9 Cordless Drill Problems and Solutions

Drills and drivers are widely used for the drilling and driving process and it cause a lot of problems without working properly. Most domestically used drills and drivers are powered by a cordless power supply, and we can charge it and reuse it continuously. There are problems with both drills and batteries.

I have mentioned suitable reasons and solutions for that problem. That will be the most appropriate solution for that problem. So use your drill, driver, and battery correctly for a long time. So let’s keep reading on until you solve it.


Why is The Drill Overheating?

Reasons for the Drill Overheating

  1. Use the drill in a high-temperature area.
  2. Use drills with more workload.
  3. Inner circuit short in the drilling machine
  4. lack of lubricants in the drill
  5. Covering the ventilation in the drill
  6. Apply more pressure to the drill

Solutions for the Drill Overheating

  1. Using a drilling machine in a low-temperature area can prevent the drill from overheating.
  2. Do not use drill machines continuously in more workload.
  3. Apply inner lubricants on the bearings of the drill
  4. Do not cover drill ventilation on both sides.
  5. Apply enough pressure on the drill. Do not pressure too much

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Why Does Drill Slowly Spin?

Reasons for Slow Drill Rotating

  1. Drill batteries are not charged properly.
  2. The drill trigger is not pressed completely.
  3. Drill coil or wire partially burned.
  4. Drill brushes are wearing out.
  5. The electrical path in the drill has been damaged

Solutions for Slow Drill Rotating

  1. Charge the batteries 90% of their full capacity Do not charge 100% or discharge 0%
  2. The trigger can be stuck due to dust or material parts. So check it
  3. Due to the unexpected current or voltage, the armature coil can burn partially.
  4. Brushes are worn due to friction. It can not touch fully with the commutator. Check it
  5. Due to long time usage, its inner electrical path can be damaged

Why is the Hammer Drill Mechanism not Activated?

Reasons for Not Activating Hammer Mechanism

  1. Not applying sufficient pressure to the hammer drill
  2. The hammer drill battery is not charged properly
  3. Inner friction of the hammer drill

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Solutions for Not Activating Hammer Mechanism

  1. Applying a suitable pressure on the hammer drill
  2. Always use a fully charged hammer drill battery
  3. Apply lubricants in the hammer drill head to slip through the anvil easily.

Why Drill is Smoking and Sparking?

Reasons for the Drill Smoking

  1. Drill brushes are wearing out.
  2. Debris is on the commutator and brushes in the drill.
  3. Drill ventilation is covered by hand.
  4. The bearing is not lubricating.

Solutions for the Drill Smoking

  1. Use brand new brushes for the drill machines when it reach 3/4 of the length.
  2. Clean the brushes and commutator with an electrical cleaning compound
  3. Do not cover ventilation by hand when you drill
  4. Always repair and lubricate

Why Drill Machine Smell Badly?

Reasons for Bad Smell in the Drill Machines

  1. Inner parts of the drill machine, such as plastic and rubber particles, are melting when it heats up.
  2. Lubricants and grease in the drilling machine heating up.
  3. Use the drill machine by pushing hard.

Solutions for Bad Smell in the Drill Machines

  1. Avoid of using cordless drills in extreme heat and sunlight
  2. Lubricants, the drilling machine regularly.
  3. Do not push hard on the drill.

Why Drill Chuck Has Loosen?

Reason for Drill Chuck Loosening

  1. chuck is lost due to the bearing ball is not moving properly inside the hex shank. So you had better check it and fix it. I will guide you to fix the lost chuck of the impact driver. check here

Solution for Drill Chuck Loosening

  1. Replace the bearing ball and change the inner springs

Why the Drill Batery is Not Charging Properly?

Reasons for not Charging the Drill Battery

  1. The drill battery is dead.
  2. Drill battery charger is not connected to the battery
  3. The power source of the drill battery charger is not activated
  4. Drill battery inner circuit short
  5. The drill battery is hot or cold

Solutions for not Charging the Drill Battery

  1. If the drill battery is dead, you can revive it up using the same battery.
  2. Check the drill battery pin clogging due to dust, lubricants, and chips.
  3. Check power source of the drill battery charger whether it is connected to the correct power source and switch on
  4. When the the drill battery is too hot and cold there is automatic protection system is activated. So you are not able to use it when this is activated. Keep the battery cool and then test it.

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Why Drill Battery is Overheating?

Reasons for Drill Battery Overheating

  1. Use a cordless drill in higher temperatures.
  2. Use drill battery in higher voltage drill.
  3. Continuously using the drilling machine.

Solutions for Drill Battery Overheating

  1. Do not use cordless drills in high temperatures.
  2. Avoid using lower voltage batteries in higher voltage drilling machines.
  3. Do not use the drilling machine continuously. Let it rest to cool.

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