Can I Use Hammer Drill for Concrete? – Hard Drilling Guide

Hammer drills are used for hard drilling purposes. Due to the hammering action and drill bit structure, it can drill the hard material easily. So can you use a hammer drill for concrete? This is a guide about ways and techniques you should know about that process.

Can you use a hammer drill for concrete? Hammer drills can be used for concrete drilling successfully. When it uses, the hammering mechanism, and drill bit structure speed up the drilling process. In order to gain the maximum result, you can use the carbide tip drill bit. That can be used for both concrete and rebars.

Hammer drills are mainly used for hard material drilling purposes. It can be concrete, stone, brick, and many more. So This guide will help you to find the right drill bits, tool options, and the correct methods and ways for correct technical methods for concrete drilling.

How Does Hammer Drill Mechanism Help to Drill Concrete?

Hammer Drill Use for Concrete Drilling
Hammer Drill Use for Concrete Drilling

How does a hammer drill work?. A Hammer drill is a combination of hammering and spinning processes. Simply entire chuck is a bit moving forward and backward on the axis of rotation. Hammer drills are mostly used for hard surface drillings such as stone, concrete, and bricks. Standard drilling is based on constant spinning. But hammer drilling is a quite different process.

The drill bit moves forward and backward and it can crush the materials into small pieces. The moving rate is called BPM (blows per minute). These blows are with low force. But it happens thousand times per minute. This kind of process can crush the front-end material and remove it with the flutes of the drill bit.

There are hammer drilling machines that can switch on-off the hammering function as well as the spinning function. You can use a hammer drill as a baker with only the hammering option switched on.

Modern hammer drills are powered with cordless batteries as well as with cords. Cordless batteries are with the minimum charging time. Most cordless batteries are 20V and their power will be varied with the capacity of the battery. There are famous products in the market, such as Dewalt, Milwaukee, Makita, Bosch, Ryobi, Black and Decker, and many more. Every brand is performing well but specified for the tasks.

How to Drilling Through Rebar and Pipe Inside Wall?

When you try to drill inside concrete or wall using the hammer drill the main problem will be rebars and inside pipes. So if you do not have a rebar cutter you are not able to drill using a hammer drill through the steel.

You should aware of the rebar area as well as the pipe area. Standard plastic pipes can be drill easily. But if that is essential, you can miss it by checking the radar method, or electromagnetic method.

But easily you can use Bosch D-tect 150 CNT wall scanner detector for scanning the wall inside. It will detect material type inside the wall and the distance for that. It can scan wires, metals as well as plastic also. It can detect 6″ (150mm) max inside the walls.

If you drill through the rebar inside the wall you will need two drill bits, a rebar cutter, and concrete bits. This is a time-spending process. Hence it is not a good option. Nowadays there are carbide bits such as Bosch SpeedXtreme can drill both concrete and rebar together. Those are powered with the carbide tip.

Hammer Drill Bits and Tips for Concrete Drilling

Hammer Drill Bits
Hammer Drill Bits

Conservational drilling is only spinning and material is removed by cutting, using the drill bit. There is standard drill bit angles for more efficient drilling. This is mostly used in soft materials such as wood (not soft but consider with stone it is soft).

Drill bits are made with steel. The woodworking drill bits do not need more strength. Sharpen and strength is the key element for the wood drilling.

When you need to drill through hard material such as concrete, stone, and bricks the situation is completely changed. You cant drill concrete with the woodworking drill bits. There are drill bits that are made with (HSS High-Speed Steel) Which is powered with the carbide tip. That is the real solution for the hard drilling techniques

There are two types of drill bits powered by the carbide.

  • Single head cutter
  • Quad head cutter

A quad head cutter is more efficient than a single head cutter. It is about 25%. when you select the drill bit make sure whether it is powered with a carbide tip. There are some drill bits that are with a small layer of the carbide end of the drill bit. Those are not good for the continuous drilling process. That will melt due to the pressure and temperature.

Best Drilling Tips For Wood, Stone, and Concrete.

01. Select the suitable drill bit according to the material
02. Start on marked “x” point
03. Start drilling on nail punch point
04. Use a dust removing method
05. Start slower
07. Increase speed slowly to high
08. Do not force the drill
09. Make sure drill and battery, not overheat
10. Let drill bit and drill cool after 1-2 inch
11. Make a spot for cooling. (water cup)
12. Stop with free drilling for a clean cut
13. Take out with spinning the drill bit


When drilling the concrete, the hammer drill is the best option. Hammering and spinning techniques can increase the efficiency of the drilling process. Before you drill inside the wall there may be different materials such as metal, plastic, wires related to pipes, rebars, and live electric wires. To reduce the effect of the damage you can use any scanner such as Bosch D-tect 150 CNT.

In order to reduce the drilling time, you can use the carbide-powered drill bits for drilling both concrete and rebars inside the concrete. As well as these are highly efficient and will last long 5X than a standard drill bit. For maximum efficiency, you can use the above tips and tricks for the best drilling task.

Can a Hammer Drill bit Use in a Regular drill?

Hammer drill bits are used for hard materials such as brick, stone, and concrete. Regular drills are used for wood drilling purposes. Therefore hammer drill bits are not sharp for clear-cutting holes. For drilling wood, will need a well sharp and proper angled drill bit. So hammer drill bits will not provide well-finished drill holes when it use in regular drills.

Can a Regular Drill Bit Use in Hammer Drills?

Regular drill bits are for drilling woods and timber. These are not able to use for the hammer drills. Because hammer drills are used for drilling stone, brick, and concrete. If you use a regular drill bit in a hammer drill it will be melt and break due to high temperature and pressure.

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