What is TiCN Drill Bit? – All You Should Know!

TiCN coat is based on Titanium, Carbon, and Nitrogen materials. Its thickness is 1-4 µm, and the hardness is 32GPa. It has a 0.5µ friction coefficient. Its color is blue, and widely used in metal drilling tasks. It can withstand 400 °C of temperature.

TiCN is applied as an outer coating of a drill bit. It does not depend on the share of the drill bit. TiCN can be applied to HSS cobalt drill bits in order to improve the physical and chemical properties of the drill bits.

What Material Can Be Drilled Using TiCN Coated Drill Bit?

TICN drill bits can be used to drill harder materials with a hardness of 67-70 HRC or less. These metals are

  • Stainless steel,
  • Titanium alloy,
  • Cast steel,
  • Iron,
  • Aluminum alloy
  • Copper.
TiCN, TiAlN, TiN-coated drill bits
TiALN, TiN, and TiCN-coated drill bits

Why TiCN Is Coated On Drill Bit?

When TiCN is applied to the drill bit, it can enable good thermal stability, high hardness and good wear resistance, and good service life. Due to this coating drill bit can withstand 400 °C.

It is excellent in drilling applications for steels, stainless steels, and non-ferrous materials and has exceptional abrasion resistance. TiCN-coated drill bits should be used at up to 50% faster speeds than uncoated drill bits.

TiCN Drill Bit Geometry

TiCN drill bit geometry is not depend on the drill bit. TiCN is applied as a coating in order to improve some characteristics. Hence coating is not dependent on the geometry. It can be applied on any shape drill bit. When it uses continuously, it can be worn.

How Is TiCN Coat Damaged?

TiCN coat of the drill bit can be damaged due to the following reasons.

  1. Abrasion due to usage
  2. Resharpening
  3. Try for extra harder materials
  4. Use on chemicals

What Is HSS-TiCN Drill Bit?

When TiCN is applied to the HSS drill bits, it can be named an HSS-TiCN drill bit. When TiCN is applied to the HSS drill bits, its catastrophic failures can be minimized.

HSS drill bits are versatile drill bit types. And it is a primary drill bit type that can use for drilling into metal and lots of common materials. TiCN improves its drilling ability by increasing its abrasion resistance.

What Is Cobalt-TiCN Drill Bit?

When TiCN is applied to the cobalt drill bits, it can be named a Cobalt-TiCN drill bit. Cobalt drill bits can be used to drill harder metals such as bronze, cast iron, stainless steel, and titanium, but by applying TiCN coating on it, its hardness, durability, and thermal resistance can be increased.

Normally, cobalt drill bits are two types such as M35 and M42. M35 contains 5% of cobalt, and M42 contains 8%. When TiCN is applied, these bits are named M35 TiCN and M42 TiCn bits.

Can You Sharpen TiCN Coated Drill Bit?

Yes, you can resharpen the TiCN drill bits. But it will damage the outer coating, and it will act as a regular drill bit relevant to the manufactured material. Hence sharpening coated drill bits is not a wise decision.

TiCN vs. TiALN Drill bits

Now you know about the TiCN-coated drill bit. TiAlN-coated drill bit is also a type of titanium drill bit. So let’s compare those two types of drill bits.

The CoatingTitanium Carbo NitrideTitanium Aluminum Nitride
 ➤ TiCN has the highest lubricity of all the Ti coatings.
➤ Harder coating.
➤ More wear-resistant than other coatings.
➤ High-performance coatings are used for all types of materials.
➤ The same hardness as TiCN but maintains hardness at much higher cutting temperatures.
➤ TiAlN is very effective in high-temperature alloys, and high-speed machining. 
TiCN vs. TiALN Drill bit comparison

TiAlN vs. Cobalt Drill bits

CharacteristicsTiAlNCobalt drill bit
MaterialHSS, alloy steel and stainless steel with TiAlN coatingAlloy steel with 5-8% Cobalt
ColorVioletDark color appearance
Materials can drill➤ High-alloy carbon steels
➤ Nickel-based materials titanium.
➤ Cannot use for aluminum
➤ Tough alloy steel
➤ Weld seems
➤ Hardened steel
TiCN vs. Cobalt Drill bit comparison

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