Is 7.25 Circular Saw Better than 6.5? – (Compare In-Depth)

A Circular saw is a handy power tool in woodworking because of its lower weight and higher performance it can be used in a wide range. When we buy it we could see mainly two types according to the saw blade sizes. Those are 7.25 and 6.5 circular saws. There are many differences between these tools. So let’s see what are the difference you must know before you buy it.

Actually, 7.25 circular saw has higher performance, deeper cutting capacity, and suitable to cut 2×4 workpieces which 6.5 circular saw can’t. But it is a bit cost, more weight, and most tools are corded. Mainly 7.25 is suitable for the heavier tasks, and 6.5 is suitable for the lighter tasks.

More than that there are things we should consider when we buy them. So let’s compare each one by using their specifications and experience.

Most of the 7.25 Circular Saws are Corded

7.25 is a Corded Circular Saw

Obviously, most of the 7.25 circulars saws are corded. 7.25 saws are powered by the direct power supply using a recommended power cord. 7.25 is the saw blade diameter. It is the highest dimeter that we can see on a circular saw for general usage. Due to the wider saw blade, 7.25 circular saw requires more power.

Hence it needs more current than 6.5. Most of 7.25’s requires 15 Amp current. More current can produce higher torque. Hence it needs to connect with a continuous power supply. Using a battery, it is unable to provide continuously that much of current.

There are both 10 Amp and 15 Amp tools. But most are 15 Amps. Most of the 6.5 saws are designed as cordless circular saws because it is used for light cutting purposes. So I strongly recommend you to buy a suitable circular saw according to your requirements and site condition. It can be corded or cordless.

7.25 Has a Deep Cutting Capacity

Cutting depth is very important. There are two types of cuttings we can mainly see when using a circular saw. Perpendicular cutting and bevel cutting are them. By inclining the saw blade, we can cut bevel cuts. The regular position is a 90-degree angle.

Bevel cuts are limited. Because we can incline the saw blade to a certain extent due to limited mechanical space. Normally, you can bevel cut between 50° – 60°.

7.25 circular saw has a maximum of 2 1/2″ perpendicular cut (90°) and 45° it will be 1 3/4″ of depth. According to the blade position, it can be changed. Bevel capacity is varied with the circular saw.

When considering the 6.25 circular saw blade it has a 1 1/2″ of maximum cut when it is in 90° and 2 1/8″ of depth at 45°.

Although the 7.25 has a deeper capacity, there will be more problems due to saw blade binding when it cuts deeper. If both tools are binding we can see many burning marks and smoking on the 7.25 because it is more powerful and it will not stop due to binding.

Due to the deeper cutting requirements, 7.25 is thicker than the 6.5 blades. Due to its higher strength, it can be used on wood such as softwood, hardwood, and plywood.

7.25 is Heavier Than 6.25

7.25 is more powerful than 6.5. As a result of this, it needs to design with more strong parts. In order to increase the performance, there are more windings in the motor. This will be another reason to increase the circular saw weight.

Normally, 7.25 circular saw will be 8-10 lbs weight and 6.25 circular saw will be 6-8 lbs of weight.

Most of the 6.25 circular saws use a Li-Ion battery. Although it uses a battery, it will not carry more weight than 7.25. If you need to hold the tool long time, it is better to select a lightweight tool such as a 6.5 cordless circular saw.

When considering size 6.5 has a smaller size than 7.25. So transporting storing will need a smaller space of more than 7.25.

7.25 Consumes More Power Than 6.5

Another critical factor is power consumption. Due to the higher performance, 7.25 has a higher power consumption. This is another factor to connect it to the power supply. Normally 7.25 consume 120V and 15 Amp of voltage and current.

It consumes 1800 watts. But it requires more than that when it starts at the beginning. Normally, it can rotate more than 5000RPM, providing a smooth cutting surface.

But 6.5 consume less power than 7.25. Imagine a 20V, 5Amh battery-powered circular saw. It can maximumly consume 100W. But it will run less than 30 mins if it uses continuously.

The higher power consumption of 7.25 requires recommended wire cords as it can bear the current and voltage without burning it.

Due to the higher power consumption, it can produce more torque and RPM to minimize the binding and other problems.

7.25 Can cut 2×4 and 6.5 Won’t!

7.25 Circular Saw Can Cut 2×4

Due to the deeper cutting capacity, 7.25 can cut 2 x 4. As I mentioned above, 7.25 has a 2 1/2″ maximum cutting depth. As a result, we can easily cut 2″ of depth. But we are not able to cut from the 4″ height position. If we use 6.5 circular saws, we have to cut two times using the saw blade. So it is a great tool to cut the 2×4 with a single cut.

Normally, 4×4 and 6×6 are not bale cut using the 7.25 circular saw. So it is essential to know about the cutting capacity of each circular saw before you buy it.

6.5 is Cheaper than 7.25

Of course, we must pay attention to the price of these tools. According to the performance, 7.25 is more expensive than 6.25. In the market 6.5 circular saw will be $60-$70 and $120-$160 for the 7.25 circular saws. Due to the higher performance and heavier usage, it’s really worth it.

We can use 7.25 in a wide range such as cutting 2 x 4. So if you are looking for investing in these tools, I think 7.25 is really useful.

By considering the price, you may select 6.25. But it has a lower cutting depth and less performance. And also you need to use another option or use a workpiece by flipping it to cut 2 x 4. So I strongly recommend you to buy a 7.25.

Some 6.5 circular saws can use a 7.25 saw blade. But its motor and other mechanical parts have been designed for the 6.5. This will not perform well due to lower power generation. Its torque will reduce. Most of the time saw blade will bind while the cutting process.

6.5 is a Portable Circular Saw

6.5 is a Portable Circular Saw

Most of the 6.5 circular saws are portable. If it is with 10 amp or 15 amp it will be corded. Because it requires 8 Amp while it’s running and needs more than 10 amp when it starts for the 15 saws. This is the same for the 10 amp saws.

Due to to the low size and less weight, 6.5 is the best solution for portable use. If you need to use the tool more time outdoor, 6.25 will be easy to transport and use by handling. Some 7.25 can be used as a portable tool by adding a higher capacity of the battery.

7.25 Can Find Easier Than 6.5

This is for the tool and spare parts. You can find tools and spare parts widely for the 7.25. It is lack for the 6.25. So I think you should buy 7.25 when considering parts and services.

Tom Mackency

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