Top 08 Drill Bit Problems and Solutions

Drill bits are made with different materials and for different purposes. When we use drill bit we have to face many problems. Each problem has a reason and solution. In this guide, you can learn about drill bit problems, reasons, and solutions.

1. Why is Drill Bit Broken?

A drill bit can be broken due to overheating, wandering, losing the tool, workpiece movement, selecting the wrong drilling method, incorrect RPM, and feeding. Use recommended RPM, Point angle, Cutting and lips angles, proper drill bit, and drilling machine.

If you need to study in-depth Why do drill bits break? Read this.

2. Why Drill Bit Margin Wear?

Drill bit margin wears due to rubbing wall, poor chip evacuation, and workpiece movements, and drilling sudden strong materials. You can use the correct drill bit angle, using a correct drill bit, and sharpen the drill bit.

3. Why Drill Bit Drill Non-Cylindrical Hole

Drill bit drill noncylindrical hole due to wandering, improper point angle, workpiece movement, incorrect speed, feeding, and selecting wrong drill type. By using a proper drill bit with a proper point angle, you can drill a perfect hole.

4. Why is Drilled Hole Expansion?

A Drilling hole is expanded due to loosening chuck, non-symmetrical point angle, different lip height, and run-out chisel edge. You can solve this by choosing the right drill bit, proper sharpening, and using the proper precision drill bit.

5. Why Drilled Hole Surface is Poor Finish

Drill hole surface is a poor finish due to low RPM, high feed rate, blunt drill bit, no suitable coolant, inside clogging the chips, and loosely holding the drill bids. You can avoid it by using a properly sharpened drill bit with recommended RPM and feeding, using the coated drill bit, and the drill machine.

6. Why Chip is Clogging Inside?

Drill bit chips are produced when the cutting speed is high, high twist rate, no cutting oil. You can you recommend cutting oil and using the proper drill bit for this problem.

Due to the chip clogging inside you can observe drill bit is getting hot.

7. Why is Drill Bit Noise Chattering?

Drill bit noise is occurred due to no cutting oil, bad alignment, high RPM, blunt cutting edge etc. You can use cutting oil and use the proper drill bit for the drilling process with recommended RPMs.

8. Why is Drilling Hole Not Accuracy?

The drilling hole is inaccurate due to loose tool, tool movement, workpiece movement, incorrect speed, and feed with selecting drill type. One of these reasons can be the reason for your problem. So you can use a proper drill bit fixed to drill the machine tightly and use the recommended RPM and feed with cutting oils.

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