Can I Use an SDS Drill Bit in Hammer Drill?

SDS drill bits and hammer drill bits are different according to their chuck, usage, and mechanism. Using an SDS drill bit in a hammer drill is a real solution for drilling heavy-duty materials. Normally SDS drills are used for tough material drilling. But let’s see, using the SDS drill bit will help do the same job when it is used in a hammer drill.

SDS drill bits cannot be used in hammer drills because both tools are with different chucks, drill bits cross-sections, and mechanisms. When it mounts, jaws and rails do not tight well. Therefore SDS drill bit can’t be used in hammer drills due to the inclination of the drill bit.

Hammer drill and SDS drill are different as well as SDS plus; SDS max is also different by its mechanism, usage, and external tools. So will it be worth using the SDS drill bit in the hammer drill? So let’s keep read on all in detail step by step.

What are the Differences Between SDS Drill Bits and Hammer Drill Bits?

drill bits cross sections
Hammer drill, SDS plus, and SDS max drill bit cross-sections

According to the above explanation, you can see there is a different mechanism in the hammer drill and SDS drill, and also you can see there is a difference in the chuck and drill bits. Drill bits are made with different materials. Those drill bits are also used for different purposes. Due to this reason, hammer drills and SDS drills use different drill bits.

Regular drill bits are circular cross-section drill bits. But consider the SDS drill. This is slightly different. The reason is the hammering mechanism.

The regular hammer drill is not more powerful than the SDS hammer drill. So hammer drill bits are also not as stronger as SDS drill bits and have different cross-sections.

What are the Differences Between SDS Drill Chuck and Hammer Drill Chuck?

Chuck difference of Hammer drill and SDS drill

According to the hammering mechanism, the chuck has been designed. Chuck is the place where the tool is mounted. The regular hammer drill is keyless and with jaws. Those jaws can be loosened and then mount to the drill bit and tighten. So this is a simple task.

The hammer drill chuck is moving forward and backwards when the hammer action happens. But consider the SDS hammer drills. There is no movement of the chuck.

Chuck is independent by moving forward and backwards in SDS drills. The drill bit will move instead of chuck moving in the SDS hammer drill. SDS chuck is easy to use than a hammer drill chuck. There is no tighten. Just pull the back from the front and mount the tool and then move forward.

As well as there are no jaws. There is a ball a bearing. Due to the drill bit movement, it will not provide back force or any extra force to the user.

Consider the SDS and SDS max. There are different types of chuck because those are used for different types of tasks.

Can I Use SDS Drill Bits On Hammer Drill?

SDS drill bit cross-section and hammer drill cross-section are different. Although the SDS drill bit can fit a regular hammer drill with its jaws, it can’t place direct. It will be inclined when it fits with jaws due to rails in the drill bits. Due to this reason, the SDS drill bit is not able to use in a regular hammer drill.

Because hammer drills are not much power for operating the SDS drill bits task. So it is useless.

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Can I Use Hammer Drill Bits on SDS Drill?

drill bit chuck adaptor

Hammer drill bit can be used for SDS drill bit with using the SDS Drill bit chuck adaptor. SDS drills are more powerful than hammer drills. SDS drill can be used for any hammering task which used for the hammer drill. It will cost 15-20$.

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