07 Reasons: Why Does a Table Saw Not Start? – [All Fixed]

The table saw is an essential tool for woodworking. Due to many reasons, a table cannot be working properly. Sometimes it may work properly last time, and it can break down suddenly. So many reasons are affecting this. So let’s see what are the reasons and how do they affect to the performance of the table saw?.

A table saw does not start due to these reasons such as power cord problem, fuse burn, wire losing, problems in on-off switch, motor overheating, starting capacitor failure, and lignin melting on the conduction and mechanical parts.

Mainly electrical and mechanical problems are the main reasons. So let’s see what are the reasons and how to avoid them. Let me explain all in detail, why does a table saw not start? So let’s keep reading on. You can find them as its priority increases below.

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Reason 01. Power Cord Problem

When a power cord is used for a long time, so many problems can arise. It can be damaged due to heat, scratches, cutting tools, extra stretching, and many more. Whatever this occurs, its inside current flow can be changed. If the cord has stretched, its inner diameter can be reduced. When the inner diameter is reduced, it can burn easily due to high amperes.

If the power cord is too long, its current flow can be reduced due to many reasons. You must select the proper voltage and ampere socket to plug the table saw. Else it will burn to due to high ampere consumption. According to that, select the power cord. When you troubleshoot the table saw when it is not working, you must check the power cord first. After that, you can check others.

Wire cord-standard
Wire cord standard


  • Use the power cord for suitable voltage and ampere
  • Check the power socket for suitable voltage and ampere

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Reason 02. Fuse Burn

Most of the power tools are protected by a fuse if there is a sudden higher ampere and voltage. If high voltage tries to enter the tool, the fuse will burn suddenly. After the fuse burn, there is no current path. So you had better know the fuse has burned or not. You can check it by removing that and checking the small wire. If the fuse is in good condition, you can see the wire inside, and if it has burnt, there is no wire. So as a second thing, you had better check the fuse if your table saw is not working properly.


  • Check the fuse and replace it with a new one.

Reason 03. Loose Wires/ Cables

The table saw is placed in the work area. Sometimes wood parts can be hit on the wires, and sometimes those can be removed easily. If the wire is hit by a wood piece it can be broken or stretch too much. When this is happen recommended current will not flow to the parts, and the table saw will not work properly.

Sometimes a wire can be damaged, and you will be shocked by electricity. So check if there is any loose wire if the table saw is not started.


  • Check for the loose wire and fixed it.

Reason 04. On-Off Switch Damaging

The on-off switch is the power gate for the table saw. If the gate has closed or not working properly, current will not flow through the gate. So you had better check the switch and then replace it with a new one. And also, if there is any emergency switch check, there is any problem. If the emergency switch is kept pressed table saw will not start.

When the table saw heat is increased its power switch can damage. So make sure your table saw is not overheated due to long run.


  • Replace the power switch and if need emergency switch.

Reason 05. Drive Motor Overheat or Overload

When the motor is overheating or overloaded by electricity, it will automatically shut off. So you had better know is there any kinds of problem like this. If the motor is shut off due to the above reasons let the motor cool down, and then pressing the reset switch on the motor overload restores power to the motor circuit. You will need to replace the motor if it is not reset.

A motor can overheat due to less airflow to the inside. When the sawdust has blocked ventilation of the motor, it can be overheated.


  • Reset the motor after cool down
  • Do not work continuously long time

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Reason 06. Starting Capacitor Fail

When the starting capacitor fails to start the motor you can see, there is a hum or weak start when you turn it on. When this fails at the beginning, other parts of the motor also fail to start up.

When the motor is overheating, these parts can be damaged due to overheating. Because these components are in the motor. So you have to replace the motor if the motor winding or the centrifugal starting switch has damaged in the table saw.


  • Repair of Replace the motor

Reason 07. Ligning Melting

Lignin is a kind of material when the sawdust is heating. Normally sawdust can spread everywhere on the tool. This can be spread to heated areas also. When the sawdust is spreading and heating, it can produce a kind of glue. We call this is lignin. It can melt when the temperature is high and when the table saw is cool, it will turn to solid.

This can block the electric paths and connections. So you will not be able to start the table saw after you stop it.

When the sawdust is connected with this glue (lignin) it can prevent mechanical movements such as brush moving. When this blocks the brush’s moving path, it will not contact the commutator. So the motor will not start when you push the On button. So make sure if there is no lignin melting inside the motor.


  • Clean the brushes if the motor is not starting.
  • keep the table saw out as it heat up.

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