Is Pin Detent Better Than Friction Ring? – Truth Facts!

Impact wrenches are created with modern technology in order to assist the users in multiple ways.  As of today, different types of tools have been invented to enhance the user experience. Assuring user safety, the collet has been developed as a friction ring and pin detent. So let’s see, is pin detent than friction ring.

Normally, Pindetent is safer and cheaper than friction ring but it is difficult to adapt the collet efficiently due to its tight inserting. If you wish to use 1-2 sockets per day you can use a pin detent, if you use more than that, the best solution is a friction ring.

Many see these impact wrenches as similar but they aren’t. With a piece of proper knowledge, you will be able to identify which one is more suitable for you and why. So let’s check all in detail about the friction ring and pin detent.

What is a Pin Detent Impact Wrench?

The pin detent impact wrench or simply the pin detent is a locking ball/pin that carries the socket into place and fits flawlessly in the socket hole providing extensive safety for the users. The pin detent has a much lower amount of friction than the friction ring

Unlike the friction ring, this is an incredibly robust system that keeps the socket firmly. It is quite difficult to insert a pin detent, however, the socket will not get removed when it rotates as it is thoroughly adapted to the collet

You can use pin detent for a few days in a row without changing the socket.

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What is a Friction Ring Impact Wrench?

The friction ring impact wrench also known as regular or hog ring impact wrench is a lock ring end of the collet. This impact wrench has solely been formulated to mount the socket.

Considerably, many tools consist of the friction ring rather than a pin detent. You can use a friction ring with any socket or any type of spiny device that has a suitable drive size. The friction ring impact wrench is quite easy to use and you do not need to put much effort when inserting it into the collet. Regardless of their usability, The friction rings do not provide proper safety.

Two Different Collets in the Friction Ring and Pin Detent

Differences Between Pin Detent and Friction Ring

Friction RingPin Detent
SafetyNo safety as in detent pinHigh-level safety
PriceExpensive than the pin detentLess expensive than a friction ring
AdaptingEasy to adaptHard to adapt
Effectiveness Extremely effectiveNot effective as a friction ring
UsabilityGood, if you only use more than three sockets within a day.Good, if use 1-2 sockets within a day.
Differences between Pin Detent and Friction Ring Impact Wrench

Even though many consider a friction ring and a pin detent similar, there are huge differences between these two impact wrenches. So let’s find out what they are.

Pin Detent is Safer than Friction Ring

The friction ring does not carry much safety, as it can get removed while rotating. The pin detent requires some additional effort to insert but has maximum safety.

Pin detent nicely fits with the socket hole. It is positively safe. The socket will not get removed while rotating when it is adapted to the collet. Your safety is guaranteed due to the well being tight with the socket and anvil. 

 The Friction Ring is More Expensive Than a Pin Detent

Focusing on the price, both Pin detent and friction ring are not big-budget tools.  There are affordable prices for the users. However, Friction rings cost more than detent rings as friction rings are newer compared to the Pin detent.  Yet, a friction ring will be ideal for users who are looking for ease in work with refined features.

Friction Ring Can Be Used Easier Than a Pin Detent

Even though you can more easily use the friction ring than the pin detent, the friction ring can be removed from the socket because of the vibration impacts. The users will find it disturbing in the middle of work as it can happen repeatedly.

A detent pin is better when it comes to this drawback of friction ring. Once a detent pin is connected with the socket and locked thoroughly with the lock, it is impossible to remove it until you push the lock. It will never get removed from the socket until the user removes it. So in order to experience disturbance-free work, one must go for a pin detent rather than a friction ring.

Friction Ring Can Adapt Socket Quickly

Pin Detent Is Difficult to Adapt the Collet Easily

With a friction ring, the user requires little force to adapt a socket as the ring is right above the anvil. It is particularly hard to install a socket in a pin detent impact wrench as you have to mount the sockets while shaking two sides.

Because of the ball bearings, it is impossible to fix it indirectly to the anvil. The socket needs to be gradually fixed while the ball bearing is clasped inside.  It is important to make sure to match the hole with the bearing side, preventing taking more time than standard socket adapting.

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Friction Ring is More Effective Than a Pin Detent

The friction ring impact wrench is known to be the easiest impact wrench collet that we can use. Generally, the users can directly use this impact wrench with multiple volumes of sockets.

A friction ring is a nicer choice in comparison to the detent pins when it comes to removal features. It is quite easy to remove the socket’s friction ring with a little force. The detent pin becomes troublesome regarding the removal feature. Once the socket is inserted, it is difficult to remove it. So, it is quite effective to use friction rings more than detent pins. 

Concentrating on flexibility, Friction rings appear to be more flexible than detent pins, with plenty of new characteristics.

Friction rings are extra fussy to fit into sockets to keep them on and off and in proper form.

Currently, the friction ring has become remarkably popular, and it is a standout performer over the detent pin.

Can I Use the Same Sockets for the Pin Detent and Friction Ring?

We can see two different types of sockets in the market. Impact socket and regular socket are them. It is recommended to use impact sockets that provide an ultimate tool performance with higher safety than a regular socket. The walls of impact sockets are thicker than a regular hand tool socket as they are made of chrome-molybdenum steel.

Chrome-molybdenum procures additional flexibility to the socket making it bend or stretch preventing shattering under vibrations. The cross-hole impact sockets can be used with a retaining pin and ring or locking pin anvil. This secures the socket attached to the impact wrench anvil, in high-stress circumstances.

Even though impact sockets are safe to use on hand too, do not try regular hand tool sockets on an impact wrench. It is safe to use regular sockets only on hand tools. 

What is the Best Investment Among Friction Ring and Pin Detent?

  • However, focusing on the user experience the pin detent demands much time to mount the socket with the pin detent collet.  In a way, this can be time-wasting.  For a user who has to use one to two sockets within a day, it would be better to purchase a pin detent impact wrench as it will lessen the tool changing time.  
  • The friction ring will provide you with more efficiency when functioning with various tools all at once than the pin detent. Friction rings are the regular impact wrenches, choosing them would be easier than the pin detent.  If you only use more than three sockets per day perpetually, you can use this impact wrench. And it will give an outstanding user experience.

Overall, Friction rings are better when the user has multiple sockets, while pin detents might come in handy as they bestow a higher degree of safety for the user.

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