My Electric Impact Wrench is not Working – How I Fixed It?

The electric impact wrench is highly used in lugnuts works in domestic and DIYs. When an impact wrench is used continuously, we can see some problems are occurring. In this situation, impact wrenches are not working properly. So let’s see what are the reason for this and suitable solutions.

I could find below problems in the impact wrenches. As well as I have mentioned all reasons and solutions for each and every problem. So keep reading on until you find a suitable reason and solution!

Why Impact Wrench Torque Has Reduced?

When an impact wrench is used for a long time, its torque can be reduced. As a result of this, lug nuts can’t be fastening or loosening. There are few reasons for this problem

Inner Coil Damage
when the inner coil has been damaged, the current can be leaked. So motor can’t produce the expected rotations and torque. Due to the back EMF, this can be increased more and more.

Low Battery Capacity
When you use low battery capacity, it is unable to provide the required power to the motor. Hence check whether the battery has been fully charged before you use it.

Motor Brushes have been Damaged.
There are two types of motors. brushed and brushless. If you use a brushed motor, its brushes can be worn due to friction. Hence it will not touch with the commutator, and sufficient current will not supply to the motor.

Problem in Trigger
When you use a tool long time dust, debris can be covered trigger and its connection. When it pushes, it may not connect well and provide sufficient current.

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Why Impact Wrench Battery is Over Heat?

Normally when we use a battery, it can be heated. But when we use it wrongly, its temperature can be heated up rapidly.

Use for High Load
When the tool is operated in a higher load, it requires more power as a result of this battery has to provide more current in a small time period. As a result of this, it will heat and then overheat.

Use in Hot Enviroment
When you use an impact wrench in sunny area you can see the tool is heated due to sunlight. Hence its recommended temperature is exceeded, and the battery can overheat due to high heat of sun.

Use Battery in the Wrong Tool
If you use a 12V battery is an 18V impact wrench with; using any adaptor definitely, the battery will overheat. So use the right battery in the right tool.

Inside Damages
A battery can be heat due to inside coil damages. Because the battery can be short without any tasks. So it can easily overheat.

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Why Impact Wrench is Overheat?

Impact wrench and battery both can be overheated due for many reasons. The battery has been discussed above; an impact wrench is overheated due to the below reasons.

Apply High Load
When an impact wrench is used to apply the high torque a few times, it can overheat. Generating the high torque requires high current flow in the coils. When the current is flowing, it can heat the coil.

Cover the Ventilations
Normally drills, drivers, impact wrenches have ventilation holes. It helps to transfer the air inside and outside. By accident, if you close these holes from your hand and air will not move inside and outside. As a result of this, it can overheat.

Lack of Lubricants
Lubricants are essential for friction surfaces. If these are not applied inside, wearings will generate more heat due to friction. Apply the recommended lubricants when you repair that.

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Why Impact Wrench Socket is Broken?

Impact wrenches are with high torque and impact rates. If the socket is not resisted by this mechanism, it can be broken easily.

If you accidentally use a regular socket in the impact wrench, it will break easily. So when you buy impact wrench sockets, make sure those are made with molybdenum steel.

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Why Impact Mechanism is not Working?

When you use an impact wrench, you can observe that the impact mechanism is activated by its noise. If it is not, these are the reasons.

Low Battery Capacity
The impact mechanism is activated when the socket is loaded. If there is no sufficient battery capacity, the impact force will not activate. So check the battery before you use it.

The Hammer Angle Has Been Damaged
When the hammering action occurs in the impact wrench, its hammer should have a proper angle. This proper angle will help to slip the hammer and anvil. If there is any problem hammer will clog the anvil and no movements.

Why There is Abnormal Noise Comes form Imact Wrench?

If the impact wrench noise has changed, you should check the lubricants, gear wheels, hammer and anvil, brushes.

If the lubricants are missing, you can hear a loud noise. Because of the inside friction. So make sure to lubricate the impact wrench periodically.

Gear Wheels
Impact wrenches use gear wheels to improve the torque. This is called an epicyclic gear system. If one gear has been damaged, you can hear the abnormal noise.

Hammer and Anvil Angle Damaging
If the hammer angle and anvil angle is damaged, the hammer will not slip properly through the anvil. So there will be a noise.

Brushes are Wearing
If you use a brushed impact wrench, you can hear noise when the brushes are worn. So make sure to change the brushes when they reach 1/4 of their brand new length

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Why Nut is not Loosing with Impact Wrench?

If the lug nut is not loose, make sure you are using the right tool. Normally breakaway torque is higher than fastening torque. So when you buy the impact wrench, make sure its breakaway torque is more than the lug nut torque.

If you use the right tool, it can not lose. Sometimes nuts can be rusting due to air water. So use any rust remover if there is any problem like this.

Why Impact Socket is Loosing?

When you use the impact wrench, you can see the socket is losing. There are two types of collets.

Pindetent Collet
Pindetend collet is safe with ball bearing. When you use a socket with this type of collets, it will tight well. Any time it will not remove. When you use this type of collet, your socket will not lose any time.

Regular Collet
Regular collet is dangerous. A socket can remove or lose at any time due to high loading. So don’t select regular collets.

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Impact Wrench got wet What Should I Do?

This is a common problem that we can face. Sometimes it can fall into the water, or it can get wet by rain or something. So what should you follow?

You can follow the below steps when an impact wrench get wet.

  1. Take out from the water
  2. Wipe out the water with cloth
  3. Remove the battery
  4. Keep both until water goes away.
  5. Then keep it dry
  6. Submerge both under the dry rice about 2-3 days
  7. Then test it.

*Do not remove the battery when the tool is in the water.
*Do not separate into part by part if you have a Warranty.

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