09 Most Drill Battery Problems and Solutions

Drill battery problems are commons for most drills. Those batteries are direct current batteries (DC) and rechargeable. So there are both chargers as well as batteries that have problems. Most batteries are Li-Ion batteries and some are Ni-Cd batteries. When you use a battery there can be so many problems. So here you can find the most problems that can arise when you use a drill battery.

Drill battery problems, as well as appropriate solutions, are also included here. So don’t worry you can have a real practical solution after you refer to this. So let’s keep read on!

01. Why Drill Battery is Dead?

  • When a drill battery is not used for a long time it can be a dead battery. The reason is its charging has been reached to a minimum. Although we plug it for the charging it will not start the charging. Even it plug into the charger hours that will not charge due to this.


  • Use the same size drill battery or same voltage and a current power source. Then connect positive – positive and negative- negative nodes using a conductive wire or any metal. Then keep few minutes and start charging using the charger. Your battery will live.

02. Why My Drill Battery is not Charging?

If the drill battery is not charging there may be few reasons.

  • Inner wire can be damaged or loose
  • The charger does not plug into a power source
  • Around air temperature is too cold or too hot
  • Inner pin damage


  • Check the charger LED lite up with appropriate colour (mostly green)
  • Keep the battery charging temperature between 65°F and 75°F (18°- 24°C)
  • Check the plug is connected to prover voltage and ampere power source

03. Why Drill Battery Discharge Quickly?

When you are working with the fully charged battery it can be discharged quickly without any workload. That is abnormal and difficult to use continuously. So there will be few reasons for this.

  • Work under high temperature
  • Work with more workload
  • Use in the wrong tool
  • Inside circuit shorts


  • Do not work under too much heat or cold. As well as do not keep the tool under heavy sunlight.
  • When there is more workload it can be discharged quickly
  • When you using an 18V drill in a 24V battery will discharge quickly due to more current providing.
  • Due to some dust and particles, inner circuits can be short and the battery can be discharged

04. Why Drill Battery is Heated?

Heating a drill battery is not a serious problem. But if it is overheated it is a huge problem. A drill battery can be heated due to below reasons

  • Keep under heavy sunlight
  • Use in more voltage tool
  • Continous working


  • Do not work under heavy sunlight
  • Use the correct voltage and current tools
  • have a rest both user and tool. it will great approach to the tool lifetime

05. Why Drill Battery Take to Much Time to Charge?

When a drill battery takes too much time to charge it rather than, its regular charging time, there will be a problem with the charger. When charging, the dead battery, it will take more time. The reason is

  • The battery has discharged too quickly.
  • Charger inner circuit problem (burning wire)
  • The charger pin and battery pin do not connect properly.


  • Keep the batery capacity 10% – 90% do not use 0%-100%
  • If the inner wire has burnt for any reason its charging time can be delayed
  • When there is no proper connection between the charger and battery it will delay. Some tie there are dust and some particle can be clogged.

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06. What is The Reason for Indicator Lights Does Not Light Up?

Drill batteries and chargers are with many indicator lights. Those are mentioned in the product catalog. each product is different from others.


If the indicator light does not light up its connection wire can be burn. So you had better check and replace the wire

07. Why Drill Shuts Abruptly?

When you mount the fully charged battery and then try to start the tool it shuts off abruptly. That is unexpected and there are also some reasons and solutions

  • The battery pack has reached its maximum thermal limit
  • Out of charging


  • Allow the battery pack to cool
  • Place on the charger and allow to charge

08. Why Drill is Not Power Up?

If the tool is not started there will be few reasons

  • Battery pack not installed
  • Battery pack not charged


  • Check battery pack charging requirements
  • Check battery pack installation

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09. Why Drill is Produce More Heating?


  • It is a normal situation. But there is overheating check the charger current and voltage. if there is any damage it can be overheated. As well as if there is a problem with the battery cells they can be heated more.

Warning – If the battery heat when charging do not immerse water or any cooling method. Use it proper temperature environment as much as possible,

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