How Many CC Chainsaw Do I Need?

It is a great idea to buy a chainsaw for you because it will help to remove unwanted trees and wood as you wish. When you buy it, you should know about the chainsaw cc (cylinder capacity) of the chainsaw before you buy it. Because the performance of the chainsaw depends on the chainsaw CC. So do you know how many CC is enough for a chainsaw? So let’s see, how many CC chainsaws do you need?

Normally, chainsaw cc depends on the purpose it uses. A lighter-cutting chainsaw cc should be up to 30cc, firewood-cutting chainsaws up to 45cc, firewood business chainsaws up to 65cc, and tree-cutting service chainsaws should have more than 65cc.

More than that, there is horsepower to measure the power but most use cylinder capacity as a measurement. So let’s see in-depth about chain saw CC.

What is CC in Chain Saw?

“CC” in chainsaw stands for the cylinder capacity of the chainsaw engine. This measures the size of the engine displacement. The chainsaw CC is measured in cubic centimeters or cubic inches. Sometimes it is measured by the Cubic inch. A higher chain saw consumes high gas mix consumption and it produces a higher chainsaw db level.

You can convert Cubic Inches to CC by multiplying 16.3871 (1 Cubic Inch = 16.3871 Cubic Centimeters)

What is Chainsaw Horse Power?

Chainsaw horsepower is the power that a chainsaw engine produces. It’s the measure of the engine’s work rate. Higher horsepower means the chainsaw can handle larger, more intensive cutting tasks better. It can be calculated based on the engine’s displacement in cubic centimeters (cc), the number of revolutions per minute (RPM), and the torque.

One horsepower is equal to 735.5 watts (1hp=735.5 watts).

How Many CCs Does a Chainsaw Have?

So let’s discuss in-depth about chainsaw CC. Chainsaw CC stands for the cylinder capacity of the chainsaw. It is measured by Cubic Centimeters or Cubic Inches. Both are used to measure the cylinder capacity of the engine. Normally, most chainsaws are made as 2-stroke.

According to the workload and usage, we can categorize all chainsaw CC into 4 main categories.

Chainsaw CategoryTaskCylinder Capacity (CC)
Lighter cutting chain sawCut small-size trunks, fallen limbsUp to 30cc
Firewood cutting chain sawChainsaw for tree-cutting services30cc – 45cc
Firewood Business chain sawLarger wood-cutting jobs45cc – 65cc
Chainsaw for tree cutting servicesProfessional businessMore than 65cc

Chainsaw CC and Usage Category

  1. Lighter cutting chain saw – Lighter cutting chainsaws are used to cut wood that is less than 9″ in diameter. This is really good for cutting trunks, fallen limbs, and small size wood. If you choose a chainsaw for this, you can have up to 30cc chainsaws. Due to its lightweight and size, you can operate the tool easily.
  2. Firewood cutting chain saw – To cut mid-size wood and firewood, you can choose this chainsaw CC between 30cc-45cc. Using this, you can cut 9″ – 1′ 6″ diameter trees easily. It will be a great solution for the firewood-cutting process.
  3. Firewood Business chain saw – To cut more giant-sized diameter trees, you can choose this chainsaw cc category, which is between 45cc and 65cc. This is pretty good for the wood-cutting job. This is really good for the 1′ 6″- 3′ diameter trees.
  4. Chainsaw for tree-cutting services – Tree-cutting services need more length bars and more powerful chainsaws. So, large-size, high-performance chainsaws should be used for tree-cutting services. Trees of various diameters need to be cut in any environmental condition. So it is better if you have chainsaws that are more than 65cc.

When you invest in chainsaws, you should know whether chainsaws is worth it for the money. Because chainsaws are different in size and performance. So you should use the right one always.

different chainsaw sizes
Higher CC Chainsaws Have Longer Bars

How Many CC is a Husquarna Chainsaw?

Husqvarna chainsaw is one of the most used chainsaws in the USA. So it is better to know about the Husquarna Chainsaw CC and bar length. Before you buy this, please refer to the above table to select the right chainsaw CC and category.

Husqvarna ModelHusqvarna ModelCC Size
Husqvarna T5251227.3
Husqvarna T43512-1635.2
Husqvarna 43914-1635.2
Husqvarna 135 Mark II1637.6
Husqvarna T540 XP II14-1637.7
Husqvarna 1301638
Husqvarna 1201638
Husqvarna 4401841
Husqvarna 4351641
Husqvarna 1351641
Husqvarna 543 XP1643
Husqvarna 445 1850
Husqvarna 450 Rancher18-2050.1
Husqvarna 455 Rancher2055.7
Husqvarna 460 Rancher2460.3
Husqvarna chainsaw cc and bar length

How Many CC is a STIHL Chainsaw?

STIHL small large chainsaws
Different-size STIHL chainsaws

STIHL is one of the most used chainsaws in the USA. So when you buy a STIHL chainsaw, you can find so many product variations. In this guide, you can find the chainsaws CC sizes up to 45cc.

STHIL ModelBar LengthCC Size
MS 17012-1630.1
MS 18012-1631.8
MS 180 C-BE12-1631.8
MS 181 C-BE12-1631.8
MS 151 C-E10-1223.6
MS 194 C-E12-1631.8
MS 201 C-EM12-1635.2
MS 2111835.2
MS 211 C-BE1835.2
MS 2501845.4
MS 250 WOOD BOSS1845.6
MS 251 C-BE1845.6
STIHL chainsaw CC sizes and bar length

How Many CC is a 20-inch Chainsaw

Normally, a 20-inch chain saw has a 50 cc engine capacity because it is used for larger wood-cutting jobs.

When a chainsaw bar length is increased, its cylinder capacity should be increased. Because it should withstand higher resistance due to length. To avoid this, the engine should be more powerful.

What can be Used for a 40 CC Chainsaw?

A 40 CC chainsaw is a medium-sized tool that is versatile enough to cut medium-sized woods such as 1′-2′ diameter trees. This 40 CC chainsaw might be used for:

  1. Light to moderate pruning – Removing branches from trees and managing overgrown brush.
  2. Limbing – Cutting branches off a downed tree.
  3. Cutting firewood – A 40 CC chainsaw should suffice for most residential firewood needs.
  4. Small tree felling – A 40 CC chainsaw can likely handle small to medium-sized trees.
  5. DIY projects – This chainsaw size is also handy for various home improvement or craft projects involving wood.

What are the Disadvantages of High-Capacity Chainsaws?

High-capacity chainsaws are always powerful, but they have these 8 disadvantages always.

  1. Heavier weight.
  2. Higher fuel consumption.
  3. More difficult to maneuver.
  4. Tends to be more expensive.
  5. Higher maintenance costs.
  6. Increased noise levels.
  7. Greater potential for kickback.
  8. Requires more strength and skill to operate safely.

How Does the CC of a Chainsaw Affect its Fuel Efficiency?

A chainsaw with a larger CC will consume more fuel because it has a larger engine that produces more power. However, the overall fuel efficiency also depends on other factors, including the design of the engine, the fuel type, and the way the chainsaw is used. For instance, constantly running a chainsaw at full throttle will consume more fuel, regardless of the engine size.

Does Chain Saw Gas Oil Mix Change With CC?

No, the gas-to-oil mix ratio for chainsaws does not change based on the CC or engine displacement. The ratio is generally determined by the chainsaw’s manufacturer and can typically be found in the chainsaw’s manual. Common ratios include 50:1 and 40:1, meaning 50 or 40 parts gasoline to 1 part oil.

Does Chain Saw Noise Level Change With CC?

Yes, generally, the noise level of a chainsaw increases with its CC or engine size. Larger, more powerful engines tend to produce more noise. However, the chainsaw db level depends on the design of the chainsaw’s exhaust system, build quality, and the type of chain used. When you use a chainsaw, you should use appropriate hearing protection regardless of its size.

A Cordless Drills Powerful as Corded?

Corded drills are more powerful than cordless ones. Due to the cable power supply, corded drills can operate for a long period without any power problems and it produces a higher amount of power rather than cordless drills. So corded is highly recommended for tough tasks.

How much Voltage is needed for Cordless Drills?

A cordless drill voltage varies with the power consumption of the tool. A lightweight cordless drill can be powered up with 12V-18V voltage while a heavy-duty cordless drill requires 20V,36V, or 48V voltage. The higher voltage tools are more efficient and produce higher torque and RPM, which help to increase the efficiency.

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