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Swim pools, marine tasks, underwater mechanical tasks, researches and underwater services required waterproof or water-resistant impact wrenches. Underwater operations are complicated than ground tasks. So let’s see what is the best way to use an impact wrench in water.

The regular impact wrench is not able to use directly in the water. We have to apply the waterproof coating on the impact wrench. But it can’t use in much deep due to water pressure. But “Nemo” is a special designed waterproof impact wrench, and it can be used in water up to 50m.

So let’s see what are the products? and how to use the regular impact wrench in the limited depth water in detail?. You can try these as DIY projects. So let’s keep reading on.

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What is Waterproof and Water Resistance?

First of all, we should know about the waterproof and water resistance differences.

When the water leaking inside is preventing by cover or any impervious layer, it is called waterproof. Water can leak inside, but it can withstand the water. There is no harm from the water called water resistance.

Waterproofing is really important for electronic tools. Because water is electricity conduction media, so all electric tools should be waterproof else they will be short inside.

Water penetration can resist some degree of water, but not entire water is called water resistance. So you can realize there is completely differences in waterproofing and water resistance.

Regular Impact Wrench and Water

Normally regular impact wrenches are not either waterproof or water-resistant. When water leaks inside the impact wrench, it can short inside. Due to this impact, wrenches are not able to use in the water.

Some tools have been designed as they can use with water. But not able to use in deep water.

But it can be used certain extent. Although inside it is wet, it can work limited time period. That is not a permanent solution. When the impact wrench is free to open to the water, corrosion can occur.

Some time impact wrench gets wet by rain or drops into the water. In this situation, we have to use any waterproof coating or specially designed impact wrench for using the water.

Sometimes you have to use the impact wrench in salty, chlorine water. This water is highly ionized. Hence its conduction is high. The tool can damage quickly as well as corrosion occurs rapidly.

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Does Waterproof Coating Actually Work for Impact Wrenches?

In the market, there are many waterproofing coatings available. Most are sprays. These act as a covered layer of the sprayed area. So this can consider as a temporary solution for the water and impact wrench.

  • You have to remove all parts and then apply the recommended waterproofing coating to the tool. If the coatings are dry, you can apply 2-3 times inside the impact wrench. It will cover the missed places. Then you can use this as a temporary solution for the impact wrench. It is really important for the corrosion prevention material more than waterproofing material.
  • But remember not to use it for the battery terminals. If you apply on the battery terminals, its connection will be blocked due to external coatings. The battery inside also applies the waterproofing coating by removing its coverings.
  • You can use an electrical insulation compound for the battery terminals as it can keep the proper connection with the impact wrench.
  • You have to apply that insulating grease in both terminals in the battery and handle.
  • If you use both products, you can use them in limited deep water with a battery.

Water can go inside through the ventilation covering, and you can see some corrosion if you follow after few days.

You can use the below appliance to waterproof the impact wrenches.

  • MG Chemicals 419D Acrylic Conformal Coating Buy Now

The coating protects the electric circuit against moisture, dirt, dust, thermal shock, and scratches that could corrode the short circuit or otherwise damage the electric component.

  • CorrosionX Corrosion Technologies Buy Now

This sticks to metal like a magnet and resists displacement by friction. It can use under high temperatures and stops rusting and corrosion.

  • Dow Corning 4 Electrical Insulating Compound Buy Now

It retains like grease and consistency from -55ºC(-67ºF) to +200ºC(392ºF). It is a high water repellent with low volatility. It is moisture-resistant – good thermal oxidation and chemical stability.

What Should You Do If the Impact Wrench Get Wet?

You can follow these steps if the impact wrench drops into the water.

  1. Take out from water and remove the power source
  2. Let it remove all inside water
  3. Wash tool with distilled water
  4. Let it dry under sunlight
  5. Useairgun for removing inside water
  6. Submerge inside silicon or dry rice

*Do not remove parts if there is a WARRANTY.

Permanent Waterproofing Impact Wrenches

After you apply the temporary solutions, they will not remain for a long time with their limited solution. In this situation, permanent impact wrenches are coming to the role.

For professional users, this kind of tool is available. Check the Nemo tool specification below.

  • Submersible up to: 50m (164 ft)
  • Battery: (2) 18V Li-ion 3Ah or 6Ah
  • Dual LED Illumination
  • 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Weight – 2.9Kg
  • Price range – $1150 – $1307

The Nemo is a really useful tool for deepwater lug nuts.

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