Is it Worth Buying a Mini Circular Saw?

Circular saws are a very important cutting tool in woodworking. When selecting a circular saw there are various tools related to size, power supply, and blade sizes. Mini circular saws are one of them related to the size and weight of the circular saw. A mini circular saw is small in size and lightweight considering the regular circular saw. So let’s see is it worth buying a mini circular saw?

Actually, a mini circular saw is really worth it because it consumes less power than a large circular saw. Minicircular saws have a lower cutting depth; hence it can be used efficiently. Those are lightweight and small in size. As well as mini circular saws can be used on various materials such as wood, plastic, tile, and steel plates, portability.

The main disadvantages of the mini circular saw are due to producing lower power, limited cutting capacity, short power cord, less durability and less safety.

What are the Minicircular Saws?

Minicircular saws, also known as mini circular saws or compact circular saws. Minicircularsaws are smaller, handheld versions of the traditional circular saws used for cutting various materials such as wood, metal, and ceramics.

Mini circular saws are powered by electricity. The main power source of the mini circular saw is rechargeable Li-Ion cordless batteries. The weight range of the minicircular saw varies between 3 to 6 pounds. Its speed is between 3500 RPM and 4000 RPM. TCT blades, HSS blades and diamond blades can be used on mini circular saws for different materials. The saw blade size of the minicircular saw is 4-1/2 Inch. Mini circular saw blade consists of 24 teeth and 60 teeth.

The main purpose of the mini circular saw is to cut shallow cutting depth in workpieces where is narrow space or lack of power source. Mini circular saws are used by both professionals and DIY enthusiasts, carpenters, builders, electricians, plumbers those who need powerful and small cutting tools.

What are the 5 Advantages of Using a Minicircular Saw?

The main 5 advantages of using a mini circular saw are due to consumes less power, has a lower cutting depth, lightweight, small in size, versatility and portability.

1. Mini Circular Saw Consume Minimum Power

Mini Circular Saw

The power consumption of a mini circular saw depends on the tool voltage and battery capacity. Because most of the mini circular saws are powered by Li-Ion batteries. So 12V, 18V, the battery voltage can be used and according to the performance tool current can be varied.

Many mini circular saws are used for cutting wood, plastic, metal plates, and PVC. So it really needs a higher current. In order to fulfil the power requirements, 2 Amh, 4 Amh, and 5 Amh batteries can be used in these tools.

Regular cordless circular saws also use these kinds of power requirements. When considering the performance of the same tool, we can see higher performance on a mini circular saw.

Imagine that the tool consumes 20V and a 4 Amh battery. It can produce 80 watts of power. When it is used in a regular circular saw with a 6.5-inch blade diameter, its performance can be reduced due to a higher blade diameter.

Its torque will reduce due to higher blade diameter. When it is used in a mini circular saw, we can see a higher performance. Because it uses a 3.5 saw blade. So its torque can be higher than the 6.5-inch tool.

As a result of this, most mini circular saws can be used to cut metal rather than regular wood. Due to the higher torque, its rpm will reduce. So we can see some problems on the workpiece surface due to lower rpm (1500-2000 RPM)

2. Mini Circular Saw Has a Lower Cutting Depth

Cutting depth is an important thing for circular saws. Due to the shoe, motor space, and arbour shaft, flanges, we are not able to use exactly half of the cutting depth of saw blade diameter. So it is always less than half of the circular saw blade.

Minicircular saw cutting depth can be varied with the bevel angle. When it reaches 90 degrees, it will cut the maximum depth of cut. When it inclines, it will reduce. So, available blade cutting depth for 3 3/8 and 4 1/2 saw blades will be varied like this.

Cutting Depth for 3 3/8″ Saw Blade

Inclined AngleCutting Depth in
Cutting Depth in
20  5/169
25  7/1611
30  1/213
35  9/1615
40 5/816
45 11/1618
50 3/419
55 13/1621
60 7/822
65 7/823
70 15/1624
75 15/1625
801      25
851      25
901      25
Cutting depth for 3 3/8 inch circular saw blade

Cutting Depth for 4 1/2″ Saw Blade

Inclined AngleCutting Depth in
Cutting Depth in
401 1/1628
451 3/1630
501 5/1633
551 3/835
601 7/1637
651 1/239
701 9/1640
751 5/841
801 11/1642
851 11/1643
901 11/1643
Cutting depth for 4 1/2 inch circular saw blade

3. Mini Circular Saws are Light Weight and Small Size

The most important thing is weight and size.

Normally a mini circular saw weight will be 3-6 lbs and its size will be around 16 x 5 x 6 inches. So it can be operated by using a single hand. When we have to cut thinner workpieces long time it is difficult to carry the regular circular saw.

Due to the weight and corded power, it will require more space as well as pain in the hand.

Mini circular saws are lightweight. Mostly It is half of the size and weight of the regular circular saw. So we can handle it easily due to its lightweight and cordless capability.

If you are a woman, I highly recommend this tool due to its ease of handling and weight. When considering the handling, size and weight mini circular saw are really worth it to buy.

4. Mini Circular Saw Can Use on Wood, Plastic, Tile, and Steel Plates

Due to the higher torque, this can be used to cut hard materials such as tiles, steel plates, hardwood, and many more. Mini circular saws have a higher torque. Hence it can be used on hard material easily.

Depending on the type of material, you should use suitable saw blades.

  1. Diamond Saw Blade – Concrete, tile, and blocks
  2. Ferrous Saw Blades – Cutting metal with iron
  3. Non-Ferrous Saw Blade – Soft metal like aluminium, copper, wood

5. Minicircular Saws are Portable

Mini circular saws are lightweight. Hence it can carry easily in a small area of the toolbox always instead of a bulky circular saw. Due to their compact size and lightweight, minicircular saws can be handled even using a single hand. Cordless mini circular saws can be used in any position even in narrow areas. Hence this is beneficial to DIY enthusiasts who might need to use the tool in different areas of their house or yard.

What are the Disadvantages of Using a Mini Circular Saw?

The disadvantages of minicircular saws are due to small in size, consume less power, have a shallow cutting depth, not good for long straight cuts, have less durability, and have a less safety concerns.

  1. Minicircular saws have less power – Mini-circular saws have less power than a full-sized saw. This is good for light tasks, but not for heavy-duty cutting tasks.
  2. Minicircular saws have a limited cutting capacity – Due to their small size, mini-circular saws can cut only to a limited depth. This makes it unsuitable for cutting thick pieces of wood or material.
  3. Not ideal for long straight cuts – If you need to make long straight cuts, a mini circular saw might not be the best tool.
  4. Corded mini circular saws have short power cords – If you choose a corded model, you might find that the cord is shorter than on larger saws. This can limit your mobility if the power outlet is not near your work area.
  5. Cordless minicircular saws are not durable – Mini circular saws are usually not as durable as their larger counterparts. They tend to wear out faster, especially if they’re regularly used for heavy-duty tasks.
  6. Cordless minicircular saws are not safe – The small size of these saws could pose a safety risk in the wrong hands.

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