How Much Weight Does An Impact Driver Have?

Impact Drivers are widely used for driving screws. It can be used for many DIYs, construction projects etc. When using an impact driver, we should be comfortable with the weight because the weight of the impact driver directly affects the user’s performance. So let’s see, how much weight does an impact driver have?

Normally, impact drivers have 2 lbs – 6.5 lbs of weight. The lightest impact driver is Dewalt 20V MAX XR® 1/4″ with 2 lbs. The weight can be increased due to the external battery capacity, torque generation and used materials. Lightweight impact drivers are always suitable for continuous usage.

There are many things we should consider regarding the weight of the impact drivers. In this guide, you will be able to find answers to many questions you may have regarding the weight of impact drivers. So keep on reading!

Impact Driver Weight And Usage

Before you purchase an impact driver make sure to hold the tool and get an idea of just how hefty the tool is. Notice if the driver is comfortable in your grip and if you can certainly use it for the upcoming tasks.

It is important to go for lightweight tools if your task demands hours and hours to get completed.

When you purchase an impact driver online, research and compare the weights and always choose what is best for your work and hand to avoid any difficulties while using it. You can find user feedback and reviews of the impact drivers.

Remember, the more powerful an impact driver is, the heavier it can be. In circumstances where you may have to use heavy and powerful drills, make sure to take intervals in order to not feel any exhaustion while holding a heavy tool for so long.

Using an impact driver for drywall jobs or ceiling work may need to carry the whole day. So which one do you need to select?

As I think you should select sufficient torque with the lightweight tool. Many tools are available in the market with these conditions.

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Are Weighed Tools More Stable?

The weight of a particular impact driver is very important when you work as it can affect the stability and performance of the tool.

Weighted tools are more likely to be stable than lightweight impact drivers. You can not use weighted tools flexibly like lightweight ones, especially when doing DIYs. 

Subsequently, weighted drivers are ideal for tough work where you need to apply extra force as weighted tools require less added pressure to finish the work. Therefore, weighted impact drivers use a percussive force comparable to lightweight drivers to help drive screws faster and more intense into denser surfaces with better stability.

Impact Driver Weight List

After examining numerous impact drivers under various brand names, let’s find out the available few weight impact driver for your work. There are various outstanding impact drivers available, and you have to choose wisely.

Miluwaukee Impact Drivers

M18 Fuel Impact Driver With One-key 2857-22ct 3.2 lbs2,000 in-lbs 
Milwaukee 2753-20 M18 Fuel 1/4 Hex2.6 lbs1800lbs
Milwaukee M18FID-03.7 lbs203 Nm
Milwaukee Impact Drivers’ weight

Dewalt Impact Drivers

Model No:WeightTorque
Dewalt 20V MAX* XR® 1/4″ 3-Speed Impact Driver Kit2 lbs1825 lbs
Dewalt DCF885C1 20V Max 1/4″ Impact Driver2.8 lbs1,400 lbs
DeWalt DCF887D2 Kit2.8 lbs205 Nm
Dewalt Impact Drivers’ weight

Makita Impact Drivers

Model No:WeightTorque
Makita’s XDT162.9 lbs 1600 lbs 
Makita XDT12Z 18V LXT Brushless 4-Speed3.3 lbs 1,550 lbs
Makita LXT DTD152Z3.5 lbs165 Nm
Makita Impact Drivers’ Weight

Ryobi Impact Drivers

Model No:WeightTorque
18V ONE+™2.4 lbs270 Nm
Ryobi Cordless 18V P237‎2.7 lbs2,250 lbs
Ryobi One+ R18IDBL3.4 lbs270 Nm
Ryobi Impact Drivers’ Weight

How Can An Impact Driver Weight Increase?

The battery capacity directly impacts the tool weightage. For instance, 18V impact drivers are heavier than the 12V ones as more voltage signifies more power and weightiness.

Moreover, the materials used in the driver are quite crucial when it comes to driver weight. Cordless drills are majorly designed with stainless steel parts, while others are made primarily of plastic. Thus, the weight discrepancy is relatively notable.

Many brands like Milwaukee prefer to use harder substances and heavier cases to enhance their durability, which makes impact drivers somewhat heavier.

The weight of the elements utilized in impact drivers highly influences the weight. In particular, the socket adapters weigh a few grams, and so the other parts. It is not extremely notable, but every little weight counts for the weight of the tool. If you use socket adapters for using an impact driver as a drill, then you will find the tool gets heavier.

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Cordless And Corded Impact Driver Weight

Generally, both corded and cordless impact drivers provide a huge amount of usability and convenience. Yet, the fact that the cordless type comes with a battery pack may add extra weight to the tool. In this case, if you are someone who uses impact drivers all day, it would be healthier for you to choose a corded impact driver.

Cordless impact drivers are best for light-duty tasks that demand high portability and less time. However, when considering the hassle that occurs due to wires of corded drivers, it is easy to use corded drivers despite their heaviness. As for the heaviness, you should pay attention to the torque to have an understanding of the speed and efficiency of the driver before purchasing a one.

There is no denying that the weight added by a battery can be exhausting to some extent; but despite its moderate heaviness, cordless impact drivers are easy to handle and more efficient than corded drivers.

What Is The Lightest Impact Driver?

Focusing on the above tables, it is obvious that Dewalt impact drivers are weightless in contrast to the other brands. However, M12 Fuel impact drivers have small head lengths. 

Overall, you can not find a huge gap in the weights of all these brands. DeWalt’s 12V range and Milwaukee 2753-20 M18 Fuel 1/4 Hex weight around 2 pounds with 2.0Ah batteries and brands are not far behind. 

As heavy impact drivers are broadly used in many job-related areas, employees who use these drivers are oftentimes endangered to hand-transmitted vibration, rotational forces, high hand–tool coupling forces, awkward postures, and repetitive gestures that can cause injuries or illnesses. 

Consequently, there are reasons to consider both safety and efficiency when you purchase an impact driver. We recommend you to choose a weightless power tool with sufficient efficiency if you are a professional who constantly deals with impact drivers within a day. If you are someone who uses weighed tools, make sure that you take breaks when working continuously without straining yourself.

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