Why is My Circular Saw Sparking? – How I Fixed It!

A Circular saw is a useful cutting tool for woodworking. When it uses, we can see some problems. Among them, sparking is a rare problem, and we can fix it easily. In this guide, you can study in-depth detail about reasons and solutions for circular saw sparking. So let’s see why does a circular saw is sparking?

Normally, a circular saw is sparking due to reasons such as worn brushes, damaged windings, worn bearing, dust or debris, and unexpected metal cutting. You can fix this by changing carbon brushes on time and properly maintaining the circular saw on time.

Normally, the motor can spark to a certain extent, but it is not a problem. Sometimes it can be visible slightly. If the sparking is huge, we can clearly visible it and also noise will change due to this. So let’s see all in detail about circular saw sparking in detail with suitable solutions.

What is Circular Saw Sparking?

The circular saw sparking is indicating sparking in the circular saw motor. Circular saw sparking can be visible through the motor ventilization areas while it is spinning. Circular saw sparking can be caused due to worn-out carbon brushes, faulty armatures, damaged electrical components, dust and debris, damaged windings, using a circular saw on the wrong material, dull or damaged circular saw blade.

What are the 6 Causes of Circular Saw Sparking?

1. Worn Out Carbon Brushes

Circular saws are powered by DC motors. These consist of brushes, commutators, windings, and armature. Brushes are used to provide the current to the armature. One side of the brush is connected to the power source, and the other end is connected to the commutator.

When the commutator is spinning, brushes touch the commutator surface to provide power. As a result of this, brushes can wear due to heat and friction. Brushes are made with carbon because carbon is a good conductor.

Normally, we can see slight sparking from the brushes. When the brushes are worn, we can see clear and light speaking from inside the motor. So you should fix it as soon as you see this. Otherwise, sparking will damage the inside winding and plastic materials easily.

After the brush is worn, the copper part will touch with the commutator. This will be a huge problem if you do not change the brushes on time.

2. Damaged Windings

When a current flows through a conduction wire, a magnetic field can be generated. This is the basic mechanism of the electric motor. In order to increase the power of the motor, a strong magnetic field is generated.

This can be happened by increasing the windings of the motor. These windings are covered with an insulation film. When this is damaged, the winding can be short due to the inside current.

Due to heat, dust, and debris, fil can be damaged. When it is damaged, we can see sparking during the spinning. So you should fix it as soon as you see it the first time.

3. Worn Bearings

Bearing is used to hold the arbor shaft. Usually, the bearing can be damaged due to continuous working without any repair or maintenance. Oil or grease should be applied to the bearing to have a smooth rotation. When it is used for a long time without any lubricants, it can wear due to friction and heat.

Ultimately, we can see sparking there. You can check this by moving the saw blade. You can hear abnormal noise from the motor. When you observe this, you had better replace the bearing as much as possible.

4. Dust and Debris

When a circular saw is used for a long time without any repair or maintenance. It can spark due to the dust or debris inside. Normally, dust will not easily be removed due to the applied lubricants and grease. As a result of this, these particles will make the spark inside and we can observe circular saw smoking.

Most debris can remain between the commutator spacing. So it should clean properly when you maintain the circular saw.

5. Damaged Electrical Components

Damaged electrical components in the circular saw motor can spark while the motor is rotating. Electrical components such as carbon brushes can be damaged due to regular friction, windings can be damaged due to short circuits, commutators can be damaged due to wear out or warping, and bearings can be damaged due to higher heat and friction over time.

6. Faulty Armatures

The armature contains windings that interact with the magnetic field to provide power and rotational force to the saw. Over time, these windings can wear out and become damaged or short-circuited, which can cause significant sparking in the circular saw. This sparking can produce excessive heat, which, in turn, can damage other components of the saw.

Additionally, a faulty armature can lead to decreased saw performance, resulting in poor-quality cuts. Furthermore, excessive load or abrupt increases in load can damage the armature. Therefore, maintaining your tool’s armature in good condition is important to the longevity and functionality of the circular saw.

7. Circular Saw is Used on the Wrong Material

When the circular saw is used on the wrong material, it can spark due to higher friction and overheating of the motor. Hard materials are highly resistant to cutting and produce a lot of heat in the circular saw motor. As a result of this we can see saw sparking in the circular saw.

8. Dull or Damaged Circular Saw Blade

A dull or damaged circular saw blade can cause to spark in the circular saw. When a circular saw blade becomes dull its cutting efficiency decreases. As a result of that, it requires more effort to cut the materials. This tends to produce more heat and friction in the circular saw.

What are the Disadvantages of Circular Saw Sparking?

Circular saw sparking causes several disadvantages for tool and the user as below.

  1. Damage to the tool – Circular saw sparking can cause overheating and potentially burn out the saw’s motor.
  2. Decreased the tool performance – Circular saw a sparking decrease in the tool performance.
  3. Safety risks – Circular saw sparks can ignite flammable substances in the workspace, potentially causing a fire. Also, if the sparks are due to a short circuit, there is a risk of electrical shock.
  4. Reduce the lifespan of the tool – Circular saw sparking can reduce the lifespan of the tool due to the wear and tear of the tool components.
  5. Increased maintenance and replacement costs – When a circular saw is sparking, it typically indicates that some parts are worn out or damaged. These parts will likely need to be replaced regularly, increasing the cost of maintaining the tool.

How to Prevent Circular Saw Sparking?

You can follow the below steps to prevent the circular saw from sparking

  1. Regular Inspection: Regularly inspect your circular saw for any signs of wear and tear. Pay special attention to the condition of the carbon brushes and replace them when they wear thin.
  2. Proper Lubrication: Ensure all moving parts, particularly the motor bearings, are adequately lubricated. This reduces friction and helps prevent overheating that can lead to excessive sparking.
  3. Cleanliness: Keep your saw clean, especially the vent slots and the motor commutator.
  4. Use Proper Blades: Always use sharp blades and ensure they are the correct type for the material being cut. A dull or improper blade can increase the load on the motor, causing it to overheat and spark.
  5. Avoid Overloading: Be aware of the limitations of your saw and avoid cutting materials that are harder, denser or thicker than it can handle. Overloading the saw can cause the motor to strain and potentially spark.
  6. Regular Servicing: Have your saw regularly serviced by a professional. They can inspect the armature and other components for any signs of damage or wear that could lead to sparking.

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