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A Circular saw is a very useful cutting tool in woodworking. Due to the portability, low power consumption it can use easily both indoors and outdoor projects. We have to consider the circular saw weight as an important factor when we buy a circular saw.

Circular saw weight depends on the types of circular saws and the position of the power motor. The average weight of the sidewinder circular saw 8-10 pounds, worm drive saw 10-15 pounds, and hypoid saw 12-18 pounds. Using magnesium and aluminum can reduce the circular saw weight. But it affects the cost of the circular saw.

There are types of saws in the market with different specifications. A light circular saw is very useful. But it is not worth it every time. So let’s see, how does a circular saw weight affects the performance of the cutting process and dive in-depth of weight-related problems.

Circular Saw Types and Weight

Circular Saw TypeWeight Range
Sidewinder saw8-10 pounds
Worm drive saw10-15 pounds
Hypoid saw12-18 pounds
Circular saw weight and types

When we use a circular saw we must be able to handle it easily with a single hand. Normally we know, we can easily handle 2-3 kg of weight (4-8 pounds). If the weight is increased, hand will pain hardly. So a circular saw weight also needs to be around 2-4 kg.

A circular saw can be handled by using a single hand. According to the motor position, it can be categorized into many categories. Those are sidewinder, worm drive, hypoid saw, helical saw, and spur gear circular saws. These circular saws have been designed in order to maximize the performance and reduce the weight, and size. Sidewinder is the most used circular saw in the industry.

When a circular saw performance is increased, its weight and cost will be increased.

Because higher performance circular saw requires wider diameter saw blades. As a result of this, a more powerful motor is needed. In order to increase the power of the motor, it needs to increase the magnetic field and windings. So both will need to use more material. As a result of this weight will be increased.

Circular saws have different types. According to the motor placing type will be changed. When the power motor is placed perpendicular to the saw blade will be a sidewinder circular saw. If the power motor is parallel to the saw blade, it will be a worm drive circular saw. Worm drive saws are more weight.

Because it needs an additional gearbox to turn the saw blade spinning. The saw blade is not directly fit to the arbor shaft. It has a gear system in order to turn the saw blade from 90 degrees.

According to the additional parts, we can expect more maintenance and problem in worm drive circular saws.

Circular Saw Weight and Blade Size

Circular SawBlade SizeWeight (Pounds)
Dewalt (DWE575SB)7-1/4-Inch8.8
Dewalt (DCS391B)6-1/2-Inch7.1
Skillsaw 5280-017-1/4-Inch8.7
Sillsaw 5080-017-1/4-Inch6.95
Makita 5007Mg7-1/4-Inch10.6
Makita XSS02Z (cordless)6-1/2-Inch8.2
BLACK+DECKER (BDCCS20C)5-1/2 inch7.55
BOSCH (CCS180B) cordless 18V6-1/2-Inch7.8
CRAFTSMAN (CMES510)7-1/4-Inch11.05
CRAFTSMAN (CMCS500B)6-1/2-Inch6.5
Most used circular saws, blade size and their weight

This is a very important thing. More weight means more stability. So there are some advantages also. When the circular saw weight is increased, we can see fewer vibrations

When the blade is thicker, it is more strong and more stable. It will reduce the saw blade problems such as smoking and burning wood because a strong blade will reduce the blade wobble, dull, and blunt the saw teeth. A thicker saw blade can increase the weight a bit. But it will not affect too much.

But thinner saw blade can bend or be damaged easily. As a result of this, we can see structure fail on the saw blade.

Why Does Magnesium Use to Reduce the Circular Saw Weight?

Magnesium is used to reduce the circular saw weight because it is 33 % lighter than aluminum and 75 % lighter than steel. Hence it is the lightest and strong metal with an excellent resistance/weight ratio. So it is used to mix with steel and make the essential more weight parts.

How Much Does a Side Winder Circular Saw Weight?

 SideWinder Circular Saw
SideWinder Circular Saw

A sidewinder circular saw weight will be 8-10 pounds, including all parts. When the performance is increased its weight can be increased due to adding more winding and magnetics power to increase the power.

Sidewinder circular saws are the most used circular saw for woodworking. The sidewinder circular saw motor is perpendicular to the saw blade. The saw blade is directly connected with the arbor shaft of the saw blade. As a result of this, we can expect higher RPM such as 5000-8000 RPM. Due to the circular saw motor, it is wider than its shoe. Sidewinder saws do not have any gears in order to transfer the rotation to the saw blade. So it can consider as a less-weight circular saw.

Due to the less weight of sidewinder circular saws, it can be used overhead works easily.

How Much Does a Worm Drive Circular Saw Weight?

Worm Drive Circular Saw
Worm Drive Circular Saw

A worm drive circular saw weight will be 10-15 pounds. It has more weight due to the gearbox and lubricants. The worm drive circular saw power motor is parallel to the circular saw blade. Hence there is an additional mechanism to rotate the saw blade using a gearbox.

The gearbox consists of 2-3 gears and lubricants are needed to reduce the friction of the gear teeth. As a result of this additional material, it will be a bit wight than a regular sidewinder saw.

Worm drive circular saw has higher torque due to its lower RPM. In order to reduce the weight of the worm drive circular saw, it has been designed with a lightweight magnesium housing for cooler running, and for long tool life. It is built to withstand years of tough worksite conditions. Most of the tools use die-cast magnesium footplates for higher strength.

Circular Saw Vs Hand Saw Weight

When we consider the circular saw and hand saw weight, there is no doubt, circular saws have more weight. Because hand saws are made with a single blade and it has teeth in order to saw the workpiece. But Circular saws are made with lots of mechanical and electronic components. So it has more weight. But a circular saw is high performance than a hand saw.

Circular Saw Vs Jig Saw Weight

Normally, circular saw weight can be 8-12 pounds, and jigsaw weight will be 4-6 pounds. When considering these saws, a circular saw is more powerful than a jigsaw. So if you wish to buy one of them considering the weight it is not a wise decision. Usage performance is different in both saws. So it is better to have the right circular saw every time.

How Much Does a Cordless Circular Saw Weight?

A cordless circular saw can weigh 6 -10 pounds, including a battery. According to the usage, there are different diameter blades. 4 1/2 blade will be a mini cordless circular saw, and it will be 6-8 pounds of weight. When we consider the cordless circular saws, we can expect brushless motor circular saws are less weight than brushes motors.

Cordless circular saws are a very useful tool for electricity supply problems. Cordless circular saws are powered by Li-Ion batteries. These batteries are with 24V,36V, and 56V voltages and 2Amh, 3Amh, 5Amh, and higher according to the power requirement of the circular saw. But considering the corded circular saws, those are weak in performance due to battery power.

A Li-Ion saw battery will weigh less than 1 pound. So it will not affect the cordless circular saw too much.

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