Why is My Drill Overheating? – How I Fix It!

I have used several types and brands of drills for about 10 years, and some were overheating when I work. So there are so many reasons that I could find with my experience. In this guide, I will let you know the reasons for drill overheating, how to fix and avoid it.

I could identify many reasons for overheating my drill machine due to old brushes, too much pressure, ventilation covers, mechanical and electrical problems, no greasing, constant working, and wrong selection of the drill. After reviewing all reasons, I could fix it for reuse.

There are many reasons for the drill overheating. You should know how to use a drill in a proper way for the long lifespan of the tool. So let’s see what the reason for this problem is, fix it, and avoid this further. Keep read on!

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Why My Drill is Overheated? How I found It?

When I was working, I smelled bad, and then I drilled further, and I could see smoke came out from my drill. This is pretty common. I hope you have the same thing happen in the working place. I stop the work and check my drill. Further, I noticed the noise came out from the drill, and the smoke also came out from the ventilation hole of the drill.

Sometimes I could see smoke come from the drill bit when I drill the wood. This is common for woodworking and metal drilling with high speed, and it is not a problem. Normally this can happen with the hardwoods. I was able to line up the reason for drill overheating as well as drill bit smoking.

Reasons for the Drill Overheating

01. Too much Pressure
When you are drilling, you must not apply too much pressure. This happens when you use a hammer drill for concrete drilling. Let the tool work itself. You can apply the small pressure. But it must not be too much. When you pressure too much, tools mechanisms can’t be activated. So motor needs to do an additional task which is required additional current.

02. Cover the Ventilation Holes
This is the biggest mistake that we make. Normally when we are drilling, we do not focus on the ventilation of the tool. We try to complete the work quickly. Therefore we may cover the ventilation holes with our hands. Then inside can be too much heat and it will be overheating.

03. Require More Work with less Torque
Probably we do not know which drill is suitable for which work. We try to do the job with the drill beside us. Sometimes its torque is not enough for that job. We have to apply more pressure to do that. That is like overloading the drill. Its efficiency and workload are maximum and unable to work properly. The result is overheating. Use correct torque and the proper run drill machine.

04. Electrical Path Short
In the drill machine, there are both electrical as well as mechanical parts. When there is an electrical path, damaged current can be leaked, and the circuits, coils can be short. Due to this, it can overheat. Sometimes it can affect the user as well.

05. Mechanical Problem
There are wheels, bearings, and shafts inside the drill. These touch each other and rotating and moving each other. When the surface is touching, its heat can be increased. So tools can overheat easily.

06. Old Brushes
This is the main problem of the brushed drills. Brushes are scratch with the commutator, and it can be abrasion due to the friction. Brushes are made with carbon or copper pads. When we are working continuously, it can overheat easily.

07. Continous Working
Tools are not designed for continuous working. When the temperature of the tool is increased, we have to keep it cool. It is the normal way that we work.

08. No Lubricants
Lubricants are essential for reducing friction and heat absorption. If you can apply the lubricants to the end of the drill bit, you can have a good result. It will act as a thermal controller also.

09. Wrong Drill Bit Angle
This widely happens in woodworking. There is an angle for the drill bit for efficient cutting. When there is no correct angle drill bit will rotate the same point and cause that for an external fire.

These are the main reason for the drill overheating. There may be some more reasons that I did not face. So let’s see how to avoid these factors.

How to Avoid Drill Overheating?

When you are working, there are reasons for your drill overheating. So let’s see how to avoid each one technically.

01. Apply Low Pressure
When you are drilling, do not pressure too much. Let it move if that is not moved pressure a bit. None of this work checks the drill bit cutting angle.

02. Do not Cover Ventilation Holes
Do not cover the ventilation holes with your hand. Carefully hold it without covering it. As well as clear it as much as possible.

03. Select Suitable Drill
According to your task, you should select the suitable tool with enough torque and RPMs. Else you can work with it efficiently.

04. Always Keep Clean With Dust
When dust goes inside, it can scratch the electric wires. So these can be short when the tool is working.

05. Apply Grease
Grease is the best lubricant for mechanical problems. If you can grease the drill after you work, it can reduce the repairs and increase the lifetime of the drill.

06. Change the Brushes
After every 50-60 Hours of work or when the brush length is about a quarter-inch long, you can change the brush.

07. Work with Break
When you are working, let the tools cool to avoid overheating problems.

08. Apply the Lubricants
When you are drilling, use the lubricants if it is possible, you can decide it with the material that you drill.

09. Use Correct Drill Bit angle
Always use the correct drill bit angle for the best cutting performance.

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How To Fix The Overheated Drill?

The overheated drill can be fixed after identify the damaged part. Mostly drill motor brush is damaged due to overheating. You can replace the brushes easily. If there is more effect contact the customer support.

Sometimes inside the plastic can be melt and inside shape also be changed. It is a better solution if you can buy a new one.

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Fix overheated drill

Can I Reuse the Overheated Drill?

You can reuse the overheated drill after repair or replace the damaged part. If its performance is reduced, try to replace the parts instead of repairing them.

How Drilling Wood Cause fire?

When drilling the wood with a drill bit can cause fire due to the wrong drill bit cutting angle. When the drill bit cutting angle is not a proper angle, it can scratch on the wood, and this causes the fire due to high rotations and scratching the wood.

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How to Cool Down a Drill?

When you work with a drill, you should cool down both drill and drill bit. You can cool the drill by keeping it under the shelter. Do not keep under the heavy sunlight and also keep a cup of water or any lubricant to cool the drill bit.

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