[Essential] – 13 Types of Wood Drill Bits: (With Images)

When you are drilling wood, you can’t use the same drill bit for all tasks. According to the hole diameter, depth, and purpose you should change the drill bit. Hence, you should have different types of drill bits. So you should keep these 13 types of wood drill bits for any project.

When considering the drill bit its cutting angle should be 135° for drilling into wood. If there is no proper cutting angle drill bit can be overheated. According to the hardness of the wood, you can change the drill bit for its safety. Types of drill bits are available for specific tasks. So let’s see what are these tasks and how can we use that on wood.

These drill bits can be used in a hammer drill, combi drill, and using a chuck adaptor or hex drill bit these can be used in impact drivers also.

13 Types Of Wood Drill Bits You Should Have

01. Auger Drill Bit

Auger Drill Bit
Auger Drill Bit

Auger drill bits are commonly used drill bits in wood drilling for boring holes in bulkheads and general timber applications. These are with long and clear flutes and the end is with a small screw that use to drill the drilling point without a pilot hole. These bits are designed to pull the bits inside the wood and that will not require more excess pressure on the person. Some auger bits are with capabilities of drilling nails also.

For the best drilling purpose, you can maintain 600 RPM speed. Those are with;

  • Drilling deep capability
  • Drilling with neat and clean holes
  • No chip clogging
  • Wide drilling
  • Can be used without pilot holes.

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02. Spade Drill Bit

Spade Drill Bit
Spade drill bit

Spade drill bits are with sharp punching points and due to that, you will not need to make a pilot hole. Spur cutting edge will produce a clean and neat hole surface. When you buy this you should consider these factors. These are not able to drill deep due to clogging the chips.

  • Spade drill bits are not with flutes
  • Mostly used for wide diameter drilling purposes
  • Spade drill bits can be used for angle drilling easily
  • Spade drill bits can be used for wood, plastic and some plywood
  • The real problem is not able to use exact depth

03. Forstner Drill Bit

 Forstner Drill Bit
Forstner drill bits

Forstner drill bits are used to overlapping hole drillings. When you need to drill a hole overlapping with another one you should use this. As well as you can drill the edge of the wood without damaging the edge. The centre spur makes it easy to place the drill in the correct place.

  • Cutting edge make clear hole surface
  • It can use to drill 90 degrees, drill overlapping and angles drilling also.
  • Use low RPM due to lot of friction and heat.
  • Drilling can be done without center due to the sawtooth edge

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04. Countersink Drill Bit

Countersink Drill Bit
Countersink Drill Bit

When you drive the screw you have to make the pilot hole and then taper the hole edge to penetrate into the wood. This is a perfect way.

So tapering the hole edge need the countersink drill bit. Those are not used for deep drilling. Just weed to cut the edge on the surface to increase the finishing of the wood.

There are some countersinks that can use together with the pilot drill bit

  • Tapering the screw hole edge
  • Not used for deep drilling

05. Installer Bit

Installer Bit
Installer Bit

Installer bits are used to install wires or cables that are not able to move through the drilled hole. There is a small hole in the drill bit and you can connect that hole and drill bit. When you drill you have to stop the drilling without removing the drill bit.

  • Then remove the drill from the tool.
  • Connect the drill bit and wire using the hole
  • Pull out the drill bit from the hole by hand
  • The tighen wire or cable will come out easily.

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06. Step Drill Bit

Step Drill Bit
Step Drill Bit

The step drill bit is a real solution for using multiple drill bits. Step drill bits are a combination of multiple drill bits. These are different diameters and different step heights. According to your preferences, you can drill until you get the correct diameter hole.

  • Mostly used in steel drilling but it can be used in wood also
  • Cant drill too much depth
  • Step height should be more than the wood thickness for constant hole

07. Hole Saw

 Hole Saw
Hole Saw

Actually, a hole saw is a cylindrical saw. That is used to drill exact depths. There is a sawtooth around the hole hence it provides excellent finishing to the drilled hole. Some hole saws are with cutting nails or metal inside the woods. Most hole saws are to mount the existing drill bit mounting

  • Hole saws are more friction drill bits
  • Can be drill exact depth
  • Easy to make point hole because drill bit inside.

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08. Lip & Spur Wood Bit

Lip & Spur Wood Bit
Lip & Spur Wood Bits

Lip and spur-type drill bits are used to drill mostly without a pilot hole. There is a mid-sharpen tip that can punch the wood and make the drill point easily and there is a spur on both ends. These help to produce a clear and sharpened drill hole surface.

  • Easy to drill on the exact drilling spot
  • No need a pilot hole
  • Clean cutting edge

09. Hinge Sinker Drill Bit

Hinge Sinkers
Hinge Sinkers

These tools are used for the kitchen furniture manufacturing process. Mainly this is used for the recessing circular hinges. These tools are used for the light woods.

It provides a clean and neat cutting hole. This is the same as the hole saw and is specially used for the furniture-making process.

10. Adjustable Drill Bit

Adjustable Drill Bit
Adjustable Drill Bits

This is an amazing drill bit. You can adjust the drilled hole diameter by changing the spur of the drill bit. There is a screw and adjustable spur. Spur length can be adjusted according to the hole diameter.

  • No flute
  • Can be used in more depth
  • No need a pilot hole
  • Can drill overlapping holes.

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11. Pocket Hole Bit

Pocket Hole Bit
Pocket Hole Bits

When you need to connect two blocks of wood with angular drilling you should use the pocket hole drill bit. This is a combination of a small drill bit and a large drill bit. When connecting two angular screw heads may not fit properly. This can be reduced if you use this.

You can drill angular when you use this easily.

12. Pilot Point Drill Bit

Pilot Point Drill Bit
Pilot Point Drill Bit

Pilot point drill bits are used instead of pilot drill bits. These are not like brad point drill bits. The result is the same as the multi-purpose drill bits. The only difference is the pilot hole-making process.

13. Multi-Point Drill Bit

Multi-Point Drill Bit
Multi-Point Drill Bit

This is the common drill bit we use. There is a V shape end of the drill bit and it can be used from many kinds of wood and steel. Most regular drill bits are Multipurpose drill bits and there should be a proper cutting angle to use.

Else it will not properly cut and remove the material.

How to Select the Right Drill Bit For You?

When you select the right drill bit, you should know the hardness of the wood first. There are types of woods. As you are well aware, those are hardwood and softwood. Softwood can be drilled with high RPM and lower RPM should be used for the softwood.

Drill Bit Material
When you select the right drill bit, you should consider the drill bit material. Most wood drill bits are made with HSS and some characteristics have been added by mixing cobalt, titanium etc. When adding these materials will harder the drill bit. So pay attention to the drill bit material when you buy it.

Drill Bit Geometry
Softwood will cut easily and hardwood will not cut quickly. So for the softwood, you should have deeper flutes with high flute capacity and for the hardwood, you can use deep flutes with low flute capacity. Because softwood can drill easily and chips should remove quickly from the hole but hardwood doesn’t need this.

According to the geometry of the hole, you can choose, which drillbit is suitable for your task. It depends on your project.

Final Thoughts

When you have all types of above wood drill bits, you can work easily on your project. But you had better consider the drill bit material and geometry before you buy it. These drill bits can be used on regular drills as well as in the bench drill for different kinds of material such as plastic, PVC, fibre etc.

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