Is a Chainsaw Worth It? – Do You Really Need it?

Chainsaws are really good and efficient option for handsaws. There are several types of chainsaws are available, So it is a tad bit difficult to choose the best one for you. So let’s see, spending money for the chainsaw is worth it.

Chainsaw is really worth it for its money. Because it can be used to cut larger trees and prune branches and trunks easily. Gas chainsaws are more powerful than an electric chainsaw. So it is better to invest for a gas chainsaw that will cost less than $150 for firewood preparation.

Not only buy a chainsaw, but also you can rent it. So is it really worth it? Let’s see in-depth about is it better to buy a chainsaw or not. So let’s keep reading on!

Is a Chainsaw Worth the Money?


To cut down trees and prune large branches, a chainsaw is really worth the equipment. Those who have cut trees both manually and using electric/gas chainsaws should have an idea of how simple and time-saving it is to use a chainsaw. If you are someone who often experiences tree falls in your garden or gets your driveway blocked due to bad weather, it is important to have a chainsaw with you. 

You can cut huge trees into pieces and remove branches in minutes using a chainsaw. If you have a chainsaw cutting a tree which is threatening a roof, slicing off dangerous broken tree limbs will not be a big deal anymore. Moreover, using a chainsaw, you can easily cut stumps into firewood.

Chainsaws use to cut wood
Chainsaws use to cut wood


You can find Chainsaws in a range of sizes, from small electric models to large gas-powered models which are suitable for both small and massive tasks.

Small chainsaws are ideal for cutting small branches, and for thick trees, you should use a large chainsaw. Usually, for regular domestic work, you really do not need to have a large chainsaw which is typically used by professionals.

Usually, the chainsaw has to be a minimum of two inches longer than the thickness of the wood you need to cut.  For instance, when you have a 10 inches thick branch to cut, the blade of the chainsaw should be at least 12 inches long.

When focusing on the size of a chainsaw kit, it is important to talk about the power of the engine. Usually, the length of the bar comes proportionally to the power of the engine, which means when the guide bar gets longer the power of the engines increases.


The price of a chainsaw depends on its size and on the fact that it is an electric chainsaw or a gas chainsaw. Price of larger saws with long cutting bars is usually more expensive than smaller chainsaws.

However, remember, just because a chainsaw is pricier and larger than the smaller ones, that does not mean it is the perfect chainsaw for your work.

Since the bigger chainsaws are kind of hard to use and ideal for massive works, if you are planning to use them for minor household wood cuttings, do not come to conclusions such as “pricier the best”. The bigger the chainsaw, the pricier it gets. On the other hand, the larger the saw is, it is so hard to control the saw.

However, chainsaw prices range from $40 to $700 according to the size and the model.

How Much Should You Spend For a Chainsaw?

When you spend money on a chainsaw you should know the purpose you are going to use it. Normally, there are different size chainsaws that can be used for many purposes. According to the CC capacity and bar length, we can categorize them into main 04 categories.

01. Lighter cutting chainsaws (small size)- up to 30cc

02. Firewood cutting (small size) – 30cc-45cc

03. Firewood business (medium size) – 45cc – 65cc

04. Tree-cutting services (large size) – More than 65cc

So below are the few available chainsaws and price range that you can have an idea.

Chainsaw SizeNamePrice range
  SmallBEI & HONG
Mini Chainsaw Cordless 6-Inch with 21v 10000mah Battery, Mini Power Chain Saw with Security Lock
20V MAX* Cordless Chainsaw Kit, 10-Inch (LCS1020)
  SmallBEI & HONG
Mini Chainsaw 6-Inch with 2 Battery, Cordless power chain saws with Security Lock, Handheld Small Chainsaw
Cordless Electric 4 Inch Chain Saw W/ 20V 2.0Ah
Medium CRAFTSMAN 16-IN  #CMXGSAMNN4216$179.00
440 18-inch 40.9-cc 2-cycle Gas Chainsaw
14-in Gas Chainsaw
120 Mark II 14-IN 38.2-CC 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw
 Medium PRORUN 
 Medium SENIX 
16 inch Model #CS4QL-L3
20 in. 59.8 cc Gas 2-Stroke cycle ChainsawModel# CS-590-20AA
60V MAX 20in. Brushless Cordless Battery Powered Chainsaw Kit with (1) FLEXVOLT 4Ah Battery & Charger
24 in. 59.8 cc Gas 2-Stroke Cycle ChainsawModel# CS-590-24
20 in. 61 cc Gas Rear Handle ChainsawModel# EA6100PRGG
Model# 8051092-in-1 20 in. and 14 in. 52cc Gas Chainsaw Combo 

Rent or Buy a Chainsaw

The decision to buy or rent a chainsaw depends on how long you will be using it. 

So, it is wise to rent a chainsaw if you need to use one, once or twice a year. For those who will have to use a chainsaw regularly, it is best to have your own chainsaw rather than renting one. This will save you money in the long run.

For one-time tasks like cutting a fallen tree or a branch in your garden, you really do not have to purchase a chainsaw spending a lot of money. If your tasks require a couple of weeks to finish, make sure to talk with the renter and let them have a clear understanding of the work you will be doing with it. In such situations, most owners will rent chainsaws for a few weeks at a higher payment.

Also, it is important to think about what will happen if a rented chainsaw gets damaged while you are working. Considering all these facts, if the work demands a large chainsaw for several weeks, consider purchasing your own one. You can freely handle it as you wish without worrying about paying back and handing it over without any damage.

Gas vs. Electric Chainsaw – Which One Do You Need?

According to the power consumption, we can categorize chainsaws into Gas powered and Electric powered chainsaws. Electric chainsaws are two types. Those are corded and cordless chainsaws. So let’s see how much are these chainsaws worth it.

Is Gas Chainsaw Worth It?

Gas powered chainsaws
Gas powered chainsaws

Gas chainsaws are worth it because it generates higher power, such as 4-6 horsepower and can be used easily due to their lightweight. Due to the gasoline consumption, these chainsaws can be used on continuous tasks. There are both advantages and disadvantages you should know about this.

When you use gas chainsaw, you should mix gas and oil in the correct proportion. So it will reduce inside friction and heating and increase the efficiency of the engine.

Ideal for heavy-duty work. (Cut through huge trees)Heavy, and can create fatigue
If the surrounding of your place has a lot of trees, it is beneficial to have a gas chainsaw as it cuts through huge trees and can turn logs into firewood cuts well.Noisier than electric chainsaws and users will have to blend oil and gas
Gas chainsaws come with a range of lengths to meet the necessities of the task.You will sense gas smell while operating
You can take the saw anywhere freely, unlike corded chainsawsPricier than electric chainsaws
When there is a sufficient gas supply, you can work longer without worrying about recharging the batteryNot suitable for beginners
Advantages and disadvantages of gas chainsaws

Is Electric Chainsaw Worth it?

Electric chainsaws

Electric chainsaws are not worthy as gas chainsaws. Due to the power supply, It is difficult to operate continuously. Electric chainsaws are two types. Corded and cordless. Corded chainsaws required a cord power supply and cordless chainsaws are powered by a battery. Both are not good to use continuously outdoors. For small tasks and less noisy tasks, electric chainsaws are really good.

Lightweight, easy to carryMany electric chainsaws are not powerful enough to cut through large trees
Less noisy than gas chainsawsElectric chainsaws can be classified as corded and battery-powered. You will not be able to use corded saws freely to a longer extent due to this reason, even with an extension cord
Do not have to blend oil and gas. So you do not have to smell gas like when using gas chainsawsBattery-powered chainsaws are even less powerful than corded chainsaws
Can start just by touching a button
Best for sprucing up trees, cutting limbs, small logs, and other domestic wood cutting tasks
Advantages and disadvantages of electric chainsaws

Is Chainsaw Size Worth It?

chainsaw size worth it
Chainsaw size is a performance matter

When it comes to the size of a chainsaw, many refer to the cutting bar. The cutting bar, the part of the chainsaw that holds the chain lets the user cut handily through the wood. Generally, they vary in size from 6 to 20 inches.

So the larger the size, the more robust a chainsaw will be. Usually, the larger ones are known as commercial chainsaws and are used by professionals.

When choosing the perfect chainsaw for you, think carefully about the tasks you mainly plan to do using it. Like, whether you will be felling trees and bucking, pruning bushes and other minor cutting tasks related to gardening. If you have to deal with light chores as such, go for a smaller model below 16 inches. 

If you are someone who usually has to engage in both minor and heavy wood cutting tasks, it is wise to buy all-purpose chainsaws of sizes between 16 and 18 inches.

If you live in a place surrounded by a lot of trees, we recommend you to buy a larger chainsaw to get rid of hazardous situations that can occur due to bad weather. A 20-inch chainsaw might come in handy for you!

It is always challenging to use a chainsaw larger than 20 inches. Considering the heaviness and less safety, we do not advise you to be too tempted to buy a very large chainsaw, even though it appears as the perfect model.

You will find it hard to do smaller and detailed tasks using a larger model. Contradictory, too small ones will waste a lot of time when doing huge tasks. Subsequently, for the majority, a medium size chainsaw would be a perfect choice

Do You Need the Skill to Operate a Chainsaw?

Chainsaw operation skills
You can operate a chainsaw without special skill

To do minor tasks using small chainsaws, you really do not need to master a special skill. However, chainsaws can cause minor and serious injuries if not used carefully. Particularly to handle a large chainsaw, one must have good practice and need to be skilled in using the chainsaw according to the type of the task.

Users experience kickbacks while using chainsaws. To avoid such an incident, get a chainsaw with a protective leather mitt attached to the front handle. Besides, whether you are a professional or an inexperienced user, make sure to wear dependable protective gear such as a protective vest, gloves, and eyewear when using chainsaws.

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