws, drilling, and hammer drilling. Combi drill is more cost, weight, and different chuck rather than an impact driver.

According to your job purpose, you can use an impact driver or combi drill as you need. There are plenty of differences, but you should know to select the essential tool among impact driver and combi drill. So keep read on until you find the correct information about both tools.

What are the Differences Between Impact Driver And Combi Drill?

Impact DriverCombi Drill
Impact MechanismYesYes
Hammering ActionRotationalAlong the bit
ChuckHex Shank Keyless Chuck
Weight lightToo heavy
CountersinkingCant controlCan be controlled
Impact Driver Vs. Combi Drill

Let me explain to you to understand more about this table.

What is an Impact Driver?

Impact Driver Mechnism

Impact drivers are mostly used for driving screws or fasteners. There is a special mechanism inside the impact driver. When you drive a screw using a screwdriver, you will need more pressure and more torque. More torque production is the key task of the impact driver.

Inner rotating mass is releasing the force onto the anvil. This makes a huge rotational force to the bit. Due to this force, torque is produced.

When you use an impact driver, you can hear the rotating sound and impact driver noise. Normally the impact driver is more noise than a normal drill without load.

Due to this torque production, it can drive screws as well as fasten the nuts and bolts. When the screw is driven inside the wood, its resistance is increased. With increasing the penetration depth, torque is needed. You can see the speed will be reduced, and due to this, torque will be increased.

When you use the impact driver, there is no tendency to the arm or wrist. That will not provide a force to the arm or wrist. By using one hand, you can handle the tool easily.

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Usage of the Impact Driver

Impact drivers are used for the drive screws and fasten the nuts and bolts. Sometimes you can use an impact driver as a regular drill with using a chuck adaptor.

What is a Combi Drill?

A Combi drill is a combination of 03 actions such as spinning, hammering, and impact mechanism. Combi drill can be used for drilling, hammer drilling, and screw driving. These 03 functions can be used separately. Therefore this tool can be used in a wide range. It is more weight and cost than an impact driver.

Normally spinning is essential for the drilling purpose. Spinning is measured with revolution per minute (RPM). When there is more RPM, the drilling hole will be sharp and clean.

The hammering mechanism is a mechanical function of gear teeth. This is also included in the combi drill. The hammering function is measured with the Blows per Minute (BPM). Normally hammering tool has more than 20000 bpm. When the BPM is increased, it can crush the material into small parts quickly.

The impact mechanism is described above. The impact mechanism is measured with the impacts per minute (IPM). When the impact per minute is increased, it can produce more torque to the screw head.

You may have a clear idea about the combi drill now!

Combi drill functions

01. Drill Function

02. Impact Driver Function

03. Hammer Drill Function

A Combi drill can be used for drilling such as wood or concrete brick and also for driving and fasten the nuts and bolts.

Why Can’t I Just Use the Hammer Action on my Impact Driver rather than Buying Combi Drill?

Because the impact driver hammer action is rotational, and there is no hammer action along with the bit. If you need a hammer action for the drilling or chipping will need to buy a combi drill for the hammer action along with the tool.

Can I Use Impact Driver as a Combi Drill?

The impact driver is used to driving screw or fastener the nut and bolts. There is a rotational hammer function, which helps to increase more torque. Combi drills have hammering, spinning, and impact mechanisms. When you use an impact driver as a combi drill, you will not be able to use the hammering action, which is along the drill bit.

Do I need Both Impact Driver and Combi Drill?

With considering the tool action, you do not need to buy both tools. Only combi drill is enough. But considering your job, tool weight is more important to handle that. Combi drills are more weight than impact drivers. For the DIY projects, combi drill is good. For carpentry work, an impact driver is suitable.

Drill Bits and Drive Bits

Impact driver, we use hex shape driver bits and drills. We have to use mostly round drill bits. When using the impact driver and combi drill, this is a huge problem because we need both types of drill bits.

When we use the driver and drill at the same time using combi drill, we have to lose the chuck and remove and mount the tool twice. Therefore using a combi drill has few problems with the chuck.


Let me summarise the above details that you can understand well.

  • Impact drivers are the best solution for the drive screws and fasteners.
  • A Combi drill is more weight than an impact driver. Using a combi drill instead of the impact driver will tire you.
  • A Combi drill is more costly than an impact driver.
  • For DIY projects combi drill is the best solution
  • For the carpentry work, it is better to use a hammer drill and impact driver separately due to tool weight.
  • There is a problem with the chucks and bits. Before you buy check the available bits.

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