How Much Power for Table Saw? – (Consume and Optimizing)

The table saw is a very important cutting tool. In woodworking, it is the most used cutting tool with high accuracy. When you use a table saw, you must know how much power does it consume. Because it affects the electricity bill of your home. So let’s see the power consumption of table saws and which one is more worth using in your project.

Table saw power consumption depends on the performance and type. A mini table saw consumes less than 746W power. Job site, benchtop, and compact table saws consume 1850W power. Extremely high-performance tables saws such as cabinet saw, and hybrid saw consume 3500W-5000W.

Table saw consume electricity and produce mechanical power using an electric motor. So motor power is the main power generation tool and its power consumption is measured as tool power consumption. Normally, power consumption is measured with the watt or horsepower. So let’s see all in detail about the power consumption of table saw.

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How to Measure the Power of Table Saw?

The power of table saw is measured by watt or horsepower. Watt is an SI unit of power and horsepower is a conventional measurement way.

The table saw is operated by an electric motor. Some are operated by DC and some are AC. For operating every electric device need voltage and amps. Power is generated due to voltage and amps. So we can measure the power consumption of the device by multiplying voltage and amp. This is the input power. But output power is less than that. Because of the energy loss due to mechanical and electrical operations.

Power = Voltage x Amps = VI

Horsepower is equal to 746W

So if you have a 220V table saw with a 15amp current its power consumption is 3300W=4.4hp.

You can measure the power consumption of electronic devices using these formulas. Sometimes it can be different a bit due to some factors and constants.

Table sawPower Consumption
Mini table sawLess than 746 W
Benchtop table saw1500 W
Compact Table Saw 1500 W
Jobsite Table Saw 1500 W
Contractor Table Saw 746-1492 W
Cabinet Table Saw 3730-5300 W
Hybrid Saws 1100- 1500 W
Sliding Table Saw 2238-3730 W
Types of table saws and their power consumption

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Few table saws power consumption in the market.

Table sawVoltage and AmpsPower
Dewalt 7485 QS.QB (Jobsite)230V, 15A1850W
Dewalt 7485 XE (Jobsite) 230V, 15A1850W
Dewalt 7485 LX (Jobsite) 115V, 15A1700W
Grizzly Industrial G0869-10″ 2 HP (Benchtop)120V, 15A1490W
SKILSAW SPT99T-01 (Benchtop )120V, 15A1800W
Metabo HPT 36V (Benchtop)36V, 4Ah or 2.5Ah144W, 90W
Grizzly Industrial G1023RLWX – 10″ (cabinet table saw)240V, 15A3725W
Milwaukee 2736-21HD (Cordless/corded)15A, 18V, 12Ah15A corded power
Dewalt DWE7491RS (Benchtop)15A, 120V1800W
Table saw brands and power consumption

Table Saw Power Consumption Factors

When a table saw is used for the cutting process, it will require a different power for the cutting process. Because the strength of the wood can be changed due to its physical conditions. When the physical condition is varied. So cutting power is depend on many factors.

Cutting power factors

  • Type of saw blade
  • Sawteeth
  • Feed force
  • Rake angle
  • The angle between the cutting velocity vector and wood grains
  • The thickness of the cutting layer (chip thickness)
  • Moisture content
  • The temperature of the wood and many more

When these factors are changed, cutting power can be changed. So it is hard to predict a constant value for a specific wood type. We can mainly control the feed rate, type of sawblade, and teeth. Others can not control our selves. So it is better to research in detail about feed force, saw blade, and teeth.

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Type of saw blade

When the constant feed rate and different types of saw blades with 24, 40, and 60 teeth can be varied as below with beech, oak, and spruce woods. When the more teeth on the saw blade equaled more teeth in the cut. So it requires more cutting power.

Type of saw blade and cutting power Source

Feed force

When the feed force is increased machines require more power. When the feed rate is increased saw blade needs to remove more material from the cutting path. In order to remove more chips cutting power is increased.

Feed force and cutting power

Choosing a Table Saw With Proper Power Consumption

After you know all about table saw power consumption you can select a table saw for your task. The task can be categorized as below. Mainly we do DIY projects. Some woodworkers use low-performance table saws and some are used high-performance table saws. So let’s see, how to choose a table saw considering its power consumption.

  • DIY Projects.

For the DIY projects, the Mini table saw is really important. It can operate less than 100V and its power consumption is less than 1hp. So if you wish to start a DIY project have a mini table saw.

DIY projects are very famous these days. So a small table saw is very popular. DIY projects are tiny and quick. So low power consumption table saws are really sufficient for these kinds of works.

  • Basic Wood Workers

If you are a beginner in woodworking you can use a table saw with 2 horsepower. Benchtop table saw is the most suitable table saw for beginners and it is less power consumption table saw. 2 horsepower table saw has 1500W power and it is more than enough to handle the cutting load.

  • Professional Woodworkers

If you are a professional woodworker, you can use 5-7 horsepower table saws such as cabinet saw, hybrid table saws, etc. Because of the high performance, you can finish your task easily. 5-7 horsepower is about 4470W and this is more powerful. When you work with these table saws follow the extremely high safety steps to protect yourself.

Table Saw Power Supply 120V, 240V

When you buy a table saw for your job you may need to power up using the power supply. Mainly in USA, there are two types of voltages 120V and 240V are them. in domestic it is 120V. So when you buy a table saw make sure the power supply and table saw voltage is well compatible with each other.

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How to Waste the Table Saw Power?

Table saw power can be used due to below reasons.

  • Dull saw blade

Using a dull saw blade will not cut the material properly. So it will require more power from the motor for the cutting process. As a result of this power consumption will increase when you use a dull or dirty blade.

  • Worn brushes

When the brushes are worn in the motor can reduce the motor performance. So you have to spend more time cutting the wood piece.

  • Wet workpieces

When the workpiece is wet, it produces more friction between the saw blade and wood surfaces. In order to act against friction, the table saw will require more power from the motor.

  • Insufficient power cord

The power cord is a really important thing. if you do not use a proper power cord, power can be wasted as heat. So always use a suitable power supply cord.

  • Loose belts and bearings

Loose belts and problematic bearings can increase power consumption. Although the machine is run it can use for the useful task when the belt is loosened or slipper on the pully. So make sure all parts are working well without any problem.

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