Why is My Drill Battery Not Charging? Problems and Solutions

If the drill battery is not charging properly, it is a huge problem for the battery and drills performance. Due to many reasons of the battery as well as a charger that will not charge properly. The batteries are made with Li-Ion, and those are packed in the battery. Because of the connection, environmental conditions can not be working properly. Let’s check out these problems.

The below reasons are for the battery problem as well as you can see the solution below that. Keep read on until you find out the problem and solution.

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The Battery Pack Does not Insert Properly

When we keep the battery on the charger, we can make sure whether it is a proper mount with the charger by lighting a bulb. If you cant see this kind of behavior, there might be a problem. How much time do you have to stay? For the charging under this situation.

Check the battery pins whether they are damaged, or external material has clogged in between pins. If the pins are damaged or blocked, they can’t be mount to the charger properly. Hence before the mount, the battery and charger check them properly.

Charger Not Plugged In

When you mount the battery pack and charger, you can see a light that detects the insertion of the battery. So if this is not detected, there is a problem with plug into the current.

Properly plug into the power supply with the required voltage and suitable power cord. Sometimes you need an external power cord. If that is not enough, it can be burn. So before use, an external power cord makes sure it is enough.

Check the power cord is damaged or burnt due to any reason. And Check current at receptacle by
plugging in a lamp or other appliance.

Check to see if the receptacle is connected to a light switch which turns the power off when you turn out the lights.

Charge Under Too Much Cool or Heat

When the outside temperature is too much cool or higher, a battery will not work properly. Its inter chemistry will not work properly for the battery charging as well as discharging. Therefore do not keep the battery is too much cool or heat. As well as when a drill is used with high temperatures, it can be overheated with its battery.

When there is too much heat and cool, there will be Hot and clod delays. Those are suspended the charging until they become suitable inner temperatures.

Keep the battery pack charging temperature between 65°F and 75°F (18°- 24°C), which is recommended for the Li-Ion batteries.

DO NOT charge the battery pack in an air temperature below +40°F (+4.5°C), or above +105°F (+40.5°C). This is important and will prevent serious damages to and battery pack and its long life span.

The Battery is Fully Dead

A dead battery is somewhat difficult to get a life. There is no suitable name for this. So I think it is good to name a dead battery. If your battery is brand new, it can be death. But it can force to work with additional force. When some batteries are not used for a long time, that’s voltage can be reduced minimum, which can be power up from the charger.

So in this situation, we need an extra battery or controlled voltage and current to power up the battery.

Take the same power same brand battery (duplicate) and connect similar pins with a wire or conductivity. After that, could you keep it for about 5 mins by connecting?

So the dead battery can be power up with the other one. Then mount to the charger.

You can restore your bead battery after following these simple steps.

Step 1 – Place both the dead battery and live next to each other.

Step 2 – Get any metal conductor to connect each other easily. scissors or wire

Step 3 – Then connect positive – positive terminals and negative – negative terminals of both batteries.

Step 4 – This connection will short the dead battery. It will slowly start to charge and wait 5-10 mins by connecting both.

Step 5 – After several minutes, you can see the dead battery has charged a bit and then start charging using the charger. The live battery has boosted the dead battery after connecting them.

Bad Environmental Conditions

Charging a drill battery is done carefully. Because it affects the battery life directly, when you charge, the bad environment condition such as more humidity, ice, more sunlight, and flames near the charging will affect the process and efficiency of the charging.

Use flameless, reliable temperature, and shelter area which is with suitable temperature. And also, avoid under the Vented gases also may explode the battery pack.

Short Curcuit

We have to work with metal, wood and many more materials. Metal ducts and small parts can be entered into the charge or inside the battery, which we do not expect. Because of this electrical conductivity, it can short the inside circuit. It is a terrible problem. Sometimes those particles can be clogged between pins.

Clean the charger before use. Make sure that it is not used with metal dust or parts. If you have used it, use a vacuum to removing the particle. You can use a small magnet for that also.

Damaged Batteries

I think you have the experience of rolling and crush the batteries if that is not working in childhood. That does not work here :). Do Not crush, drop or damage the batteries if those are not working. Sometimes when a battery pack is flow on the floor, it can happen like this.

Do not crush, drop, rolling or damage the batteries if there is a problem. Better contact the customer support of the service center for the warranty. If you do like that, your warranties will avoid.

Human Errors

Normally factory-out components are check and distributed; therefore, we can assume there is no problem. But sometimes you need to do extra service at home. At that time, you need to serve yourself. After that, when you fix it, there are more parts. I hope that has happened to you. In this scenario, can you make sure whether you fix that correctly?

Do services according to user manual or drawing. Make sure to fix it after you remove it. And connect each wire and cable properly. Always have expert advice.


When you consider the drill battery charging problems, there are few reasons for that. Sometimes there maybe 1 or 2 more than this. So I think you can have a proper idea about drill battery charging problems and solutions with fixing dead batteries. Protect your battery now.

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